Clay Siegall Makes Seattle Genetics Into A Great Drug Manufacturer

Seattle Genetics is one of the best drug manufacturers in America, and they are a great company to work with because they have signed partnerships with many different companies. They are there to distribute from some of the best drug brands in the world, and they are also selling nearly $100 million in just their two cancer drugs. Their cancer drugs were developed by Clay Siegall and his team because of the new antibody based techniques that he came up with.

Mirna Therapeutics Inc. Appoints Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D., to Its Board of Directors

The research at Seattle Genetics has been helpful for doctors who are taking their patients through trials, and the trials are showing good success for the people who are in them. Higher sales mean that people are getting better, and that is very helpful for those who need to get a better option for their care. Everyone who needs care is going to have to request it today, and their doctor might be the next person to purchase from Seattle Genetics.

Clay Siegall has long been working on the technology that would be used to help people get better from cancer, and their two drugs alone are doing a very good job for people who need it. There are more things that can be done when someone wants to be able to have a better chance to get well, and increased revenue at Seattle Genetics could go a long way to helping people who are the most in need. These people have to take something if they want to recover, and many of their doctors will trust in Seattle Genetics.

The Seattle Genetics team is reporting record earnings because of how amazing they have been doing. It is incredible for people to get the results that they need, and it can be their newest lease on life. Taking the right drugs from Seattle Genetics can be the right step forward.

The Midas Legacy Wants To Help You Financially Today

The Midas Legacy is a company that is available to help everyone concerning their finances. This company is not like a bank where they just give you a learn to quick-fix a problem. They get to know all of their customers. They get to know their goals, what they want out of life in the next ten years, and why they have found themselves in their present financial situation. This information helps The Midas Legacy build a plan for their customer.

One of the main things The Midas Legacy offers is investment opportunities. They have professionals that watch every aspect of the financial market. These individuals know instantly how to best invest money. They have always been right, and their customers have always been successful as a result of it.

The Midas Legacy also has an entire department on dedicated to helping retired people with their investments. The one thing The Midas Legacy hates is watching retired people go back to work. They do all they can to insure that every investment made by a retiree grows more and more every single year. This company tries to give the retired individuals first priority when it comes to investments, particularly due to the age of the average retiree.

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The Midas Legacy is also available to help corporate and private businesses, too. Their speciality is helping with tough financial decisions. These decisions can include things like taking out a loan, getting a smaller facility, buying cheaper products, and creating a healthy budget. What employers find amazing is that after hiring The Midas Legacy, there business is in a 100% better financial state, and they even have enough money to hire more employees.

Clients of The Midas Legacy also love the fact that representatives are always available to talk on the phone or in person. The Midas Legacy is not all about helping clients make money. If a client is having a bad day, The Midas Legacy encourages the client to speak with a representative. These representatives are trained individuals that know how to listen and give wonderful advice in return.

Now they are known around the entire world. Business owners and others are looking for a positive change in their lives. They feel The Midas Legacy is providing the road for this great change.

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Sanjah Shah and Autism Rocks Reached More Than 600,000 Euros in Donations

Millions of children are diagnosed with autism each year, internationally. Autism is a disorder that affects mental development, communication and expression. Global researchers at institutions and organizations have spent years researching the cause, cure and treatment of the developmental disorder. Dubai set the month of April as its Autism Awareness Month, the perfect setting for Sanjah Shah Denmark and his loving family to host an Autism Rocks Concert. The event was held on the beginning of the month to raise awareness and funds for families and their children to join in on the festivities.


According to Gulf News (August 8th, 2016), each patron was charged 50 AED, which is approximately 13.62 in U.S. dollars to attend the event. Usha, wife of Sanjah Shah told News Xpress Autism Rocks was created to “make a difference in the lives of families with autistic children based personal experiences.” The Shah’s son was diagnosed with the developmental disorder, which is the inspiration behind them establishing Autism Rocks. Usha continued, stating that they wanted to bring more awareness of autism and encourage further research to determine the cause and develop a cure. Sanjah and Usha are passionate about Autism Rocks mission, realizing that the art of music is used for various treatments over the world.


Mr. Shah started his own brokerage company in 2009, after earning an accounting degree. Two years later, he found Solo Capital Partners LLP, which included the partnership of three directors. Mr. Shah was the first director of the firm and founded affiliates, Solo Group Holdings and Solo Capital LLC. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he worked for banking institutions, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch.


Sanjay Shah is the CEO and Founder of Solo Capital, a hedge fund management firm with locations in Dubai and London. He is retired and devoting much of his time overseeing Autism Rocks and the Autism Research Trust. Although, Mr. Shah is less active at Solo Capital, the firm net worth was $280 million in January 2016.


The latest event hosted by Sanjay Shah brings the total donations to over 600,000 Euros. The festival held in April included live performances from American rappers, Tyga and Flo Rider. Children enjoyed the day participating in activities for horseback riding, laser tagging, crazy golfing, face painting, and much more.

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