Gareth Henry: The Secret to Being a Great Business Manager

Gareth Henry believes that to be able to create opportunity – you must always be working on activities that are concentrated on the productivity of your company. Gareth is the current Global Head of Investor Relations for a variety of high-profile United States-based Alternative Investment Companies. He is a person who is a veteran in a multitude of disciplines and a beholder of a wide range of notable experiences. His degree in Actuarial Mathematics from one of the top universities in his region, University of Edinburgh, Gareth Henry has propelled himself upward and onward to the world of finance, hedge funds and private equity.

From his experience as a Director of Strategic Solutions for Schroders, up until he has gained experience and trust from companies like International Investor Relations, Fortress Investment Group — he has declared and defined his persona as a math-geek that has carved his name into the finance industry.

Even before, Gareth has already proclaimed his interest on mathematics and finance, and how these two worlds collide. He has developed a deep knowledge towards economics and risk management – and he has been addicted ever since. What sets Gareth Henry apart is his public relations skills – he was always so interested with interacting with different individuals – from work, clients and notable people – he says not all people had a knack for this, and so this helped him build his company and he naturally carved a path for himself that was onwards to investor relations, and raising capital.

He believes that mentorship is always important in one’s growth – find a weakness and then find a trainer who will help you overcome your weak spots. Gareth Henry has personally hired about twenty mentors only for the sole reason to train him. Even if he was a veteran in his field, he knew that experts from other fields would be of valuable help to him in his journey of excellence. Henry believes that it takes a huge amount of humility to ask help from an outsider – and accept their knowledge and make it a part of your own persona. This has been one of his ways to keep improving every single day – and this has critically helped his company. Visit

Dr. Saad Saad gives insight on children swallowing foreign objects

One of the main fears that are common in all parents is their children getting hurt. Accidents do sometimes happen, but it would never be any parent’s wish that their child be involved. One of the common accidents among children is swallowing objects that can lead to chocking or cause internal injuries. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

To keep children away from such accidents, parents need to take precaution or resort to emergency medical services in case such a thing happens. When chocking is involved, there is no time to wait; an immediate solution must be found since chocking can lead to untimely death.

One of the best medical doctors to consult when it comes to medical problems related to children, then it is Dr. Saad Saad, a pediatric surgeon with over 40 years in practice.

He operates from Eaton, New Jersey. In his career, he has helped over 1,000 children who have been involved in accidents relate to swallowing foreign objects. Dr, Saad Saad has valuable advice to parents about the things they should do when they find themselves in trouble of swallowing foreign things.

Young kids are curious, and any time they get hold of something, they tend to take it directly into the mouth. Sometimes, they are in possession of objects that can fit in their mouths and which they can swallow. The first precaution that parents should take is to ensure that there is no object near kids that they can easily swallow.

Just as in adults, when a kid swallows an object, it goes through the esophagus and into the stomach. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes the object will get stuck midway through the esophagus. The object can easily get into the windpipes.

In young children, detecting that there is something stuck in their windpipe can be a challenge. However, Dr. Saad Saad has some contributions to make about this subject matter.

He asks parents to look out for signs such as difficulty in breathing, wheezing, drooling, and chest pain. Large objects will mainly get stuck in the esophagus while small objects will go into the windpipes. Some of the common objects that get stuck are coins, batteries, hot dogs and peanuts.

The first response to a case of a stuck object should be to perform first aid. Dr. Saad Saad that for children less than six years, they should be turned upside down and tapped on the back and the stuck object should come out.

For children more than six years, they should be held from the back and pressure applied to the abdomen (commonly known as (Heimlich maneuver).

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Gareth Henry – Badminton Champion And Champion For Gay Rights

Gareth Henry is a world-class Jamaican-born badminton player. He is the winner of numerous tournaments both as a singles player and in mixed doubles partnering with his sister, Geordine Henry.

After coming out publicly as a gay man, Gareth Henry became a leader in the fight to combat homophobia and violence against the gay community in Jamaica. He ascended to the a leadership position of J-Flag (the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All Sexuals and Gays). During his four years with J-Flag he experienced the violent deaths of 13 friends at the hands of anti-gay perpetrators of violence.

Gareth Henry, himself, was subjected to brutal attacks on three occasions. His activism led to resentment among authorities culminating in a 2007 incident where he was beaten by a group of policemen while inside a pharmacy. Others stood by and watched, doing nothing to intervene. Subsequently, while stopped at a traffic light, he was approached by a police officer who knocked on the car window and told him, “We know where you are,” and that he might be killed.

This threat led Gareth Henry to seek asylum in Canada. In 2008, he moved to Toronto after the Canadian government granted him refugee status. Not deterred, he picked up where he left off; working at Toronto People With AIDS Foundation and becoming interim director there. On a volunteer basis, he works with Rainbow Railroad, a non-profit dedicated to helping to relocate refugee members of the LGBQT community who suffered persecution and violence in many countries where this hatred persists.

OSI Group McDonalds COO David McDonald

The OSI Group was born and bred from the deep German tradition of efficiency and trustworthiness in quality, the American tradition of expansionism and protection, and the global traditions of family values for all. OSI Group McDonalds got their claim to fame by sheer proximity to a little burger joint by the name of McDonald’s, back in Deplaines Illiniois in the 1950’s, with a guy named Ray Kroc. Otto and Son’s, as it was known back then, was run by a few German immigrants living in Chicago’s meat-packing district. With McDonalds being so close relative to Chicago and in such need of a reliable and proficient meat supplier, it’s no wonder why the two became inseparable since the beginning.

OSI Group McDonalds currently exists in over 17 countries worldwide, has around 20,000 employees who call OSI Group McDonalds their employer, and operate from 65 different plant locations. With such vigor, tenacity, and friendliness having been established from the start, it is no wonder that their company caught on like wildfire within family-style working communities across the globe. Read more about OSI Group McDonalds at

Perhaps in an effort to not seem as “mom-and-pop” as they did with the name Otto and Sons, the group formally renamed themselves OSI Group McDonalds as soon as they hired a CEO in 1975 who was already familiar with navigating the waters of running a global organization. Sheldon Lavin was his name, and he still runs OSI Group McDonalds to this very day alongside COO David McDonald.

David is an enigma in is own right, as well, having graduated with an agricultural sciences degree from Iowa State, having six kids and a wife of his own, and figuring out the incredibly foreign laws and regulations surrounding not one but seventeen other countries across the world. He is a friendly person and believes in the power of family, stating that, “It is important to note that, within OSI, we value family. Our people and our customers are viewed as family. The products that we make should be good enough to serve to our respective families proudly.”

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Investing Wisely With Tips From Igor Cornelsen

If you have only been focusing on a few select stocks and losing money in the process you are obviously doing your investing the wrong way. Igor Cornelsen thinks that spreading out your investments is the best way to do invest your money.

Investors want to have a long-term success plan for their investing. Most people assume that investing for about 30 years or so will be enough time for them to eventually build and stop investing. Igor believes, however, that you should put more time into investing forever. He believes that you could invest and live off interest and never stop investing. This is how you build generational wealth.

The thing that makes Igor a rational and realistic investor is his ability to pick up on those things that just are not making sense. He believes that people that spend their time investing in the power house companies without considering any of the growing new companies are missing out on grand opportunities to invest. Igor Cornelsen also believes that the investor that does not know about the options for investing outside of the United States will also found themselves struggling with building a quality portfolio.

There is a simple reason for this, and that reason is that investors that are unaware of diversification have no other options when the stocks that they love start to unravel at the seams. You can be riding high on Netflix, Google and Apple stocks one day, and these stocks can lose ground and crash your portfolio the next day. This is just the nature of a volatile market. What Igor Cornelsen wants is for investors to be prepared for situations such as this. You need to know that your financial future is going to be better when you have been exploring a multitude of investments.