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The Weather Factory’s Cultist Simulator Card Game a Double-BAFTA Nominee Based on Co-founder Alexis Kennedy’s Narrative Design


The Cultist Simulator, a Lovecraftian and apocalyptic electronic card game, nominated twice at BAFTA, is the most-recent offering by the Weather Factory game developer.

The Weather Factory was founded in 2017 and is run in London by Alexis Kennedy and Lottie Bevan with the purpose of creating games with engaging narrative.

Alexis Kennedy’s work on such projects as Sunless Sea and Fallen London — developed at Alexis’ earlier company Failbetter Games — StoryNexus, Night Circus, Dragon Age: the Last Court and Machine Cares!, has been received with acclaim.

The concept for Cultist Simulator is to uncover mysteries and unholy secrets and seek knowledge, power, beauty or revenge in a 1920s-styled world of undiscovered histories and unknown deities.

The game is based on Alexis’ narrative styling and design mechanics with multiple possible endings where the player can chase dreams, devise means and conjure spirits, build a life or end in destruction or become a harbinger of a new world. It currently contains 110,000 words and is available in English, Russian and Chinese.

Cultist Simulator began as a KIckstarter, where it picked up nearly three times its funding goal, and has received a whole collection of awards, including BAFTA nominations for Game Innovation and Debut Game, and a number of Develop:Star awards including Best Game Design and Best Innovation.

Published by Humble for PC and Playdigious for mobile, Cultist Simulator is available for Windows, Mac, IOS, Android and Linux from the Steam, Humble,, GOG, App Store and Google Play stores.

Alexis Kennedy is an international speaker on narrative and interactive writing for game design. He can be found at @alexiskennedy on Twitter and at

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