CEO and Chairman of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin

Born in the early 1930, s Sheldon Lavin is one of the heads in the largest food production company, OSI Group company. He holds the position of the company’s CEO and Chairman. Besides he has been an experienced businessman with ventures in banking and investments. In his studies, he majored in Accounting and Finance in University of Illinois. Later he attended the Northwestern University pursuing the same course. Mr. Lavin furthered his studies in the Roosevelt University in Chicago where he attained a bachelor degree in Business. After completing his studies, he worked in several company’s dealing with finance and later started his own firm Sheldon Lavin and Associates, Inc.

Sheldon’s firm dealt with finance consulting having had so many reputable clients in the time. He worked in his own company for over 15 years and later become one of the associates in Otto& Sons in the late 1970s. Following his massive success, he brought in the company, today he is the CEO and Chairman of the renown companies; OSI Group, OSI International Foods, OSI Industries, OSI International to mention a few. The company has had investments in many countries such as Philippines, Brazil, India, Hungary among others making it one of the leading companies in the production of value added proteins. Working in OSI Group, Mr. Sheldon Lavin has led it to increasing its sales to billions of dollars annually. The company deals with the production of diversified food products such as fish, dough products, poultry, pork and vegetable products.

Through technological innovations used by the company, they have established many customers within the U.S. Additionally, they have maintained strong client’s relations with food industries such as McDonald’s Papa John’s Burger King among others. Today the OSI food products are distributed in over 15 countries internationally with over 60 shops.Within Asia and Europe, Sheldon Lavin has facilitated OSI Group’s innovation and growth. According to Sheldon, the future growth of the company will be determined on the input added to the diversification of its products and expansion in different countries. Additionally, the company’s head is a strong supporter of charity where he has backed several charity organizations such as the Sheba Foundation.

OSI Group—A Roadmap to Success

The Gazette article titled A Century of Innovation at OSI Group and posted April 30, 2018 provides a roadmap of how a local butcher shop started by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky in Chicago in 1909 grew to a multinational food provider with sales of $6.1 billion in 2017. The pathway to success began with development of a stable and successful local meat products business named Otto & Sons. The next step involved the fateful, strategic teaming with Ray Kroc just prior to the McDonald’s franchise startup in 1955. A technology breakthrough in the late 1960’s, the introduction of cryogenic food processing to quick freeze food, provided for product expansion and cost reduction, allowing Otto & Sons to expand facilities to meet the supply demands of the continued growth of McDonald’s and serve other markets.

Over time the company added several food products and non-meat products to what they offer including salsa, beans, tofu products and vegetable products for restaurants and retail. The company progressively went global by mergers, acquisitions and construction of production facilities in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, the Philippines, Mexico, Japan and China, among others. Part of this major global expansion was due to following McDonald’s move into the international market but also the OSI Group’s savvy business practices including opening their own Culinary Research Centers, one at their corporate headquarters in Aurora, Illinois and another in Shanghai, China.

These research and development facilities allow the OSI Group to partner with clients in the development of new and better products and to facilitate integration of the latest technology in food safety and quality in its operations. Sheldon Lavin, who became chairman and CEO in the early 1980s, brought the necessary experience as an investor and banking sector executive to work the sophisticated capitalization and negotiating needed to support this global growth. Forbes ranked the OSI Group #58 on its list of largest private companies in 2016. Much more about the OSI Group’s century of growth is detailed in the full article available at .Your text to link…

Watford FC Having One of its Best Seasons

AThis year, Watford FC has enjoyed a lot of success. With ten victories on the season, Watford is having one of its best seasons ever. By experiencing this success, the team will now be in position to reach a championship game for the first time in years. Its string of wins now has them in position to compete in the FA Cup. The performance of its best players has played a major role in the team’s success. Its top players Gerard Deulofeu and Troy Denney have been among the team’s most consistent performers during the season. The two players have had a number of performances including a hat trick by Deulofeu against Cardiff.

With the team winning games on a consistent basis, a number of members in the organization have been very pleased. They are all very satisfied with the consistent winning and believe that they have a legitimate chance to win a championship this season. With the morale very high due to their success, Watford FC will continue to make progress towards its ultimate goal of becoming a championship team this year.

Watford FC’s success has made co owner Gino Pozzo quite happy as well. Since taking over the team, he has seen them steadily improve. His leadership has created a positive environment for all of the managers, coaches and players. Pozzo comes from a long line of football club owners. His father was active in owning football clubs since 1986. He bought a couple of teams including the Spanish team known as Granada. Gino became an active owner of this team and helped them become one of the most successful teams. Since English football has a lot of potential, Gino is committed to remaining actively involved in the team’s operations. He looks forward to the team’s continued success.

Isabel dos Santos – Innovator and Advocate for Economic Development Opportunities for All Africans

Isabel dos Santos is Africa’s most successful businesswoman. In 2015, the BBC listed her as as one of the top 100 influential women worldwide.

Isabel dos Santos is the oldest daughter of Angola’s former president. She attended an all girls boarding school in England, going on to study electrical engineering at London’s King College. Over the last 20 years, she has amassed an incredible portfolio of business ventures and investments. Her experience includes management positions with several companies, before setting up a trucking business. She developed communication technology to improve the business. She then went on to start her own company, a night club/beach restaurant on the Luanda Island. Continuing to explore opportunities at home and in other countries, Isabel dos Santos expanded her investments into the areas of telecommunications, finance, media, energy, and retail.

Though well-known for her extensive business leadership in the development of infrastructures and the implementation of cutting edge technology, Isabel dos Santos is perhaps becoming more recognized for her extensive efforts in helping to develop opportunities for economic development in the areas of Africa that had been struggling to overcome poverty. She devotes her time and provides financial support to multiple projects to promote entrepreneurship and the building of a digital infrastructure in Africa. Her vision of African citizens participating in the worldwide international economy through the use of technology is what keeps her on the path of motivation.

Isabel dos Santos has helped to create over 50,000 employment positions. She is known for her speaking engagements, promoting economic development for areas struggling with poverty, pushing for equality and opportunities for women and encouraging young people. Isabel dos Santos spoke at the European Parliament in Brussels as an advocate for developing Africa’s digital infrastructure in order to open the doorway for Africa’s citizens to join in global economic opportunities.

She has been named by Forbes as the richest woman in Africa, having acquired a net worth of over $2 billion. Her biggest claim to fame, however, may be the difference she is making in the lives and futures of her fellow citizens.

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Agera Energy Has Been Able to Grow at an Exponential Rate

Through its nationwide network of energy supply and efficiency services, Agera Energy has become a household name for those who keep tabs on affordable energy solutions.

With its nominally priced and highly accessible solutions, the organization has been redefining the delivery mechanisms of renewable energy, electric and natural gas supply across the United States.

Launched in 2014, Agera Energy started its operations from a single acquisition of a retail energy supply company. That acquisition allowed the firm to tap into a segment full of opportunities and benefits, both for its customers and its own growth.

For consumers, it meant that Agera Energy could now access a definite resource of highly efficient energy services which could then be offered at affordable prices.

For the company, it meant that Agera Energy could turn one acquisition into a fully-fledged business model to ensure its own timely growth in an optimal manner.

Drawing from both sides of this highly beneficial dynamic, the company’s team soon decided to make swift yet healthy acquisitions of energy companies. This was to make sure that the organization could grow at an exponential rate while also providing quality services to its customers.

With that approach in mind, the firm continued on the path of making these acquisitions, which brought it to the point where it now provides its services throughout the country.

If you are looking for affordable yet reliable energy solutions, then don’t hesitate from reaching out to Agera Energy today. Energy is necessary, make sure to lock the right energy provider down.

The Inspirational Story of Doe Deere as a Designer

Doe Deere is the founder of the Poppy Angeloff Company. This is a jewelry company for all the Victorian girls in the modern world today. She is very committed to showing young girls and women how to lead a happy life through the many vibrant colors available. With the entrepreneurial experience she has, Doe takes this as an opportunity to design and make products that will bring out a woman’s inner and outer beauty. Doe got her idea of creating Poppy Angeloff after she saw some of her family’s heirlooms and immediately fell for them. Then and there, she started exploring ideas of what is needed for her to start a company selling classy jewelry to people. She spent a lot of months doing research on the history of jewelry and the different jewelry designs.

Before creating Poppy, Doe was the notable founder of the Lime Crime Cosmetics which she started in her own apartment in Brooklyn. She had her own fashion line where she sew clothes and sold them in the online market under her company name Lime Crime. Since she had no money to hire any models, Doe had to be her own model modelling the stuffs she produced. She used difficult colors to come by for all her makeup looks and before she knew it, Doe became popular because of this. This is when she realized that there are a lot of girls in the open who needed to experiment more with color. As she blossomed in this business of selling clothes and vibrant makeup colors, she had an opportunity to show other girls how to express themselves using color. Doe and her husband worked in their Lime Crime Company for 10 years and later sold it. They are now more focused on expanding their current one, Poppy, their main core value being the appreciation they bring to their clients.

Just like any other entrepreneur, Doe Deere has also experienced her ups and downs in this career. She was so inspired try and do more than just succeeding after they went to the U.S. with her sister and mother. They had a rough time since they were homeless and had to look for odd jobs for survival. She later decided to take the risk of trying her dream, and she passionately dived into her career. To her, vibrant colors communicate different emotions.

How Yanni Hufnagel Finished Coaching At The Top Of His Game

Yanni Hufnagel worked with a variety of different basketballs over the decade or so that he was active as an Assistant Coach; over that time, he’s also helped coach a variety of players who went on to achieve some recognition. However, Mr. Hufnagel wasn’t always planning on developing a career as an Assistant Coach for several basketball teams. Raised in Scarsdale, New York, Yanni Hufnagel originally played lacrosse for his high school and was the team captain.

He did play basketball, although he was cut from the team in his junior year. Instead of not being involved in his high school’s basketball efforts, however, he became the color commentator for the majority of his team’s games. Because of this, he was heard on cable TV on a regular basis calling each of these games. His love for lacrosse carried over into college when he played as a defenseman on the lacrosse team for Pennsylvania State University. After a year, though, he transferred to Cornell University and got a degree in Industrial and Labor Relations in 2006. After this, however, Yanni Hufnagel began a summer internship with the New Jersey Nets and then began attending the University of Oklahoma.

There, he served as the Graduate Assistant Coach for the college’s basketball team. During this time, he helped coach Blake Griffin who most notably played for the Detroit Pistons in the NBA. In 2010, Mr. Hufnagel received a master’s degree in Adult and Higher Education with an Emphasis in Intercollegiate Athletics Administration. After this, Yanni Hufnagel became the Assistant Coach for the Harvard Crimson’s men’s basketball team; he stayed here for four years, during which he was voted the most likely to make it in the big leagues. In 2013, however, he moved on to the Vanderbilt Commodores coaching staff, where he was also an assistant coach. For more details you can visit

After a year, Mr. Hufnagel moved on again and began as an assistant coach for the California Golden Bears. Here he’s credited with getting both Jaylen Brown and Ivan Rabb to join the team; the two quickly became star players with the Golden Bears and helped them to win the 2016 NCAA Tournament berth. Eventually, Yanni Hufnagel moved on to the University of Reno, Nevada and joined the coaching staff of the Wolf Pack men’s basketball team. After appearing at the 2017 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, Mr. Hufnagel quietly retired as an assistant coach.

The early life, career, and achievements of Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson was born in 1980. She is an Australian producer, actress, and writer. She is a graduate of the Australian Theatre for Young People, and she graduated happened in 2003. Rebel started acting as Toula alongside The Wedge and Pizza.

It was in the year 2008 that she executed the writing, the production and a star with Bogan pride which is a musical comedy. A year after, she turned out to be the winner of Tropfest for her task in Bargain. She also executed some guest appearance alongside the City Homicide. On getting to the US, she acted as Brynn in the Bridesmaids film.

Concerning her education and early life, she was born in Sydney, Australia. She is a daughter to a professional handler of dogs. Wilson was raised within the suburbs of Castle Hill, Kenthrust, and Parramatta. She then joined Tara Anglican School for Girls.

It was in the year 1997 that Wilson completed the Higher School Certificate that was inclusive of the second place alongside food technology. She highlighted that Lilian Bounds was her remarkable aunt who remained to his only husband Walt Disney until 1966 when she passed on. Dale Sheldon is a lawyer and keeps disputing this despite her stand to support it in court.

Her career choice initially dealt with mathematics. During her high school moments, she was focused on academics and performed well on anything related to numbers. She joined the New South Wales University from which she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Performance Studies in 2009 and a degree in Law.

She also worked with Rotary International as an Australian Youth Ambassador, she took a whole year in South Africa, and that was the time she suffered from malaria. Wilson has communicated about the hallucinations induced by malaria that convinced her about the pursuit of the acting career despite seeming an actress that turned out to be an Oscar winner.

Jenny Craig is a company that deals with nutrition and weight loss. Wilson served as its spokesperson in the year 2011. It was in the first month of 2012 that Rebel informed The Daily Telegraph of having lost over ten kilograms from the time she registered for the program. She asserted that Pitch Perfect producers denied her loss of weight in the course of the filming.

As per the contract, she had to remain with the size until the end of the filming. Upon the completion of her film commitments, she began her diet plan aimed at reaching eighty kilograms. It was in the year 2013 that she acknowledged to have ended the contract she had with Jenny Craig. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

Matt Lucas is her fellow star alongside Bridesmaids. They resided together in West Hollywood between 2012 and 2015. It is in the year 2015 that Wilson declared her support to the stricter gun laws of America. She never liked becoming political but stated that America had to go by the example of Australia in line with the re-gun laws.

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Dr.Dov Rand Gives Hope To The Aging In The Society

Dr. Dov Rand is a very compassionate specialist doctor, who has gone out of his way to help people age gracefully. The owner and director of Healthy Aging Medical Facilities, Rand has included several services in his centers that have put a smile on most of his patients. These services include IV Therapy, hormonal replacement therapy, heart disease cure, facial stretch therapy among many others.

Dr. Dov Rand´s success has been through persistence and never giving up. He ensures that he learns something new that will add positively to his line of work. As a result, his patients can get the best out of the health centers, making those even better people than before.

Dr.Dov says that even though most of his patients want to change, most of them drift back to the old lifestyle that they had after undergoing the various treatments in the health centers. To give them morale, Rand ensures that he remains healthy by involving himself in physical exercises and eating healthy foods afterward.

Dr. Rand gets his daily inspiration to grow his business from his clients. He does this by listening to them carefully giving them time to express themselves. He goes ahead and researches on their medical history which helps him provide the best service for each client without guessing what works best for them. Dr. Dov Rand takes all the negative and positive compliments as a building block to better his services. This has seen him remain on the right track when it comes to growing his business.

Dr. Rand brings his ideas to life by spending time with his clients. The rapport that he creates with them makes them open up on what they expect at the end of the treatment. This makes Rand be the best doctor that he can be as they work hand to hand, bringing the best results as a team.

Rand always advises people to choose what works best for them. It is not still that one is supposed to take every advice given to them. He goes on to state that a person is supposed to believe in themselves first before making any leap.

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Neurocore Offers Employees A Wonderful Experience Where They Can Make A Real Difference

Applied neuroscience is a field of science that is rapidly growing, and its benefits are becoming more and more clear. About Neurocore center are quickly taking advantage of neurofeedback technology and are offering many people jobs in the neurotherapy sector. As more brain performance centers open up, there will be even more employment opportunities for those interested in the field.

Neurocore was founded in 2004 by Timothy Royer, and it has now grown into something much larger than it was in the beginning. The company now has eight brain performance centers, and these draw on the latest advanced technology in neuroscience to help people better their lives. Many people who live with depression, sleep issues, anxiety and stress, and ADHD have found help through Neurocore.

Everyone who comes to a Neurocore brain performance center is there to improve their life. This makes the experience a very healing one, and people who decide to work for the company see it as a positive experience, too. Renowned Clinical Specialists are in charge of running teams at the different centers, and these teams are full of client advocates who work with clients to help them engage with the company’s technology. Many advocates have reported having a very positive treatment experience and are happy to be able to work in an environment that is so relaxing and uplifting.

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