A Lady Who Has Properly Managed to Balance between Technology and Business, Jana Lightspeed

The journey of Jana Messerschmidt started with her graduating from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. She soon started working with upcoming businesses where she was officer for advising their top management. This is a role that aided these organizations to grow at exponentially high rates. She then joined some of the top names in the business industry and like the Netflix and Twitter, with also others in the list. Earlier in her career, she has had to work at DivX and AT&T. She left Twitter in Summer 2016.

Madam Jana is a co-founder of #Angels, which is one of her first entrepreneurial tasks she took out for herself. She confounded it in 2015. She is renowned in women empowerment whereby she helps them build career paths worthy of their own. She herself has been at positions like the Vice President at Global Business Development. She also worked at Twitter, with a role at strategic partnerships,developing relations, enterprise sales and partner engineering. She was also Director of Business Development at Netflix.

Jana then recently took a role at Lightspeed Management Company in 2018 as a partner in the limited liability company. Here she hopes that she will share her vast experience to help the company go to and occupy another higher level in its development. The company has been in place since 1999 and has been backing more than 300 companies in consumer and enterprise sectors in their development. No wonder most of them have moved on to choose Lightspeed in subsequent ventures.

Jana Lightspeed is indeed a woman out of the box of ‘average’ people. Beyond investing, Jana is very much passionate about events hosting and conversations hosting, to build community, networks diversification and promote women in top leading fields that shape the industry. She insists that if the society is really in need to grow, it must include women and other underrepresented minorities at the core of its development capital. Jana Lightspeed is evidence that women can take an active role in development.

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