About The Richest Woman in Africa, Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos is an entrepreneur, businesswoman and the richest woman in Africa with a net worth estimate of $2.2 billion as of April 2019. She was born by a Russian mother and the former president of Angola, Jose Eduardo dos Santos. Isabel dos Santos attended an all-girls boarding school in Kent and later joined King’s College in London pursuing an electrical engineering course. She is married to Sindika Dokolo, a Congolese art collector, and together they have three children (Youtube).

Entrepreneurial Career

Isabel began her career at Urbana 2000 serving as a project manager, and within a few years, she established trucking business. She then ventured into the telecommunication industry while utilizing the walkie-talkie technology. In 1997, the businesswoman founded the Miami Beach Club in the Luanda Islands. Over the next two decades, Isabel dos Santos created different holdings in Angola while serving in various leadership positions in recognized companies. Besides, she also involved with holdings outside Angola including Trans Africa Investment Services in Gibraltar, Esperaza Holdings B.V. and Unitel International Holdings both in Amsterdam, Germany, and invested in different sectors in Portugal. 

Contribution in Telecommunication

The businesswoman has played a significant role in the telecommunication industry, especially after the creation of Unitel through a joint partnership with Portugal Telecom. Through the Unitel International Holdings, Portugal Telecom founded a similar company in Cape Verde. Later Isabel dos Santos acquired a license and established Unitel at San Tome and Principe while expanding it to further helping in the education sector. As of 2015, she bought majority shares at ZAP, a satellite T.V. with rights to distribute Forbes to Portugal, Mozambique, and Angola.

Philanthropy Work

Dos Santos is a devoted businesswoman dedicated to supporting the community in Angola and Africa in general. In Angola, Isabel donates to educate the unfortunate children as well as in raising money for building schools. Besides, the businesswoman has been on the forefront to empower women both in Angola and Africa in achieving their dream in a male-dominated community while creating jobs for them. In Africa, she is among the individuals pioneering the digitalization of the continent as well as mentoring young entrepreneurs to succeed in the future. 

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