Eric Lefkofsky: A True Philanthropist

Eric Paul Lefkofsky is a well-rounded entrepreneur from Detroit, Michigan with his hands in many endeavors. He graduated from Southfield-Lathrup highschool in 1987 and did a superb job at the University of Michigan where he graduated with honors. Lefkofsky shows his genuine concern for humanity not only with words but with solid action. He left a coveted CEO position at a business he co-founded with hopes of curing cancer working at Tempus, a company he also co-founded. Lefkofsky is currently active as the CEO of Tempus. Tempus is a company that developed a innovative system to fight cancer. Their goal is to lay a foundation to fight cancer by analyzing a patients genetic code thus helping doctors get to the root cause of tumors and better understanding them. They specialize in only 3 types of cancer but expect to cover more in the future. The cancer industry is one Lefkofsky knows very well as he has donated millions of his own dollars to it. He also is the author of “Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation”. Accelerated Disruption is a warning to people who are in a position similar to Lefkofsky was on what to expect if you come up with a new brilliant idea. He warns of bigger companies or even start-up companies that will come in and one up your idea effectively taking your company’s spot in the industry. While his book shows his concern for his fellow man, so do his actions within communities. Lefkofsky took on the role of being on the board of directors at the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago showing his compassion for kids. He also founded the Lefkofsky Foundation along with his wife Elizabeth, a foundation that helps children and has its hands in human rights advocacy, the medical field, and lastly arts and culture. The foundation has helped fund over 50 organizations thus far easily earning Eric Lefkofsky the title of philanthropist. Lefkofsky is very active on his twitter page keeping us up to date on any progress Tempus achieves. This is a testament to his character showing he is a man of his word and proving it by giving the public all transparency. Eric Lefkofsky is just another man trying to do what we all should, promote the well being of others.

Article About Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a specialist in the banking industry, and he has made his mark known as an investment banker. Igor Cornelsen has years of experience in the investment industry ever since he started working in 1971. Over the years, Igor Cornelsen has gained a lot of knowledge and expertise that have enabled him to make useful investments in his life. Cornelsen has made great business ideas during his career that he has shared with people all around the globe. Igor Cornelsen is from Brazil where he grew up and was brought up. He also attended the Federal University that is located in Parana. Igor Cornelsen did a degree in engineering at the university but only pursued it for two years before branching to economics as a major. This is because Cornelsen found engineering to be difficult and tasking. Cornelsen finished studying in the year 1970, and he immediately found employment at a bank. It was normal for people that had done engineering at the university to be employed in banks because they had the required computing skills.

His first job was at Multibanco where Cornelsen worked for four years and was promoted to be on the Board of Directors. In the year 1976, Cornelsen was promoted as the CEO of the bank because he was excellent at his job. Cornelsen’s career at Multibanco shortly ended in 1978 when the bank got bought by Bank of America. Igor Cornelsen then moved on to Unibanco which was a good bank at the time. He did not work at Unibanco because the inflation rates at the institution went up and he left. He went on to a London Merchant Bank where they paid in dollars. Igor Cornelsen stopped working in the employment sector in 1995 and left to establish himself by starting his firm. Read more about Igor Cornelsen:

The Cleveland Area’s Proud Law Firm Named Kisling, Nestico & Redick

The world is populated with millions and millions of human beings. As part of our nature, we are far from a perfect species. The actions we take can spiral out of control and cause harm for others. Kisling, Nestico & Redick was created in the Ohio, Cleveland area in 2005 and has grown substantially in the 14 years since then. They work with clients over the phone, in-person, and with the general community to make the world a better place. A recent discussion with Patch elaborates on their specific role in improving the local community.

In order to understand why they are so community focused, one simply has to look at the history of the individuals running the law firm. Redick has been in the industry for several to this point. He had the opportunity to work inside of insurance firms and learn about the internal debate about which cases to take. He realized that companies have a loose set of standards for which clients they choose to take, and cases they will pay for. This is the motive behind the mission of Kisling, Nestico & Redick. The average individual is going to run into trouble at least once in their life, and he can be there to help them.

Outside of industry work, Kisling, Nestico & Redick is a active member of the community. They regularly donate to charities and participate in local sporting events. The company launched a series of campaigns to encourage safer driving habits and provide children with a chance to move up in life. This firm believes that creating a better community starts by helping its citizens from the ground up. One of their most famous activities is taking children on shopping sprees. A children with proper supplies can have the whole world before them.

Sudhir Choudhrie Is Known For His Great Investment Skills and More

Sudhir Choudhrie has helped many companies grow through his investments in them and is known for his pioneering and entrepreneurial skills. He has been involved in many ventures throughout his career including investing in hotels in the 1990s. He also brought big brands to India, where he had been born and raised and attending college, and one of those brands was Adidas. One of the other areas that he worked in was travel, and he served at an internet travel search agency for a time and then at an airline, which he invested in when it had only one plane. The airline went on to become a popular budget airline with hundreds of flights going out each day.

Sudhir Choudhrie moved to London and became a British national in 2010. He lives there with his family and works with C&C Alpha Group in London. One of the things that he has invested in with it is in an aviation group that trains people around the world. He also works with many clients and helps them make good acquisitions and with the venture funding and more that they need. He helps them see the risks and rewards that are out there when they take on any kind of venture. To watch video click here.

Sudhir Choudhrie is interested and involved in politics and has been trying to build strong relations between India and the UK and is serving as the head of the liberal democrats there. He is also involved in philanthropy in those countries and the United States. One of the places that he donates money to is the Columbia University Medical Center in New York, in the United States. He started giving funds to it after he had a heart transplant there. Sudhir Choudhrie has also set up an art foundation and, along with his family, is involved with several other charities.

Kevin Plank Partnership Sees Under Armour Taking on Space

The results of a partnership between Under Armour and Virgin Galactic were recently unveiled at indoor skydiving facility in the New York City area. The unveiling was of spacesuits designed by Under Armour especially for space tourists to wear on Virgin Galactic’s flights.

The partnership was born of a friendship between Kevin Plank and Richard Branson. The former is the founder of Under Armour and has served as its CEO since starting the company more than 20 years ago. The latter is the founder and CEO of Virgin Galactic, and he is the mastermind behind the Virgin Group.

The unveiling on October 16 in New York came shortly before another major announcement at the end of October. Kevin Plank will be stepping aside as CEO to serve in another capacity at Under Armour, and COO Patrik Frisk will be taking on that role at the Baltimore-based company. Patrik Frisk will, however, continue to report to Kevin Plank.

Under Armour’s spacesuits are part of the company’s overall focus on performance-oriented gear, which include things such as sweat-wicking shirts and shorts and is something that Kevin Plank has long championed. The spacesuits were designed in collaboration with Virgin Galactic, and each will be personally tailored to the passenger. The sporty blue spacesuits will include national flags and name badges and will be included in the approximately $250,000 ticket for a Virgin Galactic flight, which will offer an experience that is literally out-of-this-world.

Under Armour will be producing a full line of spacewear. The collection unveiled on October 16 included not just the spacesuit but also a training suit, footwear, and a limited edition jacket.

Virgin Galactic is planning launch its first flights in 2020. There is currently a backlog of hundreds of passengers waiting for a chance to embark on one of the flights, which take passengers to the very edge of space.

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic has been moving forward in another way, too. On October 28, it became the first human spaceflight company to go public. It is listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol SPCE.

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Jeffrey Stevenson Responsibility to VSS and Media Sector

Jeffrey Stevenson, as an entrepreneur, has determined the hacks and traits to apply in his line of work to be successful. He is a devoted leader serving as a managing partner to VeronisSuhler Stevenson Company. VSS has established headquarters in New York, providing meaningful solutions to its clients on Private Equity. He is a role model in the private investment sector. Since 1982 Jeffrey Stevenson has gathered extensive experience and knowhow to operate the private equity sector, thus gaining respect from other people.

Career Outlook

Jeffrey Stevenson views media as a source of information, education, and income. There are many transformations with an increase in technology, leading to more business opportunities. Mr. Stevenson is among the leading investors who have taken the opportunity to invest in the media sector. Upon graduation with a BA from Rutgers University in early 1982, Mr. Stevenson started his business career working in various mergers.

Mr. Stevenson, as an opportunist, started the first VeronisSuhler private equity fund five years later after his employment. His contributions led to more than $5 million. This amount has increased during Mr. Stevenson’s reign to more than $30 billion under VSS management. In 2001 Mr. Stevenson increased the bank’s funds to billions hence transforming VeronisSuhler to VeronisSuhler Stevenson, New York.

Career Achievements

During Mr. Stevenson’s reign, the firm invested in b to b media, unlike other companies that dominated Mergers and Acquisition activities. He works closely with his colleagues sharing ideas on how to improve and promote growth and development in the company. He strived to earn a 46% return rate with the first two raised funds. His third fund entailed constriction of Hanley wood and Canon medical media, which resulted in more returns.

Jeffrey Stevenson strives to make significant deals for the company to increase logistics. He signed an agreement with Hanley Wood and Canon Communications to join forces in magazines and various shows. Mr. Stevenson believed that these characterize VeronisSuhler Stevenson would earn more and create a solid foundation in b to b programs.

Mr. Stevenson is entrusted with the company funds thus strives to be updated on various market trends, and his company remains active in b to b investment programs.

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Smita Shah Shows Peace, Tolerance, and Acceptance Exist in the Very Diverse Town of Chicago

The esteemed of Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, recently proclaimed that October 2 will be considered the yearly Mahatma Ghandi Day in the Windy City. The good mayor made the announcement at the annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi luncheon in the presence of Senator Dick Durbin, CEO of  World Business Chicago Andrea Zopp, and First Lady Amy Eshelman, along with Smita Shah, who is the head of the event. This was a project of the Chicago Sisters of the International Delhi Committee.

The proclamation of the local government head marks the 150th anniversary that commemorates the birth of Mahatma Gandhi, who is an iconic figure all over the world for his work to free the Indian people under years of British ruling that was oppressive to their culture. His protest was non violent in origin to defend and protect his country and his countrymen’s identity. Many people idolize him and look up to his works because he exhibits that peace and harmony can be possible to achieve from two opposing factions without creating any war and destruction.

The announcement actually preserves the future for all kids and protects the legacy of this political activist and leader in India and the rest of the world. On top of that, this proclamation protects the deep roots of the Indian culture that has been established all over the city, with many of them who call the town home. With the vast Indian community in Chicago, it is but right to celebrate the bonds of the Indian community and the general populace, who have been generally tolerant and welcoming in spite of their glaring physical and cultural differences. This move further enhances unity and appreciation.

Smita Shah happens to be the and CEO of Spaan Technology, a company that contribute so much to the city. An engineer by profession, and now turned entrepreneur, Shah’s business is responsible for the many past successful builds and current on-going construction in the various key sectors of Chicago. Shah said that she is thrilled and appreciative of the mayor’s efforts to recognize their country’s hero, which in turn honors the efforts of the Indian community for the town. It is also a personal victory for Smitah Shah because she organized the luncheon herself and is the founder of the annual event herself, which has been ongoing for 5 years now. Learn more:

She said that she purposely set up the luncheon, so that she and her countrymen can celebrate the lessons learned from India’s number one hero. It is also a celebration of the country’s freedom from the British empire, so they can be free enough to relish their own ways of doing things. On top of that, Smita Shah said another goal of the luncheon is to show that it is totally possible for peace, tolerance, and acceptance to reign supreme even in the very diverse city Chicago, with all the various ethnic communities living in town. By honoring Mahatma Gandhi, it is a reminder for people that just about anyone can create an impact in someone else’s life. The event also reiterates how crucial it is to work together and to live in harmony and peace.

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Marc Beer

Marc Beer: Identifying Serious Issues

For the last 25 years, Marc Beer has proven that he’s only an exemplary entrepreneur, but he’s also proven that he’s brilliant at identifying immediate and pressing problems. Since his first major role at Genzyme, it’s been Beer’s responsible to put medical products in front of the medically underserved.

Medically underserved victims can be overlooked for a number of reasons; none of which are acceptable to Marc Beer. In Beer’s eyes, everyone should receive the same amount and quality of medical attention as the medically privileged. At Genzyme, it was his job to promote Genzyme’s product lines to more than 350 million medically underserved victims all over the world.

That was his first experience with the inequality of medical service in the world. He was extremely proud of his work at Genzyme, but the believed he could do more on his own. If he had his own company, he could raise the bar and push himself further and do more good.

His first attempt to improve his efforts went incredibly well. He founded a company called ViaCell in 2000. The company addressed a variety of conditions that occur in the human body, and before long, ViaCell employed 300 professionals. Beer later sold ViaCell to PerkinElmer and began looking toward his next venture.

Before he could start another company, Beer suffered a tremendous loss. His wife, at the age of 42, passed away from a pulmonary embolism. Losing his wife sent him spiraling, and he almost gave up, but his daughter convinced him that he needed to work. He spent two years only taking care of his three children, but returned to the entrepreneurial world after a phone call with Dr. Ray Iglesias.

Dr. Iglesias needed Marc Beer’s help getting his company off the ground. The good doctor spent nearly a decade developing concepts for women with pelvic floor disorder but needed help bringing his ideas to fruition. Beer’s expertise and talents came in handy, and in 2016, the duo teamed up with Yolanda Lorie and founded Renovia.

Before Renovia launched, Beer looked into pelvic floor disorders and identified them as severe problems. In its simplest form, pelvic floor disorders can cause pelvic organ prolapse and urinary and fecal incontinence. Beer also learned that nearly one out of every four women in the U.S. is living with a pelvic floor disorder. Learn more:

His research combined with Dr. Iglesias’s personal account of the countless pelvic floor surgeries he performed over the last 35 years led Beer to his decision to co-found Renovia.

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Smita Shah Helps Highlight The Importance Of Community In Chicago

With several decades of experience in the niche, Smita Shah is an accomplished engineering professional who has worked with a variety of firms during her career. Before entering the field, Shah studied at several institutions, most notably graduating from Northwestern University, MIT, and Oxford University with engineering and business qualifications. Following this, she would go on to work with various organizations before founding SPAAN Tech in 1998.

In the following decades, Smita Shah would lead the firm to receive several accolades, including being named Best of Business in Chicago Engineering Services by the Small Business Commerce Association, among a variety of other awards. Throughout this time, the entrepreneur herself would receive praise from a variety of sources, including being an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Finalist and being named a Young Civil Engineer of the Year by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Throughout this time, the engineering entrepreneur has been involved in a variety of philanthropic causes and has supported the After School Matters non-profit alongside the Museum of Science and Industry, and several others. For the past several years, she has served as the chair of the Chicago Sister Cities International Delhi Committee, a non-profit organization that she helped to establish. In her role with the organization, Shah has been involved in a variety of activities and initiatives across Chicago, with many of these focusing on celebrating the contributions of the Indian-American community to the city.

For the past several years, the Chicago Sister Cities International Delhi Committee has held an annual event named the Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi luncheon. The event, which looks to honor the man it was named after and has entered its fifth year, seeks to highlight the fact that Chicago is made up of a variety of cultures, each of which helps contribute to the city’s success.

The most recent event was attended by a variety of leading figures in the Chicago community, including Mayor Lori Lightfoot, World Business Chicago CEO Andrea Zopp, First Lady Amy Eshelman, and Senator Dick Durbin. During the luncheon, Mayor Lightfoot announced that October 2 would be named Mahatma Gandhi Day in Chicago to recognize the 150th anniversary of his birth.

Alongside this, Mayor Lightfoot noted that the day would help celebrate the lasting legacy that he has had, as well as the deep roots that Indian culture has across the Chicago community. Speaking at the luncheon, Smita Shah noted that this was an honor, both for herself personally and for the Indian-American community as a whole. Furthermore, she highlighted how the program can help Chicago natives to recognize the impact that Indians have had on the city. Learn more:

This is something that is further enhanced through Chicago’s position as a sister city to Delhi, which Smita Shah notes helps to highlight the connection between the two cities. Shah has also noted that this is one of the primary reasons why the Delhi Committee of Chicago founded the Annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi. Alongside this relationship, the organization looks to celebrate the principles of truth and non-violence.

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Fortress Investment Group Service Portfolio and Recent Acquisition

Fortress Investment Group is a New York based investment management company whose core competencies include the management of credit funds, liquid hedge funds and alternative assets held in private equity. According to Crunchbase, the company was established in 1998 as a private equity firm that today serves over 1700 private clients and institutional investors around the globe. Fortress has had a total of 9 exits involving entities from diverse backgrounds. The listing includes Small Bone Innovation, Netlist, Layered Technologies, Marathon Patent Group and GTS Central Europe, which offers telecommunication services to businesses and institutions in Central Europe. As of September 2017, Fortress had over $36 billion assets under its management and close to 1,000 employees working under the asset management segment.

Fortress also has 200 investment professionals working across the company. In management matters, the CEO of Fortress Investment Group is Adam Levinson. Matthias Moser and Andrew Berman serve as the company’s MDs while Peter Briger is the Principal and the Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors. The company’s investments are mostly targeted at real estate, energy, telecommunication, gaming and consumer finance sectors. In February 2017, Fortress Investment Group was acquired by a Japanese multi-national telecommunication and internet conglomerate, Softbank Group Corp. According to Bloomberg, the much talked about deal was worth $3.3 billion, and saw the co-opting of another Japanese technology oriented investment fund. SoftBank operates five company segments, including Sprint, ARM and Domestic Telecommunications.

The Domestic Telecommunication split offers a host of services including mobile communication and broadband services. Sprint on its part engages in selling and leasing of mobile devices as well as offering mobile communication services. Sprint is also in the business of providing fixed line telecommunication services at the corporate level. In the next 4 to 5 years, Softbank is looking to create a $300 billion asset management firm that will comprise its $90 billion Vision Fund that targets investments in the tech sector. The SoftBank conglomerate was founded by Masayoshi Son, who is also the company’s Board Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Ken Miyauchi is the President, Representative Director and Chief Operating Officer while Nikesh Arora is SoftBank’s advisor. In November 2017, Fortress released its 3Q results showing stable outlook.

According to Fortress, the company had Assets Under Management (AUM) standing at $36.1 billion and GAAP net income of $190 million. The report indicated that a massive 85% of the AUM was held in long term investment structures. He company’s pretax distributable earnings stood at $291 million. During the period under review, Fortress completed the sale of Logan Circle Partners to MetLife and raised a capital totaling $1.8 billion from alternative investment businesses. Before the acquisition by SoftBank, Fortress shareholders met in July 2017, and voted overwhelmingly in favor of the proposed meager. Over 99% of the shareholders voted for the deal. Under the terms of the arrangement, Fortress continues to operate as an independent entity within the parent company. It was also agreed that the principals, Pete Briger, Randy Nardone and Wes Edens retain their executive portfolios.