Tim Duncan is Leading Talos Energy Right Into Success

Hurricane Harvey flooded Tim Duncan’s Texas neighborhood. He took his wife, son and dogs into a FEMA rescue boat. The Chief Executive of Talos Energy has been planning a merger for $2.5 billion with Stone Energy. The merger completed in May leaving Duncan in charge of $900 million in assets mostly in the Gulf of Mexico. The drilling platforms in this area cost hundreds of millions with the possibility of a catastrophe always present. Talos takes chances while producing more than 48,000 barrels of oil each day.

Tim Duncan grew up in Florida, Texas and Egypt as the son of an oil man. The biggest asset Talos has is the Phoenix field. Chevron developed the field, installed platforms and drilled wells. The Typhoon platform was capsized in 2005 by Hurricane Rita and drifted across the gulf nearly sixty miles. Talos cleaned up the mess and now uses a unique ship to pump 16,000 barrels every day from Phoenix. According to the seismic data Phoenix will grow. Talos will inherit the Pompano platform from BP along with several other prospects for $200 million.

Duncan assisted with the Gryphon Exploration launch in 2000 to acquire the High Island 52 shallow water oil field. The drilling of additional wells boosted the output prior to his selling to Woodside Petroleum. He was one of the founders of Phoenix Exploration in 2006. He teamed with his partner in discovering the Belle Isle Field in Louisiana before selling in 2011 to the Apache Corp. By this time the industry was reeling from the drilling moratorium imposed by the Obama administration due to the BP catastrophe.

After the Permian Basin, the gulf is the nation’s largest oil province with 1.6 million barrels pumped each day. In excess of $3 billion of the oil royalties go to the U.S. Treasury every year because the majority of the resources are located in federal waters. More federal waters have been opened by the Trump administration for leasing. Talos represents a good future on the Mexican area of the gulf. With Tim Duncan leading the company the future is expected to be bright.


The Chainsmokers On Their New Single, “Sick Boy”, And How They Have Taken A “Darker Path” Musically

The Chainsmokers have always been a band that has tried to push the envelope. Comprised of former DJs Andrew Paul and Drew Taggart, the electronica duo has cracked the top 10 numerous times. Even though they could have comfortably continued down this path, a few months ago they elected to chart a new course with their new single called “Sick Boy”, which many feel presents a darker style of music then what many of their fans are normally accustomed to. No matter, because much of their fan base is already on that path as well, and they are ready for this new focus by the band. Pall and Taggart explained their new direction during a recent interview.

Indeed, the song “Sick Boy” is still electronic in nature, but it is comprised of a haunting melody, alongside the piano beat and a slower tempo. During their interview they explained the concept behind this new single, noting this is their first new installment, symptomatic of the fact that the band has grown up, gotten older, and changed. They feel that their music is a description of their generation, and do not feel this is unfortunate simply because society itself is getting darker and more serious as a whole everyday.

Simply put, this new single is also about frustration. At a certain point, your popularity in the music industry will force you to become a caricature of who you really are, and this song addresses that. It would definitely appear that this song is a commentary on how some deal with fame and celebrity status.

How is this song based on their own personal experiences? Well, Taggart explains that they wrote the song about their generation grappling with the presence of social media. They realize that the electronic social world used to be a minor thing, but now it is much more serious than it used to be. Thus, even though everyone has a platform, they are simply utilizing this single as a commentary about this present world. This is inherent in the lyrics, “how many likes is my life worth?” This new direction for the Chainsmokers is sure to not only be a breath of fresh air for their fan base but also for them to gain new ones as well.


Whitney Wolfe and Bumble’s Big Journey

Whitney Wolfe Herd is the name of a 28 year-old woman who also happens to be a highly respected entrepreneur in the Internet world. She’s the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Bumble located in Austin, Texas. It’s a dating app that’s driven by females. The startup organization has been in business for close to four years now. People who take a look inside of the refrigerators that are in Bumble’s offices will notice that they’re chock-full of Topo Chico, a type of Mexican sparkling mineral water. Bumble has been a true phenomenon in the dating app universe so far. It’s racked up about 30 mineral users at this point. People who walk into Bumble’s office tend to rapidly realize that it’s in no way, shape or form a classic presence for any startup.

It has a vibe that’s oddly reminiscent of a basic family room in a normal residence somewhere in the United States. It doesn’t have much in common with straightforward technology company vibes. It’s a relatively compact office that has 50 plus staff members. It features merely 25 or so desks. Employees don’t seem to spend a lot of time at their desks, either. They seem to have penchants for moving from point A to point B. People can find Bumble employees at tables, in conference facilities and on the floors. Some even find them lounging around on a massive couch. This couch has the capacity to accommodate a maximum of 30 individuals at a time.It’s obvious to all that Wolfe Herd is busy with all of Bumble’s efforts. Wolf Herde prioritizes her personal life, too, however. She hasn’t been married to her husband for too long.

Wolfe Herd’s wedding took place all the way across the Atlantic Ocean in picturesque Italy as well. Many of her friends were in attendance at the breathtaking Southern European affair. Many widely known celebrities are more than familiar with Bumble as an app and all that it has to offer the world. Bumble has put together events in Los Angeles, California and New York, New York that enticed quite a few famous faces. Some examples of these faces are Kate Hudson, Priyanka Chopra, Gwyneth Paltrow, Karlie Kloss, Kim Kardashian West and Jennifer Garner.Bumble has done so much to transform the dating app sector within a relatively brief stretch of time. Bumble has assisted countless women who want to be at the helm of their own existences.

Graham Edwards and his business expertise.

Graham Edwards, the Chief Executive Officer since 2001 of Telereal Trillium, will be joining The Centre for Policy Studies as the chairman of their new Housing Policy Group and as a CPS Research Fellow.

Graham Edwards’ company contributes to one percent of the workforce in Britain. It is built on the most massively owned private property in the United States. On top of his duties in his firm, he will work with house experts to turbo change both house building as well as homeownership.

In The Centre for Policy Studies, he will be working with other big fish like Tom Clougherty who will be head of tax, Alex Morton who will be head of housing at policy exchange, Emma Barr as the head of communication, mentioning just a few. This assures one of quality and value for their money.

Telereal Trillium was founded in the year 1997. The firm owns more than eight thousand properties. Graham Edwards did Economics at the University of Cambridge (Facebook). He worked as a fund manager at Merrill Lynch Investment Management. Graham has several business interests:

  1. Mining
  2. Software development
  3. Real estate

These entrepreneurial aspirations are the backbone of his career and the reason that the business is always on the top charts in its line of work. The business interests have also helped him expand his properties as well as amass great wealth to expand the capital base of the Telereal Trillium.

Graham Edwards serves boards and committees like the Voice of Europe, Portland Trust, and British Friends of the Hebrew University among many others. In such boards he is looked unto, to give sound advice as well as give information from his Economics point of view. By so doing, he has made his name known far and wide as a business consultant.

Graham Edward is a member of the Royal Institute Surveyors and the United Kingdom Society of Investment Professionals. In the year 2000, they made a fifty-fifty venture with William Pears Limited. They are headquartered in Central London England.

The merger was an example of the integration which included the expedited consolidation of the company’s IT and finance department. It also created a position for a new senior management team with members of both Telereal and Trillium.

Whitney Wolfe Herd Article Recap and Brief Biographical Information

This will give information around Whitney Wolfe Herd, the CEO and Founder of Bumble. An article will be recapped from site “tech crunch” called “Whitney Wolfe Herd doesn’t care what she’s supposed to do, (How Bumble’s founder turned a dating app into a movement”) . Wolfe Herd began to develop a product called “Merci”. This was a social network that was for only women. The product was established on factors of kindness, good behavior and compliments.While creating this idea, she was contacted by Andrey Andreev. He was both the CEO and founder of the biggest platform of dating. He invited her to get acquainted with the team in London. She was hoping Andreev would give her reaction on Merci.

Instead, he wanted to give her the chance to be Badoo’s chief marketing officer. She didn’t want that. There were two main reasons for this decision. One was because she would have to live at London and second and more important she was steadfast in not working in the dating world again. She then went on to talking about her app. However, Andreev believed the app should be modified to be a dating app. HE put funds in for the app to successfully begin functioning. Also, full access would be required to the technical team of Badoo to ship and build it. Also, a fill decision-making and control ability in regards to the new company’s direction.Today, Whitney Wolfe Herd’s company is a dating app called “Bumble”. It’s located in Austin, Texas.

Today, Bumble was able to be the company it is not because it was established on the basic principal on a stance being taken on a debatable issue. This was that women weren’t intended on making the first move. Under the guidance of Wolfe Herd the startup had used it’s voice on making sure voices are being used to address issues that other companies are told to avoid addressing. For example, after the school shooting at Stoneman Douglas images of guns were banned on the platform.For her education, Whitney Wolfe Herd attended Southern Methodist University. It was there where she received her B.A. in International Relations. She’s currently located in Austin, Texas. The app allows women asking men who to date. Recently, the 100,000,000th first move made by a women had been celebrated by Whitney Wolfe Herd company, Bumble.

Wes Edens Proves Contrarian Philosophy Pays

Wes Edens is ranked at number 962 on Forbes list of billionaires. The net worth of $1.2 billion is massive by most people’s standards. The startling fact is that Wes Edens made his money doing things that most people said would not make money at the time that he did them.The latest New York Time evaluation of investment firm salaries lists Wes Edens as one of the highest paid people in the business. He makes in excess of $54.4 million a year. His salary is a paltry $200,000. The majority of his income comes from stock dividends and a huge bonus. The amount of money that he earns for his company more than justifies the bonus that he receives.Wes Edens only has a Bachelor of Arts from Oregon State University in finance. He worked in a variety of positions until he became a partner at both Lehman Brothers and BlackRock Asset Investors. He was one of five founding partners of Fortress Investment Group at the age of 36.

Wes Edens was primarily involved in the private equity function at Fortress. He personally oversaw the restructuring of the organization from near financial disaster through a unique subprime lending operation.Edens presently leads Fortress’s private equity business. Much of this business was acquired from AIG in an opportunistic purchase when all indications were that subprime lending was dead. The initial investment has grown by 245 percent in six years. He also manages Nationstar Mortgage.Edens purchased the Milwaukee Bucks with Marc Lasry after the worst season in the team’s history. The $550 million price tag came with a promise to construct a new stadium and keep the team in Milwaukee where attendance had hit an all time low.

The Bucks made the playoffs three years after the purchase.One of his latest ventures is ownership of an eSports team. FlyQuest is a part of the League of Legends franchise. The game was fully developed for launch in January of 2017. The acquisition required some legal maneuvering in order to be compliant with international gaming regulations for ownership. The key to making money in games is what you buy in the game. Edens knows how to spot an opportunity. This knack for seeing what others do not see has made him and Fortress Investment Group extremely successful. The ability to overcome bad times by using misfortune as a catalyst for growth is an opportunistic approach that few have the stomach for. This approach paid off for Edens again and again.

Glen Wakeman, the creator of Launchpad

Glen Wakeman is a impressive entrepreneur that has earned a degree in economics and finance from the University of Scranton and at the University of Chicago he earned a MBA. After graduating with his MBA Mr. Wakeman began work with GE Capital. GE Capital is where Glen Wakeman stayed for 20 years or more, quickly Rising through the ranks and eventually became CEO of GE Money Latin America. As CEO of GE Money Latin America Glen Wakeman yielded assets of 12 billion dollars.

Over the years he has worked in six different countries in Asia and Europe as well as South America and holds the responsibility of leading operations in regions around the world. With all this experience and success Glen Wakeman is an expert in Business Development, Regional management, operations, General management and Technology.

But what Glen Wakeman is most known for is Launchpad Holdings in 2015. LaunchPad is a software company that supplies a tool kit for start-up businesses. This tool kit is a five-step method that helps new companies solve some of the most difficult problems they may face. These five steps include information on risk management, human capital, leadership development, implantation and governance.

Mr. Wakeman’s software tool is most useful during the earliest phase of Business Development. Using his wide range of personal and professional experiences Mr. Wakeman designed this software with the expectations to meet the needs of business owners and to turn their Vision into and success. But Glen Wakeman didn’t stop with just the software. He also spends a lot of time mentoring other entrepreneurs and writing in one of his blogs.

Mr. Wakeman also has shown interest in using machines to help solve problems businesses may encounter. He has stated that he thinks machine learning can help in decision-making and increasing quality. But has concerns about privacy and hopes that politics and philosophy can keep up and preserve humanity in the process.

Glen Wakeman’s advice to up-and-coming entrepreneurs is to stay in touch with everyone you meet. He suggests to use social media to bridge the gap of distance. Your contacts may make the difference between failure and success.

Check out Glen Wakeman’s (Twitter) page for more  details.


Kamil Idris: A Global Expert in Arbitrations

Professor Kamil Idris is a national of Sudan. He worked as a Director General of Worlds Intellectual Property Organization. The organization is recognized for the celebration of World Intellectual Property Day which is celebrated on April 26th each year. Professor Kamil Idris issued a statement regarding the event in which he outlined the importance of the event and the impact of intellectual property around the world.


Creativity in society is an area which Professor Kamil Idris identified as an important aspect of the influence of technology. Creativity has led to various enhancements over the course of time which have allowed individuals to capitalize on the advantages that technology has afforded today’s society. It is through innovation that individuals around the globe have been able to capitalize on and enjoy what creativity from individuals has provided society. Intellectual property rights allow artists and inventors who have created something unique to protect their inventions and receive recognition from people for their efforts which are a byproduct of their ideas.


Professor Kamil Idris has an extensive education which he received from completing degrees in countries around the world. Academically, Kamil Idris has primarily focused his pursuits in the field of law. He received degrees from universities located in Egypt, Switzerland, Sudan, and the United States. Additionally, Kamil Idris received a Doctorate degree from the University of Geneva in International Law located in Switzerland.


As a member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, Kamil Idris participates in privately held arbitration sessions. Professor Kamil Idris is a supporter of the goal of the Permanent Court of Arbitration which is to offer options which may led to a resolution of international disputes. Due to his vast experience in arbitration, Kamil Idris frequently receives invitations to preside over arbitration panels for prominent companies and organizations. His role as a presider of arbitrations involve handling issues which are of a sensitive nature.



Bob Honey Just Do Stuff and the Latest Direction of Sean Penn

Hollywood actor Sean Penn has been spinning his career into a vast number of avenues such as directing, screenwriting, producing, interviewing working as a war correspondent, and leading his J/P Haitian Relief Organization for almost a decade. His latest direction has been book writing as Sean Penn recently released his book titles “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.”

The book was met by highly varied opinion from either side of the spectrum and everything in between. The audience seemingly either hates or loves the book for the most part and only a few people are neutral in their opinions. The “Bob Honey Just Do Stuff” has been described as chaotic, funny, and riddle-like, as well as being jibberish, confusing, and unpolished. For the majority, critics did not receive the novel weel and directed advice along the lines of Sean Penn keeping his day job, though which one was not specified.

According to Sean Penn, the feeling of having a book under his belt differs from completing a screenplay in the sense that it is entirely his own and the creative freedom was limited only by his own imagination and willingness to work on it. Another aspect of writing the “Bob Honey Just Do Stuff” is that there were no expectations from other people. The product was finished, and editors who wanted to get involved with it had the product up-front. Sean Penn also added that he has a second book in the works.

The “Bob Honey Just Do Stuff” was written by dictation. Sean Penn started using transcription as a writing technique while he was working n various screenplays. He felt like the creative process had a way more continues and smooth flow that way, and so he used the same technique in the creation of his novel. Sean Penn did not use that technique exclusively, however, but instead combined it with writing to take his writing process further faster as his brain would move faster than his fingers, as he has stated several times.

“Bob Honey Just Do Stuff” seems to strongly emphasize on various movements and draws inspiration from the relevant topics of today. Sean Penn stated that the #MeToo movement is only one of the aspects that touch base in the novel. In his book, the actor-gone-writer also encourages all movements that bring equality in society no only between genders but also various groups.

Overall, the debut novel that Sean Penn released presents a dystopian world as a dark reflection of today’s mainstream society such as the one in the United States. In the “Bob Honey Just Do Stuff” movements for equality and a better future become a branding and the brand has taken the place of moral values.


Financial success through the help of Richard Dwayne Blair

There is a belief that Richard Dwayne Blair as and that is that for anyone that is pursuing their financial goal then they need to plan. At Wealth solutions, the employees make sure that they provide clients with all the required information so that to have a retirement plan. His primary goal is that the people of Austin, Texas area will be armed with the financial roadmap that will guide them through the process of life and the milestones too. What has been able to help Richard in developing a comprehensive business plan is the pillar approach. The pillar approach gives him a chance of looking at the need of the clients be it the retirement and the financial assistance they will look at each and come up with a plan.

The world of education is what Richard Dwayne Blair was drawn too. Most people in his life were teachers his mother, wife, and grandmother and that gave him an opportunity of seeing how teaching was able to change someone through adding them additional knowledge and the growing of the confidence. He combined that with the passion that he had in finance, Richard realized that he could be of assistance to people in helping them with their financial planning and investment.

After his university schooling, Richard Dwayne Blair entered the financial industry in 1993. In 1994, that was when he founded his firm Wealth Solutions with the goal that they will provide the clients with personalized and professional advice. Over the years, he has been able to help so many clients in the planning for their retirement and how to live the retirement time. By giving the client the needed information so that they will avoid the common pitfalls, his goal is that he will be able to help as many people as he can to have a successful retirement.

Find out more about Richard Dwayne Blair: http://alivenewspaper.com/2018/03/richard-dwayne-blair-wealth-management-trusted/