Hussain Sajwani, a Billionaire, a Leader, and a Philanthropist

Whenever there is mention of the UAE, the name Hussain Sajwani never fails to pop up. Hussain who happens to be the founder and also the owner of Damac Properties, he has come quite a long way to achieving the billionaire status he has today. His journey to becoming one of the most influential and also richest Arabs began at a humble home, where he helped his father run his shop after school.

After completion of his high school studies, Sajwani was fortunate enough to be among the first batch of students who received scholarships from the UAE to study in the US. He secured a place at the University of Washington, where he pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics & Engineering. While at school, Hussain Sajwani would spend his free time to sell timeshare apartments and use his savings to get him through the semester.

After completing his studies, he began working in Abu Dhabi’s gas industries finance department, where he used his time to set the foundation for his business, and used every chance to learn on how to operate a business. After two years, Hussain left Abu Dhabi and established a catering business. Thanks to his previous skills, Hussain Sajwani had a lot of experience and skills to bring to the catering table, and soon his company was on its way to the top, handling over 200 projects, and serving over 150,000 meals in a day.

Despite his success in the hospitality sector, when Dubai allowed foreigners to set and own businesses in its jurisdiction, Hussain Sajwani took the opportunity and shifted his focus to real estate. He began by developing small hotels and through this; he set the foundation for DAMAC properties. Soon his work became noticeable, and he was invited to become part of much bigger projects. Since then, Hussain has never looked back, and he is considered a pioneer of UAE’s real estate arenas. Today, under his belt, DAMAC properties prides itself on a development portfolio of over 40,000 units and delivering over 20,000 homes. Even though he is successful, Hussain is a man with a big heart and has donated to myriads of charitable organizations and causes through DAMAC Properties.

Heather Parry Is A Great President For Live Nation Productions

Heather Parry is determined to never let a good opportunity get away, and that is one of the things that makes her a great leader of Live Nation Productions. She took over the company a few years ago and got right to work. She wanted to get it involved in more films, and she was eager when someone started talking about making a film about the Eagles Of Death Metal going back to Paris after the attack that had happened at their concert. She knows what will catch on, and she wants to give the audience what they want to see.

Heather Parry also didn’t want to let the opportunity slip away when she heard about A Star Is Born and the fact that it was going to feature Bradley Cooper. She knew him, and she wanted to get involved. She called his agent and talked him into letting her company help out because they have many assets, like the buildings where they hold shows. She was smart to get involved with the film because it has become one of the most popular films that came out recently.

Heather Parry says that she is always willing to work on the films that artists want to make, even if they go beyond music videos and the typical concert videos. If an artist has a passion for a movie that they want to film, then she will consider it and figure out how to make it happen. She spent many years working for several other places, including MTV, and she is doing great work as the president of her current company because of her experience and the passion and ambition that she has when it comes to getting things done.

End Your Email Warzone With Unroll Me

Are you sick and tired of the chronic headache inducing emails that somehow mix in with your important emails, making your inbox a complete war zone? If you’re like us than this question came off as completely rhetorical and you have gone dizzy trying to organize the chaos that has grown out of your control. Don’t fret because your day of reckoning has come in the form of an app called Unroll Me.

Making its mark back in 2011 with its release, Unroll Me redefines and reshapes your email inbox by removing your unwanted email subscriptions and placing the others in a clear and concise roll up that makes keeping up with and adding new email subscriptions a problem of the past. Since it’s launch in 2011 Unroll Me has grown to over 1.3 million users and has plans on expanding into other countries outside the United States.

Not to be misunderstood, Unroll me doesn’t isn’t looking to change the email platform entirely but allow your email to remain the place of important and essential information but integrating with your already existing email provider. As if things couldn’t get better, the Slice Technologies owned company offers the app for free and is available on both iOS and Android devices alike. So whether you access your email through a desktop, laptop, or mobile device, you can rest assured that your email will remain under control and avoid becoming a hub for pesky, unwanted emails.

In conclusion, Unroll Me provides users with a free app that allows users to maintain control and understanding of their emails. This is done by removing unwanted clutter and providing them with easily understood organizer to maintain the emails of importance and subscriptions that are often lost in the chaos of the war zone often known as our inboxes. The Caped Crusader against Junk Mail

Successful businesses are built around a great product, executed by a phenomenal team. At the head of this team is usually an innovator, especially in the case of startups. Take, for instance,; its Co-founder Jojo Hedaya(CEO) understands these principles and the importance of always bringing your ‘A’-Game to work every day.

With technology companies, the mission is executing at the vanguard of innovation. As a leader of a technology start-up, the head of the organization needs to supply the energy and the passion that form the engine room to drive the ship forward. In creating this team or family environment, Jojo Hedaya implemented the essential framework to tackle the difficult proposition of solving what has grown to be an epidemic.

Over the years it’s become more and more evident that matters of importance get lost in the mound of digital clutter better known as junk mail. In search of a solution to this epidemic; and its innovative leader Jojo Hedaya have gone down the revolutionary road of simplicity.

To save your inbox from being inundated with junk email was a startup born out of the frustration we all endure, watching junk mail pile up in our inboxes. Launched as an email tool that aggregates all your email basically into ‘want to read’ and ‘don’t want to read’ CEO Jojo Hedaya’s reflects on how in its beta version, it allowed us to unsubscribe from unwanted email through the convenience of an online dashboard.

Subsequent versions were initially rolled out for iOS but its now also available as an android app. The new swipe feature is particularly useful as a convenience to add or subtract mail or subscriptions based on user preference. According to founders, Jojo Hedaya, and Josh Rosenwald, an average consumer has approximately sixty subscriptions they are signed up to. Using this freely available tool to help your email client manage the clutter from your inbox is currently the premium option available on the market. The combination of execution and convenience make it a must-have across all email platforms.

Nicolas Krafft’s Innovation at Work: L’Oreal on the Seine

This past September, L’Oreal had its second annual fashion and beauty show over the Seine River in Paris. The event was open to the public and also attended by some of the most prominent and respectable names in fashion, beauty, and the silver screen. Vice President of Global Business Development Nicolas Krafft has truly outdone himself as this event, complete with a floating catwalk over the river, was truly an eye catcher and was a great opportunity for the company to showcase the season’s best and newest looks.

Iconic women undoubtedly stole the show at this event, as a star-studded lineup was present in Paris. Nicolas Krafft Loreal and his staff were able to bring out big names such as Eva Longoria and Elle Fanning, who made their way across the floating catwalk over the Seine. Additionally Louise Bourgoine and Marie Bochet, a Paralympic ski champion making her runway debut, were seen walking the catwalk. The event was also visited by a famous face from Game of Thrones. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, known for his role as Jaime Lannister, came out to the event to show support for the brand’s mission of creativity and diversity.

Taking place during the Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Week, this unique event was a perfect opportunity to showcase the season’s latest fashion trends. L’Oreal makeup and hair artists created an astonishing 70 new hair and makeup looks for the show, which featured models for the event’s 13 fashion brand partners. These models also showcased the latest collections and jewelry from Chopard.

It was also a wonderful chance for Nicolas Krafft and all of L’Oreal Paris to fulfill their determination to bring beauty and fashion to people all around the world. Huge screens were set up for the event, allowing locals and tourists alike to enjoy the show for free. Drones also filmed the event from the air, and it was broadcast to 30 countries around the world, allowing L’Oreal to create a global audience for this one-of-a-kind event.

The Dallas Community Benefits from the Corporate Acts of Philanthropy by Prominent Financial Institutions

In Dallas, NexBank is among the prominent financial institutions. The bank has been dealing with one of the most prominent investors in Dallas. NexBank has also completed private placements worth $54 million. As a successful financial institution, NexBank will use some part of its profits to engage in corporate philanthropy. According to, since 2016, NexBank has also amassed more than $283 million in the form of equity and debts. The notes are speculated to mature by 2027 September. These notes will also be non-redeemable. They also have a fixed interest rate of 6.375% that will last for five years. Additionally, these have not undergone any registration under the Securities Act.

NexBank majors in sectors namely commercial banking, institutional services, and mortgage banking. Since 1922 when it was founded, the company has been offering banking and financial services to financial institutions, institutional clients, and corporations throughout the nation. By September 2018, NexBank Capital had directed more than $8.1 billion in assets.

NexBank also thrives on the exemplary leadership of the the company’s executive team. One of the executives at is James Dondero. With him on board, the company is benefitting greatly from the expertise that he has on the financial sector. As the president of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero’s knowledge of the finance sector has influenced the growth of NexBank. Besides being knowledgeable about finances, James Dondero also is also a good and experienced leader.

Since NexBank has been operational for many decades, the company is also dedicated to making Dallas a better place. By engaging in corporate philanthropy, NexBank has contributed greatly towards the growth of the Dallas community, reveals The acts of benevolence by the firm are such as participating in community services, loan programs, economic development, and financial education. Other motives are such as ensuring that there is sustainability in the Dallas community. Additionally, NexBank is striving to ensure that the community develops stronger entrepreneurial networks thus benefitting the residents residing within the state. NexBank also believes in active management since it’s one of the best ways to navigate the industry. The management begins with the optimization of low-cost exchange-traded funds.

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Dr Jennifer Walden : Empowering Women Through Cosmetic Surgeries

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a board certified plastic surgeon with fifteen years of experience in the field. She graduated as Salutatorian from The University of Texas at Galveston in 1998. She also completed her residency as an intern with The University of Texas Surgical Department. She maintains a private practice in Austin, Texas, and also owns a Skintology clinic in New York.

Her focus is on the cosmetic side of surgery including breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, face lifts and liposuction. She is one of about 200 women who specialize in the field of cosmetic surgery. Only 850 or so women consider the field of Plastic Surgery. Men still rule the majority of Plastic Surgeons. 7,900 or so men are certified Plastic Surgeons in the US presently.

Dr. Jennifer Walden helps her patients feel better about themselves. Especially women, who make up the majority of clients seeking cosmetic surgery. It is not about supporting vanity for her, but about helping women feel more comfortable in their skin. Walden attended undergrad classes in women studies and psychology and fancies herself a bit of a feminist. For her it is about empowering women and assisting them to acquire a even better quality of life.