Clay Hutson’s Experience Makes Him A Successful Leader

Clay Hutson has been working in the entertainment industry for many years. He had been associated with a well-established company for a long time before he made up his mind to go his own way. Hutson has always been an organized person who approached his work day in a regimented fashion. He plans events thoroughly and is very attentive to the small details. This process gives him the confidence to present his crew with the procedure to have a successful day. He is very dedicated to his process and believes that the productive habits have a positive influence on the team as a whole.

Clay Hutson is an educated technician who earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theater Design and Technical Production from Central Michigan University. Hutson added a master’s degree from the Stephen M Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan

Hutson went on to gain valuable experience as his career took shape. He was the stage manager for rapper Kanye West. Hutson worked as a production manager for other artists such as Jennifer Nettles and Prince. He was apart of Billy Graham’s traveling production. However, Hudson would settle in to the Rock and Roll niche. Hutson’s Rock-and-Roll credentials include work with Guns and Roses, Kid Rock and Pink.

Clay Hutson is very in tune with the nature of his business. He pays close attention to the technological advances that affect any aspect of the service that he is responsible for providing. Clay can see that the entertainment industry is evolving and there are revolutionary concepts exploding in every aspect of the business. He knows better than to get set in his ways. Many others who did were left behind by an industry that is forever changing and extremely unforgiving.

Clay Hutson is very aggressive about establishing his agenda. He likes to work out in front of the events that he has planned. Clay organizes every single activity no matter how insignificant it may seem. This includes time with family. Hutson make sure that he is providing ample attention to the people who anchor his support system.

Clay Hutson knows the importance of talent. He surrounds himself with the best people in order to bring out his exceptional skills. Hutson places more value on a person’s ability to be a positive force on his team as opposed to getting along with them on a personal level. Hutson is alarmed by someone who spends more energy trying to analyze his personal affairs as opposed to doing the work they were hired to do.

Dating App CEO Whitney Wolfe

Dating apps are a big deal nowadays. More than ever are singles finding relationships and fun straight from an app on their smartphone. Bumble a dating app has revolutionized the way people will forever interact with dating apps. Bumble was founded by Whitney Wolfe. What she began started a phenomenon amongst women daters.

Bumble is a woman first swipe app with over thirty million users. The app has garnered around one hundred million dollars since launching in 2014. With numbers like that, the female founder and CEO is a dating app maven, but she is also a feminist businesswoman. But this tech industry is no easy rise. Lawsuits are occurring amongst dating app giants and Facebook has plans of entering this competitive yet lucrative market.

Tinder is Bumble’s biggest rival. It got its start in 2012, just two years before Bumble and led the industry with being a swiping right dating app. Whitney Wolfe was actually one of the people that got this company off the ground. But being a co-founder in an industry dominated by men led to inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment. She was awarded one million dollars in her settlement in her case against Tinder’s co-founder. Later, she decided to create a platform where female daters could feel safe, be respected and have a sense of empowerment while swiping right for potential dates.

Bumble has a direct agenda to make sure women are in the forefront and are the focus of the app’s approach. Feminism is a strong message and the branding behind the entire dating app. This branding offers Whitney Wolfe’s brand a unique factor. But this factor is also missing from the market but in high demand. The billboards lining highways promoting Bumble’s branding state phrases like “Be the CEO your parents always wanted you to marry.” The company is not solely focused on dating alone. Whitney Wolfe’s company launched a second app in 2016 called BFF which helps females meet friends. Bizz is an additional app the company has created to create connections between female business associates.

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OSI Industries Is Changing The Food Industry For The Better

One of the largest sectors in the world is the food industry. Every human on the planet must eat to live and thus thousands of food companies have billions of recurring consumers every single day. One of the largest food processors and providers in the world is OSI Industries. It is estimated that the company employs more than twenty thousand people in 17 different countries across the globe.

OSI Industries was originally a small butcher based out of the suburbs of Chicago in the early 20th century. After the second world war, the company, then known as Otto and Sons, made an important business relationship that would quickly catapult them into the forefront of the food industry. Otto and Sons was contracted to be the ground beef provider for the very first McDonald’s franchise in Illinois. As McDonald’s grew into a household name, their original meat supplier continued to expand as well.

OSI Industries was tasked as one of the first food suppliers to provide a consistent and repeatable product over and over again so that customers knew exactly what they were getting from a restaurant. The business heavily invested in technology that could create a high quality product over and over again. This paved the way for the modern food producer to be able to meet the growing needs of consumers. Recently, the Australian branch of the company has merged with Turi Foods which is one of the largest poultry suppliers in the world.

The new company will be called Turosi Pty Ltd, a combination of both company names. Both companies bring industry expertise to the deal that will be mutually beneficial. OSI Industries has recognized the importance of partnering with those in the industry who have a proven track record of meeting customer demands with the highest quality food and the lowest possible prices. The food industry is constantly changing because of changing industry regulations as well as new customer demands. While the future of food is never certain, major food companies can use OSI Industries as a great example for how a business can adapt to changing environments and continue to thrive over time.

Robert Ivy’s Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award Crowns His Architectural Career

Robert Ivy is the current Chief Executive of the American Institute of Architects. His journey to the helm of the chief architect body in the US started in 1996 when he was appointed as the Editor in Chief of the Architectural Record.

Under his leadership, the Architectural Record grew its readership to become the top architectural journal in the US and around the globe. Ivy also became the head of McGraw-Hill Construction Media among a host of other construction-related media and publications. He graduated from Tulane University. He became US Navy Officer.

Ivy’s leadership and prominent role in the publishing industry has tremendously grown over time. To match and recognize his concerted efforts in his field, Robert Ivy has been honored with numerous awards. The most recent of the awards that he has received include the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award late April this year. He was awarded by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters as a way of appreciating his lifetime works that have shown elements of extraordinary nature.

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Receiving the award, Robert Ivy joined the league of other prominent persons who have received the award including Morgan Freeman, Walter Anderson, Eudora Welty. During the awarding ceremony, it was noted and emphasized that Robert Ivy had made numerous architectural works and publications available to the public. Robert Ivy was also appreciated for his exemplary contribution towards the architectural profession and championing creativity.

Ivy has been severally recognized before. In 2017, he was awarded by the University of Arkansas – Fay Jones School of Architecture in appreciation of his architectural publications. He had also been recognized as a Master Architect by the Alpha Rho Chi, a national architecture body in the US, for having been cited as highly vocal towards architectural design.

Ivy’s most recent award, the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, is a testament to his proficiency in his line of profession.

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The Biography of Shafik Sachedina

Shafik Sachedina relocated from the Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania to the UK in the year 1950 in his adolescence. Sachedina is a great philanthropist and an entrepreneur. Sachedina’s mission in life is to change the livelihood of every members of the Ismaili Society in the entire world. In the London University, Sachedina graduated with bachelor’s degree in the dental surgeon. Also, he is a member and advisory of the Institute of Ismaili Studies. The studies promote the Muslim culture while providing the teachings and beliefs of the Ismaili Society to the community followers. Also, the study helps to make the Ismaili Community meaningful to the members.

Shafik Sachedina associates with the Aga Khan Organisation, an institution based in the UK for charity work and Aga Khan Development Network. Sachedina is the primary organizer of the charity missions of the community. Therefore, he dedicates much of his time, resources, and attention to charitable purposes. The philanthropist was the Ismaili Community President on two occasions. After graduating from the London University as a dental surgeon, he assumed various positions in numerous institutions. In collaboration with other healthcare centers, Shafik Sachedina would make sure the patients receive the appropriate medical attention at all time. Sachedina received various honors due to his determination in peacemaking.

For instance, he was the principle organizer of the delegation that would settle the confrontational issues between Afghanistan and Syria. The philanthropist believes that he is not a resident of a specific country, but he is the ambassador of peace and development of the whole world. Shafik Sachedina is the co-founder of Sussex Healthcare center. Under his visionary leadership, the organisation scooped the Investor in People Honor. Sussex Healthcare offers the emotionally comforting environment to the old, who need to live life to the fullest. The facility began in the year 1985. Today, we have over 23 homes across Sussex with more than 500-holding units. Other than taking care of the old, Sussex Healthcare accommodates adults with developing issues like learning disabilities, autism, and brain injuries. At Sussex, we offer chances for the patients to participate in the community activities like gardening.

Milan Kordestani’s Early Life Leads to Passion for Humane Treatment of Animals

Milan Kordestani, CEO and Founder of Milan Foods and Guin Records, was born in the prestigious area of Stanford, California. While being raised in Stanford, California, Kordestani attended Phillips Brooks Elementary School. In 2009, Kordestani’s family departed for London, England, after his parents decided to divorce, which allowed him the opportunity to enroll and attend Eaton Square School. However, by 2010, he moved back to California and attended high school at Sacred Heart Preparatory. Kordestani graduated from Sacred Heart Preparatory in 2017.

Kordestani’s young life included riding horses, which he began as early as 10 years of age. His love of animals began after he was thrown from atop a runaway horse, while he was trail riding one day. The pivotal moment proved to be substantial to the youngster, as he made a conscious choice to get back on the horse, which most children his age would consider the ordeal to be too terrifying.

That is the same tenacity and determined spirit that helped Kordestani throughout the early stages of his career and ultimately become a highly successful, yet compassionate, businessman. Milan Farms was founded by Kordestani in 2015. His mission was to create an environment that would be used to raise poultry, organically and humanely. From the beginning, Milan Farms has been completely transparent in how animals are raised. By using 100 percent pure saffron, all animals are free range and produce organic eggs. The company’s intent is to provide consumers with an authentic and honest solution for purchasing animal-based products. By 2016, Milan Farms began expanding its free-ranging products with three additional farms along the west coast, which includes a farm in Colorado.

Currently, Kordestani is conducting extensive research in hydroponic and aquaponic systems for growing saffron. The innovative technology will be an enhancement of the traditional production and processing of saffron, which Kordestani recognizes has been beneficial to Milan Farm’s mission. As the company continues to experiment with a wide spectrum of salinity levels along with various types of minerals within the water, Milan Farms intends on continuing to produce a crop that ensures a humane outcome for animals.


NetPicks: Addressing the People Who Think Forex is Not Legitimate

One of the favorite words that are being passed around is scam. Some people like to brand everything as a scam. The problem with this is that this often comes from people who are not committed to the work. Among the opportunities that have been passed off as scam is Forex trading, check ( One of the reasons that some people pass off the activity as a scam is that people do not take the time to learn about what they are getting involved in. In some cases, the people that are looking to brand everything as a scam are people that want everything to come easy for them. They are also some of the people that want to keep others down, as posted on

There is another reason that people try to call something like Forex trading a scam. One factor is that they take in a lot of different pieces of advice from other sites only to find that none of them work for them. Not everyone is fortunate to come across a site like NetPicks. While NetPicks does provide people with a lot of trading advice, they talk about the mind-set of the trader as opposed to just the techniques. With NetPicks traders are going to have bigger wins and smaller losses with their trades.

When it comes to addressing people who want to call Forex a scam, the best thing to do is show them proof. Another thing that can help them is taking them to NetPicks and having them see for themselves. Once they see that there are some new aspects to the topic of Forex trading that is not covered in the other sites they have gotten advice from, then they may feel a little more inclined to take on the market. They may find that the results are different, see


The Polarizing Reception to Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn’s latest project, the novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, is his first foray into fiction writing. A shorter version of this story was first released as an audiobook in 2016 under the pseudonym Pappy Pariah with Penn providing the narration. The expanded satirical novel features a freewheeling plot that is again narrated by Pappy Pariah and offers commentary on our current times. The story is centered on the titular Bob Honey, a divorced middle-aged man who has held a number of jobs throughout his strange life – fireworks salesman to dictators, sewage expert, carnival worker, and secret government assassin targeting members of society who over-consume resources.





The stream-of-consciousness structure of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff follows the main character on his many adventures around the world. Outraged at modern society, Honey lives in a quiet Californian suburb, where he disturbs his neighbors with his strange behavior. After a number of complaints are made against Honey, an investigative journalist comes by to write an article about him. With the 2016 presidential election taking place in the background, the novel runs through surreal episodes of Honey’s life, including scenes at a dystopian Republican National Convention and a yacht party held by a drug dealer named Fletcher.




The last part of the novel includes a letter cum manifesto to the president of the United States, who is referred to as “Mr. Landlord” with thinly veiled allusions to the current occupant of the White House. Honey rages against the illegitimacy and narcissism of Mr. Landlord and expounds on the many issues of the day, including “alternative facts” and the NRA, before culminating in a call for assassination. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff ends with an epilogue poem that addresses many recent events such as the Las Vegas shooting, the #MeToo movement, and tensions with North Korea. The poem offers more excoriating words on our current political and social climate.





The public reception of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff has been mixed. A lot of the criticism has centered on Penn’s writing style and overuse of alliteration. There is also an unavoidable conflation between the political views of Bob Honey and Penn, who is an outspoken public figure who has offered his share of political and cultural commentary over the years. The character of Fletcher, in particular, is unmistakably drawn from the real-life El Chapo, the infamous Mexican drug lord whom Penn once interviewed for a magazine article. Penn has acknowledged the divisive nature of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff and stated that the novel is not for everyone.

NGP VAN, A Leading Software Developing, and LGBTQ Inclusive Company

NGP VAN is a software and technology firm located in Washington DC. The firm delivers top-notch and advanced tools for planning and organizing progressive campaigns. The services of the company are used in the leading liberal and democratic campaigns. This includes Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008. Other notable campaigns include Hillary Clinton’s and Bernie Sanders’ campaigns in 2016.

Aside from the supply of the technical expertise needed in the running and managing the campaigns, the company also provides services like fundraising, social networking, and organizing platforms. These services are supplied to the nonprofit organizations, the government, private entities among other organizations.

Since NGP VAN is involved in organizing the progressive campaigns, part of its mandate in recognizing the importance of the votes from lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and queer people (LGBTQ). To foster their inclusion and participation, the company recently launched inclusive properties that were integrated into the NGP VAN software to make it more friendly to the LGBTQ community.

The integration of the LGBTQ community is a revolutionary step since most of the other companies still use the binary gender labels to develop demographic data. The incorporation of the gender pronouns that are nonbinary in the contact records of the voters is considered a significant step towards increasing diversity and inclusion. This integration has also enabled the company to address its donors, supporters, and volunteers more accurately.

The approach that targets the voters in the LGBTQ community is imperative for the Democratic campaigns. With estimates of 10million voters in this community, who are located in the urban and the suburban regions which are critical voting areas for the Democratic campaigns, targeting the community has favorable effects on the success of the campaigns.

NGP VAN has implemented recent changes which are seen to be part of its broader plan of fostering inclusiveness and compassion at the firm. Other changes that accompanied the inclusion of the LGBTQ community include providing parental leave for new parents and protecting the rights of women.

NGP VAN continues to make progress by providing premium software and technical support services, increasing the mobilization of voters, defending the rights of women and development of software that enhances equality for the LGBTQ community.

What’s Next For Talos Energy?

Talos Energy is one of the leading oil and gas companies in America. This particular company has an extraordinary management team of professionals, and Tim Duncan is one of the most important members. Duncan is also the chief executive officer of Talos Energy. This is one guy that takes forward thinking to a completely new level. His resume is filled with success more so than failure, and he is well-known throughout the oil and gas industry. Duncan has just finished a deal with Stone Energy Corporation. This specific deal has taken more three months to complete. Stone Energy Corporation has been going through bankruptcy since 2016, but now it’s a part of Talos Energy.

Talos Energy has a huge presence in offshore drilling, and it has multiple projects in progress as of now. The company strives to acquire under-exploited assets to benefit modern geophysical data. Yes, that statement was a bit too technical for most people to understand, but it’s the truth. When it comes to turning around struggling assets, few companies can do it better than Talos Energy. This is the perfect merger because both companies has a strong background of positive asset management as well as strategic development. Taking advantage of potential business opportunities is the name of the game and Talos Energy has a phenomenal track record of doing so. The cost of the initial public offering has gone public as of now and it’s time to get to business.

The oil and gas industry has been slowly rebounding since its collapse in 2015. At present moment, America has enough natural resources to handle any domestic disaster. Thanks to the merger of these two powerhouses, the company has a proven balance of at least 136 million barrels of oil equivalents. Talos Energy has certainly changed the game, and it is laying down a blueprint of success for all others to follow.

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