How Marc Beer Bounced Back

As the chairman, co-founder and CEO of Renovia, Marc Beer is no stranger to adversity in his career but many people are wondering how the 58-year-old businessman and entrepreneur has managed to stay on top all these years. He recently agreed to chat with Stephen Callahan about how he got to where he is today and where he hopes to go in the future of his career. He first started college in the autumn of 1983 where he realized he wanted to major in business. After graduating with a business degree in the spring of 1987, he then received his first job offer from a company called Abbott working in their sales department as one of their developers. He held this role for about six years before he moved on to Biostar where he worked in their marketing department.

After two years with the company, he accepted a position as the vice president of global marketing at a business known as Genzyme. He worked for the company for about four years before making the conscious decision to start his own business. Headquartered in Cambridge, Viacell was first
established in May of 2000 to analyze the blood stem cells of umbilical cords
in order to try and uncover various vaccines and cures for a wide variety of diseases. He decided to go public with the company in 2005 and they had close to 500 employees but, not long afterward, they decided to close up shop and sell the company for a massive $300 million to Perkin Elmer.

Upon completion of the sale, he was all set to move on to his next big entrepreneurial venture but, before he could, there was a tragic death in the family as his wife passed away of a pulmonary embolism at the age of 42. After the funeral, he was forced to step up as the primary parent,
driving them to and from soccer practice,
packing their lunches and helping them with schoolwork as per necessary. Two years later, however, his daughter made him realize the business world needed him and he resolved to open a new company called Renovia. Established in 2016, the
company is the brainchild of Dr. Ray Iglesias, Yolanda Lorie, and Beer and is dedicated to developing and producing medical products to help patients who are suffering from various conditions.

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This new venture has already been successful as the FDA just approved their first product for public use and they were awarded a $32 million grant continue researching and developing new products. In fact, some of the conditions they are currently attempting to treat affect nearly a
a quarter of the female population nationwide and this includes types of pelvic floor disorders.

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With An Inspirational Leader Like Iskandar Safa It Is No Surprise That Privinvest Has Become Such A Success

Iskandar Safa is a businessman from Lebanon who has an impressively diverse professional background. This background includes a deep knowledge of the field of engineering coupled with his expertise in business operations. Iskandar Safa has utilized these impressive skills to successfully found, operate, and grow leading shipbuilding operation Privinvest.

He has also utilized these skills to help him in his diligent efforts toward numerous philanthropic causes. The early 1900s represented an exciting time in the life and career of Iskandar Safa as he worked together with his brother Akram to create Privinvest. Today, the vision that the two brothers started with has grown into a firm that employs over 2500 shipbuilding workers and engineers. These employees work in some of the world’s most advanced shipbuilding facilities that create vessels for private and commercial use as well as for use in naval applications.

The customer base that Iskandar Safa serves through Privinvest is an impressive one. From manufacturing ships to leading commercial entities to supply superyachts to some of the wealthiest individuals in the world, the quality and design innovation of these ships are legendary. Privinvest is also a provider of ships to leading naval organizations such as NATO. This has all been accomplished by way of the expert guidance and leadership provided by Iskandar Safa. Go To This Page to learn more.

Iskandar Safa was born in the Lebanese city of Beiruit in 1955 and studied the topic of civil engineering once he reached college age. He earned his degree at Beirut’s American University. He eventually went on to engage in post-graduate studies at France’s INSEAD. He completed his Master’s Degree in 1982. It was nearly a decade later that Iskandar founded Privinvest.

The reputation of Privinvest is that of a shipbuilding firm that produces the world’s most innovative, high-end vessels. The company has its headquarters in Lebanon but also runs operations across Europe and the Mediterranean region. View Additional Info Here.

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Raffaele Riva Shares The Keys Of His Passion

While being an angel investor Raffaele Riva created a reputation for himself, but he also has expertise as an entrepreneur. He received his MBA from Oxford University’s Said Business School, which offered him what he required to begin his own business. In 2006, he began a tiny technology company with several peers from his college days. This company produced a large quantity of money, so he switched his focus to the financing elements of the company

Riva shows an unbridled enthusiasm for his line of business and has initially established a number of businesses. He created and introduced a variety of start-ups between 1997 and 2008, remaining active in their leadership and service operations. Prior to that, he gained useful multinational company understanding while leading a multinational company through which he was actively engaged in handling and operating many associated corporations in Canada, South Africa, and South and central America.

Rivas allows his vision lead the way in developing fresh company enterprises and investing in extremely fulfilling ventures, not only because of their strong economic performance, but also because they meet his genuine longing for entrepreneurship and bring real merit and advantages to the life of his customers. He presents life and enterprise with an attitude of “pursuing what you enjoy and allowing life practice to guide you” and is dedicated to keeping a constructive, encouraging approach, respecting his ideas, but also strict due diligence and follow-up.

An vigorous and knowledgeable entrepreneur, Raffaele Riva credits his achievement to his passion and enthusiasm for the businesses in which he is engaged, his desire to be guided by visionary and creative thoughts and possibilities, and his insatiable appetite for continually gaining fresh expertise and data and keeping up-to-date with current events. This, he thinks, is the key to creating well-informed company choices that react to present market trends as well as changing technological developments that may influence the development and development of his enterprises, while also enhancing lives for his customers.

Maarten De Jeu Offers Wise Counsel on Global Business Expansions

Maarten De Jeu is an influential, internationally recognized businessman and strategist. De Jeu has
a rich academic background in business. He holds an MBA from a world-class university the
University Oxford. De Jeu was an exemplary student at the University of Oxford and graduated top
of his class. De Jeu is quite experienced in the international business scene and has a global
business network in countries such as Europe, Asia, and North America, where he has previously
worked. The diverse business network has helped De Jeu gain valuable technical skills and
understanding of institutions and cultural settings around the world.
Maarten De Jeu, after serving for decades in the global formal sector, retired and ventured into the
world of entrepreneurship. De Jeu founded SVM Business Advisory firm in 2012, where he uses his
experience and skills to help businesses develop strategies for global expansions. De Jeu over the
years as created a name for himself in the international business front and is one of the most
sought after business strategist in the US. De Jeu firm SVM attracts a wide array of client and
among them are the fortune 100 executives and ultra-high net worth individuals, among others.
Maarten De Jeu, as an expert in the international marketplace, holds an authoritative position in
advising businesses on how they can strategize to enter the unfamiliar international business
territories. Many US-based successful companies are seeking to expand to the global stage. The
global market place presents its unique sets of challenges says De Jeu and company that seek to
expand must first develop suitable strategies that will help ensure that they succeed. De Jeu,
before anything else, recommends that organizations seeking to expand first to consider the
cultural differences and setting of the area they intend to establish their business. De Jeu says that
understanding the locals cultural practices is a fundamental factor that determines the success and
failure of a business. De Jeu cautions that getting to know the culture of a place is not a one or a
two-day thing, but it is something that requires a significant investment of time and energy. Before
expanding, De Jeu advises businesses to consider a couple of factors that may affect the decision
of businesses pursuing global expansion.

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One factor that business must consider before expanding globally according to Maarten De Jeu is a
commitment to quality. De Jeu going by the words of Will Rodgers and Oscar Wild says that first
impressions create lasting memories that cannot be easily forgotten. De Jeu says organizations
that want to have a lasting effect must commit to providing customers with quality products or
services. De Jeu warns that in the international stage, the knowledge of the American market may
not be applicable and what can help determine success is the standardizing of high-quality
products. De Jeu adds that a firm reputation depends on the quality of its product. Firms that want
to succeed in the international markets must ensure that the manufacturing process presents high-
quality goods consistently.

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Privinvest Sets World Standard for Technologically Advanced Shipbuilding

The international shipbuilder Privinvest recently announced the delivery of the “most advanced yacht ever constructed” to its owner. Sailing Yacht, A is a 143-meter vessel that commands a gross tonnage of nearly 12,600 GT. These statistics make Sailing Yacht A one of the greatest PYC (Passenger Yacht Code) superyachts to grace the seas.

It’s an example of the advanced design capability of the Privinvest Group, the Middle East-based shipbuilder founded by Iskandar Safa some two decades ago. In the past 20 years, Privinvest has garnered a world reputation for building ultra-advanced technological and innovative ships for military entities, private companies, as well as yachts for private buyers.

Privinvest has supplied 40 world navies with state-of-the-art military-grade ships. The company is leading the way in applying aerospace and automotive designs to small military boats. Cutting-edge software applications are also a key component of Privinvest products. Working in the naval defense realm is a mainstay of the Privinvest client base.

Privinvest maintains shipyard in key locations across Europe, including France, the United Kingdom and Germany. It also operates shipyards in Middle East locations. To date, the company has delivered more than 2,000 vessels. NATO allies are a significant customer.

Officials with Privinvest say that ships designed to patrol coastal water regions are in high demand. Bolstering capability to command what military types call “littoral warfare” is a huge growth area in the shipbuilding sector. Industry analysts say that Privinvest is among those shipbuilders leading the way in designing ships to perform littoral maneuvers using super high technology and advanced capabilities unseen before in the history of shipbuilding.

Building superyachts for private clients is also a significant part of the Privinvest realm. In addition to Sailing Yacht A, the company recently completed the YAS. This 141-meter superyacht was delivered in 2013 to its buyer. Demonstrating the innovative engineering capability of Privinvest, YAS was originally a Dutch Navy frigate, the HNLMS Piet Hein. The YAS can accommodate 60 guests and has a 56-member crew.

Privinvest also built what is today one of the world’s most famous yachts – the TATOOSH. The latter is the name of a legendary Native American chief of the Makah Tribe indigenous to Washington state.

The Success of Russell Gimelstob

An excellent athlete, Russell Gimelstob built an incredible career over the last two decades. Recently that career was recognized with a high honor. On February 22, 2013.

Russell Gimelstob was elected into the Athletic Hall of Fame. This took place at the halftime of a game with Glen Ridge. This award is given out each year to athletes, students, administrators or teams that have demonstrated excellence in sports. These winners usually have shown great leadership or sportsmanship.

Russell Gimelstob built his athletic career while attending Newark Academy. He attended this school from 1995 through 1997. During his time at Newark Gimelstob was a member of four state championship team. During this time Russell Gimelstob was also a member of three teams that won the Tournament of Champions. During his time at Newark Russell also was a member of the all-state team four times.

After Newark Gimelstob continued his career in college. He continued to have great success at the prestigious Cornell University. While at Cornell Gimelstob was a four-year starter in men’s tens for both singles and doubles. His sophomore season was especially successful. During that year Russell Gimlestob was undefeated in Ivy League play. He also represented Cornell in the NCAA National Doubles Tournament. His career also included being team captain during his senior year. On top of his achievements on the field, Gimelstob was also an excellent student. Gimelstob was an Academic All-American each year at Cornell. He also received All-Ivy awards each year at Cornell.

After college Gimlestob would excel in other areas. He has been in a number of leadership positions throughout his career. Gimelstob is a member of the Fisher Center Policy Advisory Board at the University of California Berkeley. He has held the position of Head of Acquisitions and Managing Director. He continues to be an innovator. He appears set for continued success for many years to come.

Why Clients Choose HCR Wealth Advisors

Wealth management cannot be managed by just anyone. The utlra wealthy know this. HCR Wealth Advisors is a firm built by advisors who are experienced and knowledgeable about managing and protecting the wealth of clients. These advisors are a trusted set of people who know how to grow wealth of their clients. Hundreds of clients rely on this firm for wealth management needs and advisory needs.

HCR Wealth Advisors gives clients comfort in choosing them because they are reliable and have a time-tested strategies for their high net worth clients to grow financially. The firm works with clients to build and protect wealth through life transitions like marriage, having children, divorce, retirement, starting businesses, selling assets and death.

What makes this firm different is their commitment to education. They like to educate clients on the strategies and processes to learn more about wealth, various investments, how to manage wealth and how to maintain or sell of unwanted assets. Clients are not sold on unneeded products from the company. Instead, clients are educated and guided on the best products for their financial goals.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a reliable wealth manager that works one on one with clients. They work directly with clients and connect with these clients. They learn these clients. They learn the needs of these clients. They learn to develop personalized strategies for each individual clients. They believe in a unique approach for every client that walks through their doors. This way clients get to have the complete experience with the firm that is solely unique, tailored and special to them.

A set of core principles is what guides HCR Wealth Advisors to continue to being a premier wealth management firm. They believe in being honest, transparent, open, knowledgeable and helpful to their clients. Many of their clients have done business with them for an entire decade. These clients remain loyal to the firm because the firm has proven to develop strategies that allow clients see their investments, assets and wealth flourish.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews Sing Praises of Cosmetic Surgery Satisfaction

These days, more people desire to become a better version of themselves and often will stop at nothing to make those dreams come true. They realize that a nice appearance can lead to a good quality of life. However, most sensible individuals only invest in the best. When people read Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews, they see that clients feel good afterward and she often exceeds initial client expectations.

Making the Right Choice

While many individuals can perform basic cosmetic procedures, not everyone does it well, especially if the rates are lower than most. Many who choose a lower-cost alternative to a licensed physician usually regret it later. The most common reason is unnatural-looking results or unprofessional service. In most cases, the best place to receive open and honest feedback, along with a sanitary environment, is a permanent establishment run by a licensed specialist.

One standout in Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews is how many clients say they feel at ease when interacting with staff. Comfort makes all treatments and procedures go smoother for everyone A tranquil environment during the initial consultation also makes it easier for everyone to receive feedback.

More people realize choosing a permanent location has many long-term advantages. Instead of offering a single service, like Botox injections, salons like this offer clients a wide variety of services designed to improve appearance. From breast augmentation to Sculpsure, places offering multiple treatments can do so a safe environment with knowledgable staff.

Looking at the Individual and Not Trends

Another common factor found in Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews is the flattering results for every individual. Not everyone wants duck lips or a mis proportioned body shape, which is what normally happens when there’s no initial consultation. Knowing real body structures is the difference between most Botox parties and laypeople who set up shop in hotel suites.

Finding the right doctor takes time yet putting in the effort is more likely to guarantee perfect results. Although before and after images are good indicators, it’s best to read reviews thoroughly. These details supplement the research most people conduct when looking for a cosmetic surgery and laser center.

Chicago, Illinois and Desirable Properties

Real estate is a big deal in the All-American city of Chicago, Illinois, and that’s not a huge shocker at all. Chicago is one of the largest cities in the nation. People flock from all over the United States to visit it annually. They flock from all over the world for relocation purposes as well. That’s part of the reason that the real estate market is so competitive in the Windy City. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at residential real estate, commercial real estate or anything else along those lines. It can be tough to pinpoint properties in Chicago. Choices in superb properties are plentiful in the metropolis. Accessing them, however, is a whole other story. Savvy people who are on the lookout for real estate options in the city tend to decide to work with agents. Real estate agents in Chicago abound. They represent all sorts of highly regarded agencies. Why exactly is it so favorable to collaborate with a seasoned and adept real estate agent in Chicago? These agents can give people access to property listings that are on the exclusive side. That’s how they can eliminate a lot of time squandering. People who are busy often are big fans of real estate agents and their accessible services and specialties.

Beal Properties is a major force in Chicago’s property management division. It has a plenitude of properties in the city that it can call its own as well. Several examples of these properties are 510 West Briar Place, 3831 North Fremont Street and 545 Chestnut Street.

Beal Properties takes control of properties that are in neighborhoods all over Chicago. It has properties in communities such as Lakeview, Wrigleyville and even Lincoln Park. People who have any proficiency that relates to Chicago probably have seen many of the firm’s structures.

ClassDojo: Stay Connected to Your Students

The school year could be different if teachers have the ClassDojo app included in the learning experience. The platform for school communication is being used inside and outside the classroom to help with socialization and learning. ClassDojo offers a variety of options for students including animated videos and collaborative activities.

ClassDojo Background

In 2011 the creation of ClassDojo gave teachers a way to engage children and their families during the education process. The idea was to make the classroom more fun and increase learning with encouragement of new ideas and giving the classroom a different energy.

App Advantages

The values and skills that students and teachers want to work on can be picked using the ClassDojo app. The app itself allows communication between parents and teachers. Teachers can give feedback and share student progress directly with parents. Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary created the app to help improve the learning of children around the world.

Messenger Advantage

ClassDojo has a messenger that can be used in over 30 languages. This makes it easier for parents and teachers to communicate. The app allows for setting times when teachers are not available and lets parents know when these times are so teachers can work on other things. The messenger feature in ClassDojo allows communication to be done without the need to reveal personal information which increases safety.

Parents Stop Missing Out

ClassDojo make it possible fore parents to keep up with everything their child does in school. Everyone can share pictures and stories keeping families connected with the school. Parents always know what is going on at school even when they can’t be there in person.