Fortress Investment Group Growth in the Last Two Decades

When Fortress Investment Group came into the lives of Americans more than two decades ago, no one knew that the company was going to impact so many lives. The organization was founded and started from the bottom just like all modern businesses in the country. However, Fortress Investment was fortunate to have very reliable founders who have been serving in the company leadership since the institution was founded in 1998. For the last two decades, the international market has been changing in so many ways, and the company has been embracing the changes so that it continues to impress its global customers. The company has also been growing and venturing into bigger and better markets.

Experts say that the growth experienced by Fortress Investment Group is not comparable to what other organizations have been getting.Starting a new company is never an easy challenge for most investors in the market at the moment. Fortress Investment Group knew the kind of hardships most customers in the American corporate world were experiencing, and it felt the need to assist. The company founders are renowned experts when it comes to investment in the alternative market, and so they have ensured that the company offers consumers the best they can. The founders of the large organizations do not have to worry about the reviews from their customers because they have invested so much in the kind of professionals working in their firm.

Are you planning to work for this successful organization? The company is currently one of the companies that have a reputation of taking care of their company employees. All of the company employees enjoy a great package at the end of every month, and this motivates them to work and make the customers happy. Fortress Investment Group offers its employees more than just the monthly wages. This is one of the reasons the company has been growing despite the fierce competition it has been getting from its rivals over the years. Just recently, the international company marked a new start when it sold its shares to one of the leading international finance companies, known as Softbank. Softbank is highly respected in the American market, and it was looking for a company that would strengthen its presence in the market. Softbank, however, had to spend several billions so that it could acquire Fortress Investment Group. The two organizations have announced their deal to the public already.

Chris Burch Makes Luxury Resort On Sumba Island A Vacationer’s Paradise

Tropical Beach Paradise Awaits

The breathtaking natural beauty surrounding the Nihiwatu Resort, currently known as Nihi Sumba Resort, is as unique as it is traditional. On a small island off of Indonesia’s mainland, the resort has captured the essence of the peaceful paradise. The Spirit of the Native people is apparent in the style of the hotel, with indigenous antiquities gracing the resort in areas throughout the property. The ocean as clear as a cloudless blue sky, the natural aquamarine color of the water is like a bath designed for angels.


The Man Behind The Magic

Chris Burch saw the extraordinary potential of this benevolent nirvana, and purchased the already-standing hostel that sat adjacent to the beach. He knew he could make this a vacationer’s paradise. Partnering with James McBride, the two began their mission in renovating the hostel. Investing an additional 30 million dollars encapsulated his vision for this 5 star resort. Chris Burch spared no expense in making this property unlike other resorts. With the accommodations, amenities, art, antiques, and services the resort caters to each guest, making their mission to ensure an incredible stay at Nihi Sumba Resort.


Businessman Before Graduation

Christopher Burch received his education at Ithaca College. While still an undergraduate, he became a successful entrepreneur and businessman that is uniquely talented at his investment ventures, and has been incredibly prosperous since his first investment in 1976. With $2000 he and his brother embarked on a journey into an apparel line that eventually sold for millions. With the natural gift of the diamond touch, Chris Burch continued capitalizing with business investments.

His vastly diverse investment portfolio includes apparel at one end of the spectrum, to prefabricated luxury homes at the opposing end. The range of experience in many business ventures has increased his already extensive knowledge base.


Creating Heaven On Earth On Sumba Island

The acquisition of Nihiwatu Resort is one of his most gratifying adventures to date. The ability to envision a vacation paradise of sorts, and realize that vision has a gratifying result. Chris Church’s Nihiwatu Resort is a statement of elegance, with individual spa treatments that can be arranged either in the spa facility or the guests room if they so request, is the definition of relaxation, see ( Waterfalls tumbling down rocks finding the way to the crystal clear pool at the bottom make a beautiful backdrop for photographs, as well as just enjoying the day. Surfing is available on the tropical beach, with limited access to keep the activity focused on the guest’s leisure. Overcrowding is not safe or allowed at the resort’s coastline property.


Why Market Through the Market America Company

Market America is a multi-level product brokerage firm that prides itself on being one of its kind. The company distributes a range of high-quality products to clients who want to become entrepreneurs able to earn cash from the comfort of home. Currently, Market America is available in several companies, including America, Canada and Singapore. Their main office can be found in Greensboro, NC and has been in business since 1992. The creators and owners of the company are JR and Loren Ridinger. There are over a million people currently distributing Market America products, and these people are referred to as independent distributors. Over 650 office workers are employed by the company to help independent distributors gets started and complete sales.

There are a few different product lines that Market America offers to their independent distributors. You can choose between selling personal care items, cleaning products, jewelry, diet supplies and supplements and makeup. These products are created by affiliated corporations and provided to Market America at a discounted rate. The independent distributor then chooses the product line they’d like to sell and the cost of the product goes up so that the distributor as well as M.A. makes money off of the purchase. Currently, the company uses, which was acquired by Bill Gates in 2012, to showcase their products and provide distributor information. The product lines are specifically named AutoWorks, Pet Health, Isotonic and Snap. Once a product line is chosen, independent distributors are sold a website package where a domain name and hosting is available. You will then be responsible for paying a monthly fee to keep your website active and to attend regular seminars provided by the company itself.

Market America likes to think of itself as the “Unfranchise”, since you’re still able to become your own business owner selling someone else’s products without the rules and guidelines that often come with owning a franchise locally. In fact, the only rules that the company has for its distributors is to attend routine seminars found online and throughout the country each year. The online seminars will be available through video and web conferencing, and you will learn valuable marketing and sale methods to better suit your entrepreneurial needs.

Jason Hope Believes the Future is Bright for IoT Integration Within the Airline Industry

Jason Hope has often referred to himself as a futurist. He strongly believes that future of technology could be used to improve the quality of people’s lives. Jason Hope’s philanthropic endeavors often reflect his belief. They are also often the subject of many online articles such as those that highlight his interest in what he terms as the Internet of Things. This Arizona-based entrepreneur’s interest in the technology currently used in the airline industry was highlighted in a recent online article.

In the article showcasing how Internet technology is working to create a better future in the airline industry, Mr. Hope cited several beneficial aspects that have already been put into place. One is the advanced safety measures taken by the Boeing company for their line of 787 airplanes. These airplanes have a system in place that allows data to be obtained continuously from every part via a wireless network. This allows them to increase their standard for safety through early detection and repair of faulty parts. Jason Hope believes this is just one step of many that will begin to become more widespread within the airline industry.

As a leading entrepreneur with focus on the future, Jason Hope believes the technological advancements taken within the airline industry will change the entire experience of air travel for passengers. Rather than being a stressful event where luggage could easily disappear, the process of baggage handling could be revolutionized to where a traveler’s bags would always show up at their destination. In fact, there is already technology being put into place to help bring this about. The use of beacon technology is on the horizon. This technology would allow passengers to track their luggage from their point of check-in all the way to their final destination.

When it comes to the question of how far could technology go to help improve the value of airline travel, Jason Hope believes the possibilities are virtually limitless. Integrated systems on airlines could potentially include everything from touch screen displays that provide information in real-time to wearable devices designed to improve the check-in process, wait time or even security. Mr. Hope believes that IoT has the ability to benefit the companies who implement it into their systems as well as the people who patronize these businesses. Even though Jason Hope believes there could be challenges in the future of airline technology he maintains a bright outlook for the success of IoT integration.

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Ryan Seacrest And His Success

Ryan Seacrest is a new resident of New York City but isn’t new to a fast paced lifestyle. He recently came to New York from Los Angeles to co-host “Live” alongside Kelly Ripa. Besides his new gig on the morning show he produces hit shows like “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and “American Idol,” which gave him his start in show business. You might have heard his voice on your commute hosting his nationally syndicated radio show. Outside of show business he also has a clothing line and a skin care line. He also founded the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, a non-profit committed to inspiring today’s youth in entertainment and education. Needless to say, Seacrest has a lot of plates spinning.

How does he keep up according to Like the rest of us, he is learning to balance work and personal life. He’s learned to be disciplined and structure his day in order to manage his impressive workload. Surprisingly, Seacrest’s morning starts in a pretty normal way. His alarm clock wakes him up bright and early, and he showers and shaves before treating himself to matcha tea and coffee. He has learned to feel comfortable with fitting in time for exercise, and boxing is his current go to fitness routine. Seacrest, the TV host and producer, catches up on the news before work and on his commute, taking a car to free up his time.

As per, his key to success, however, has been training himself to prioritize and organize his day. Like everyone else, Seacrest is human and only has so many hours in a day to fit everything in. Different times of the day are designated for different activities in order to keep from being ruled by immediate demands. For example, the afternoon is dedicated to long term projects. This also means scheduling in time for food, wine and socializing on the weekends. Sometimes being disciplined means taking time off from work. He sets aside time to put aside the phone in order to cut out distractions and rest and recoup when necessary.

Here’s an update on Ryan’s clothing line:

Dr. Saad Saad Has Saved Many Lives With Innovation and Dedication

Dr. Saad Saad is a reputable and well-known pediatric surgeon who is very compassionate about his work as a surgeon. He has been on four Medical Missions in the United States as well as eight to Jerusalem. He feels that everyone should have access to the medical care that they need no matter what their situation may be or how much money they may have.


He is the very first to perform surgery on the youngest infant to have an aneurysm and with success. His procedure has been recorded in a medical journal and can be followed by other surgeons in order to save even more lives.


Dr. Saad Saad has been a practicing pediatric surgeon for over 40 years and has done a lot of good with his talent, expertise, and experience. He has even invented some medical instruments to make the job of the surgeon a little easier as well as the surgery for the patient less invasive.


He invented an electromagnetic catheter that can be located with the use of electromagnetic energy instead of having to use a machine that can scan for it. This invention is much smaller and is portable, so it is more convenient and practical than an MRI or X-ray. A catheter is used in many medical procedures to help drain bodily fluids and gases, and can be in the body for a short time or even permanently. It is very expensive and difficult to manufacture, but it is probable that it will be used by many if not all doctors in the future.


He also invented a way to make endoscopes more effective. An endoscope is a useful medical tool used to look inside the body and particularly the throat, bladder, colon, and stomach. It is used to give the doctor a better view of what is going on inside the body. Dr. Saad Saad invented a suction device that helps to prevent the lends on the endoscope from fogging up. It is easily manufactured and inexpensive, and he has used it on his own patients with great success. This invention is safer for the patient and prevents the need of having to remove the scope during an endoscopy.


Dr. Saad Saad is always learning and improving medical procedures as well as inventing ways to make the job of the doctor easier and the process for the patient easier and less invasive. He’s a really great example that no matter what background or upbringing you may have, you can always work hard, excel, and ultimately succeed in whether you want to do. Hs hard work and success has helped so many people along the ways and has saved countless lives as well. Learn more:

Ara Chackerian: Health Care Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Ara Chackerian is an American businessman based in San Francisco who rose to fame after he established the TMS Health Solutions, providing a therapeutic approach to people who are having mental disorders. Ara Chackerian graduated with a degree in Marketing, and he has been involved in many business ventures. He established the TMS Health Solutions because of the knowledge that health-related companies tend to end up being more successful. Aside from his businesses catering to the healthcare industry, he is also known for his philanthropic endeavors, like taking care of the environment and empowering the youth to become a productive member of the society. He believes that the youth could change the society, and he has been investing in them to become successful in the future. Check out for more.




Ara Chackerian started in the healthcare industry by establishing several startups, including the PipelineRx which is a company that provides pharmacy service through the use of the telephone. The TMS Health Solutions became one of his most successful ventures, because of the breakthrough that the company introduced to the public. Those who are having mental disorders could visit the TMS Health Solutions and receive a treatment that would include the use of an electromagnetic signal that would bring changes inside the patient’s brain. He has a twenty-year experience in the healthcare industry, and he currently serves as the managing director of ASC Capital Holdings. The company invests in healthcare startups and helps them to grow tremendously. He is trying to interconnect technology with the healthcare industry, and he believes that his goal is attainable thanks to the brilliant ideas and plans that he has in mind. For more details visit Crunchbase.



Ara Chackerian is also known for his causes, and it includes the investment in a teak farm in Nicaragua and the partnerships with NGOs to provide knowledge to business people who wanted to establish their startups. Ara Chackerian is also working with several organizations in Nicaragua, Armenia, and the United States which aims to provide a sustainable living condition for everyone on the planet and to save the environment from harm. He is also offering the services available at his health care companies to people who could not afford to visit a medical facility.


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Randal Nardone: From law to running a leading investment firm

Randal Nardone is Fortress Investment Group LLC’s co-founder. Since August 2013, he has been the company’s Chief Executive Officer and since 1998, the principal of Credit Corporation. Randal has made contributed significantly to the firm which is now famous for providing its clients with high-quality services.In 1998 when Randal co-founded Fortress Group, he did not base the revenues on sub-prime debtors. Instead, he bought valuable assets such as casinos, ski resorts, and railways. Randal did not use useless mortgages to create insignificant mortgage-backed securities but opted to make the world productive by providing capital.Randal Nardone has portrayed his exceptional skills and expertise in finance. Over the years, he has accumulated immense experience to become a professional and investment expert.

Randal has worked in various positions such as Portfolio Manager, Chief Operating Officer and Secretary of RIC Co-investment Fund LP. Randal has held many board memberships positions including being a director at Euro castle Investment Limited and at Fortress Investments Group from 2006 to present. He is also currently a director at Springleaf Finance, Inc., Springleaf REIT Inc., and Florida East Coast Holdings. In his career, Randal has advised and helped companies as well as people from all over the country to improve their financial situations.Though very skilled in finance, Randal Nardone did not always hope to pursue the finance field. He had instead studied law and did his master’s degree in law from Boston University School of Law, before which at the University of Connecticut, he had done his bachelors of Arts in English and Biology.

It is only after working in several companies that Nardone realized how the legal and financial fields were intertwined. He, therefore, took an interest in finance, which made him switch gears and begin working in the financial sector and even creating an investment firm.Randal Nardone learned all about conservative banking while in Switzerland and for this reason, Fortress survived in the 2008 credit crunch. When Randal’s hedge fund went public, he became #577 of Forbes 2007 Billionaire List. In 2017, SoftBank bought the Fortress Investment Group as part of its vision fund strategy. His company is among the most notable investment firms on NYSE and companies are choosing it for the portfolio Randal has put together. Fortress Investment Group is headquartered in New York and has businesses in private equity and credit funds, specializing in asset-based investing.

Roseann Bennett Is High On Telemedicine

Roseann Bennett is the marvelous mind behind the revolutionary mental health agency, Center for Treatment and Assessment. The organization is a nonprofit based in New jersey. Few in her field are as dedicated to helping those in need. Read more about Bennett’s philanthropic activities on Hackettstown Couple Offering Scholarships Local Students.


Roseann received her formal education in marriage and family therapy from Seton Hall University. He graduated with both a MA and Ed.S. She worked hard to attain her license as a marriage and family therapist.


Of all of Roseann’s achievements none bring her more joy than the Center for Treatment and Assessment. What started out as a passion project for the marriage and family therapist has turned into a very successful organization. It has exceeded all expectations with its impact in the field. Her husband Todd is also a doctor and her biggest supporter. The couple make a great when it comes to helping families and individuals who suffer from mental health issues.


Roseann Bennet is a professional who highly values innovation. She wants to transform the way mental health therapy is viewed. In many instances people in need of help don’t received it because of their income. She aims to make treatment as accessible as possible to any and everyone.


as an innovator Roseann is very high on telemedicine. Telemedicine is the remote diagnosis and treatment of clinical health issues by means of telecommunication and information technology. While telemedicine is a very new trend it has already kicked up dust in the mental health community. Roseann thinks it may be the future of clinical health care. It may be the first signs of a future world absent of face-to-face care? See This Page for related information.


The way telemedicine can be used is as varied as the patients who may use it. It can be used to send an image of a particular illness and problem or a way to talk to a physician about a nagging injury. It can vastly increase the amount of communication between a doctor and patient.



Paul Herdsman- Advice To Entrepreneurs

Paul Herdsman is a business solutions provider in Jamaica. He is among the people who have made it possible for the business industry to thrive by providing entrepreneurs with up to date information on how to manage a business. He is the co-founder of an organization known as NICE Global. This is a business solution provider of essential services in the business industry.


Led by Paul Herdsman; NICE Global is interested in helping the clients to get right on the most basic aspects of a business. There is customer retention, reducing overhead costs and increasing the profits. Any business in the world today is working towards perfecting these three aspects.


Paul Herdsman provides entrepreneurs with advice on running their businesses. He has experience helping numerous businesses deal with challenges. He also provides general advice to entrepreneurs out there on what it takes to be successful. One of the things he teaches entrepreneurs is to ensure they appreciate their employees. The first thing should be however being hiring the right people. The role of the employees in the success of a business is vital. So, when hiring, there should be special focus on productive employees. After getting the right employees, a business should go ahead and invest in them. Employees training is vital in getting things done in the right way. Throughout a successful career Paul Herdsman has developed aa plethora of corporate wisdom that he expresses in the article “12 Successful Tips for Entrepreneurs”.


Paul Herdsman treats his employees with dignity. He also ensures that any time he makes new hiring, the workers are first trained on the job they will be performing. The training process is, however, not a one-time affair; it is a continuous process which facilitates performance in the work environment. Another thing that should happen according to Paul Herdsman is proper remuneration of the employees. See This Page for related information.


Competitive remuneration means that the workers will be motivated to carry out their tasks. The last thing from Herdsman is for entrepreneurs to know every aspect of their business. They should not rely on the employees to do everything right, they should have a clear picture of what needs to be achieved better than the workers.


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