Marc Beer Has Shown A Consistent Ability Over His Professional Life To Make Big Things Happen:

In 1987, Marc Beer completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Business at Miami University. From there, he launched into a career that has spanned three decades and has been filled with consistent success in various medical industry-oriented businesses such as biotechnology and the pharmaceutical sector. The first big work experience that Marc Beer found upon graduating from college was with pharmaceutical company Genzyme. It was in this job posting that he was able to show the value of the education that he had obtained as well as his natural skills as a businessman. Marc Beer took full advantage of this opportunity and quickly rose through the ranks until he was promoted to Genzyme’s Global Marketing Vice President.

Once he ascended to his VP position with Genzyme, Marc Beer made great use of the opportunity. His tenure in this role saw the company attain a higher profile in its industry than it had ever enjoyed before. The promotional work that Marc did with the Genzyme product line was instrumental in ensuring that countless medical patients were able to access medical treatment that they were in great need of. After becoming so successful in this endeavor, Marc Beer decided that he wanted to continue to help people and this led him to found a company known as ViaCell in 2000. 

ViaCell was Marc Beer’s opportunity to really make his own mark in the world of business. The company did some innovative work in the area of stem cell collection that was harvested from umbilical cord blood. Marc Beer and his ViaCell team looked into many treatment uses that these stem cells could be applied to. The growth of the company was rapid and impressive and five years after launching ViaCell, Marc Beer was able to land the company on the publically traded list. In 2007, he sold the firm for $300 million to the Perkin Elmer company.

After he completed his ViaCell sale, Marc Beer suffered a tragedy in his family and decided to step away from professional life for a while and regroup. He enjoyed this time with his children and found it to be a rejuvenating experience but he also had the desire to return to the world of business. It was at the urging of his daughter that he would reemerge on the scene with a new company and a new mission to help medical patients. This new venture that Marc Beer is involved with now is called Renovia. The company is working toward finding solutions for pelvic floor disorders. This is a condition that affects countless women and the stigma behind it has been one that has caused a great deal of damage. Marc and his team are working to break that stigma and find better treatments for this condition that so many women suffer from.  Learn more:

Things have been going great for Marc Beer and his team that he has assembled at Renovia. The firm gained the approval of its debut product form the FDA and he was also able to raise a substantial amount of funding through a Series B round. It is clear that Marc Beer is once again out there and making a difference.

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Gump’s Will Be Open For Christmas

Gump’s is a luxury home decor and furnishings retailer, which is set to reopen in San Francisco and New York this fall. Originally founded in 1861, the famous name has sold one-of-a-kind pieces of jade jewelry and other precious gemstones along with cultured freshwater pearls to luxurious items from designers such as Hermes and Buccellati.

Through the years millions of customers have gone through the doors at Gumps. Some of these included President Franklin D. Roosevelt. He purchased ship models and smoking jackets. Sarah Bernhardt was another shopper. She purchased a bronze snake for her role in Cleopatra.

Under new ownership, John and Diane Chachas, along with their three children became the new owners holding the majority interest with the company. They are proud to once again launch the Gump’s brand. John Chachas is said to have had a fascination with Gump’s. Get More Information Here.

Now a successful investment banker he was stunned by the 8-foot tall Buddha statue Gump’s had on display during the Christmas seasons in the past. Through a number of different financial transactions, Chachas ended up owning the Buddha. He eventually sold it at an auction in Hong Kong. It was listed as an “important and monumental” piece of religious statuary as well as the largest of its kind. The auction brought him $4 million.

The family ownership carries on the tradition set by brothers Solomon and Gustave Gump, the original founders. The Chachas family is proud to be re-opening the family business which offers sophisticated shoppers unique items that cannot be found in most stores. See This Page for additional information.

Gump’s will have a physical location as well as an e-commerce business. They have stated plans to open digital store in time for the 2019 Christmas season. The new Gumps website, which retains the company’s former logo, also promises a re-opening in the fall of 2019. The web site also offers email signup and links to Instagram and Twitter pages.

The fall opening date, not yet announced, will be at 250 Post Street. The original Gump’s occupied this same space from 1909 to 1994. To learn the official date of the new Gumps store opening, visit their Instagram page on

The Career Of Boris Ivanov

Boris Ivanov is a very successful businessman, entrepreneur, and Russian investors. He is currently the president of Gazprom Bank which is an oil company. He also is the founder of a few different companies and he focuses most of his investing and time in the areas of oil exploration and production. The oil company has found many lucrative investment opportunities in the sector of oil exploration and production in the Middle East, South America, and in Africa. Before Boris Ivanov became the president of Gazprom he worked in the Russian government at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR he was a Russian diplomat. Boris Ivanov was also the vice president at a bank called Univest for seven years. 


Gazprom Bank and Boris Ivanov are currently making plans to start investing in the country of Venezuela so they can start drilling for minerals and raw materials that maybe underground in the country. The oil company is currently going to take out a 4 billion dollar loan to fund this venture. This venture was backed by the Venezuela and Russian governments and they have officially signed the proper agreements to move forward with the process. The oil company has always invested in the natural resource and mineral sector every since it founding back in 1989. The company’s majority owner is the Russian government. The part of the oil company that is not on the Russian market is listed on public stock markets in countries such as Moscow, London and Frankfurt. Other sectors that the oil company is involved in outside of minerals and raw materials are extraction, transport, production, and the sale of natural gas. 

The company has been so successful that it is currently relocating to Saint Petersburg where it has currently built the tallest building in Europe as its new headquarters. The oil company is the biggest producer of oil globally and owns Shotkman field which is the biggest oil natural gas field in the world. 

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Seymour Segnit- Interview With CEO Of MAGFAST

Seymour Segnit spent a good portion of his career looking for solutions to some of the problems people have every day. He is the enthusiastic founder and CEO of the company MAGFAST. The company is a startup working to create new wireless chargers with sleek and powerful designs.

Born and raised in London, Seymour Segnit admitted that formal education has never been a top priority for him even though he went to Oxford University to study engineering. After getting his degree, Segnit moved to the United States and co-founded a Silicon Valley startup worth $25 million.

In the next 10 years, he worked to develop internet marketing and website ventures aimed at helping people get relief from their phobias and fears. Get More Information Here.

How Did Your MAGFAST Idea Come About?

Before founding MAGFAST, Seymour Segnit founded a USB charging business that grew to success very quickly. The success of the business lead Seymour Segnit to put his entrepreneurial spirit and laser focus to work on finding a missing and vital piece in the consumer market. His focus went from USB chargers to wireless chargers.

To put it simply, Seymour Segnit said his idea to start his company came from a classic inventor idea process. He found a product he was dissatisfied with using and got to work thinking of ways to improve the design.

How Are Your Ideas Brought To Life?

When Seymour Segnit has an idea, he will place all of his focus and passion on that project until it comes to life. Once the idea has been solidified by himself and colleagues, the rest of the pieces end up falling into place. To create a great product, you need to have the utmost belief in its success from the beginning. It also needs to be understood there will be many ups and downs throughout the product creation process. See This Page for additional information.

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Teach to One Helps Schools And Teachers Share Customized Lessons

Each student in a school is unique from the next one and each student should be allowed to learn in a way that fits with their learning style and specific needs. The Teach to One program helps each student receive a schedule that is unique to them. This schedule is designed specifically for a certain student to help them learn math. The teachers who help with this program are given their schedules based off of the schedules of each of their students.

Teach to One is a digital program that helps to create customized math lessons. This program helps students join with others as they are learning and see how math is used in real life. This program is focused on helping students develop skills that they will need in the future. The students who learn through this program are able to study each math lesson that they face in a deep way that will help them remember it in the future. To know more about teach to one visit

The teachers who participate in the Teach to One program are given access to resources so that they will not get stuck as their students are learning. These teachers can reach out for technical help when they need it. They can also reach out to get more information about what their students are learning. These teachers have access to a portal that they can use at all hours of the day to track the progress of their students and to see what they are going to be working on each day. The schools that use the Teach to One program to teach mathematics have access to support so that they can fully focus on the education of their students.

Seymour Segnit Knows Crowdfunding and Marketing

Seymour Segnit does know something. Seymour Segnit’s efforts at crowdfunding proved incredibly successful. The money raised through his campaign for both MAGFAST and his previous company was beyond impressive. When someone of his stature suggests marketing is the primary thing to focus on, all new entrepreneurs should pay attention.

Seymour Segnit had something going for him that few others did. He came up with a brilliant product providing solutions for people dealing with hardwired charger cables. The MAGFAST Family of six chargers presents a better way of doing things. Innovative products such as these often resonate.

MAGFAST products provide functional value to customers. Seymour Segnit did not unload something “gimmicky” to the market. Moving something possessing no legitimate value won’t see tremendous sales numbers regardless of the marketing budget. So, the idea has to be a good one on the drawing board. Segnit took his approach to the crowdfunding world and hit a home run.

Crowdfunding is not something new anymore. Untold numbers of people try to raise money for their projects through crowdfunding campaigns. Dreams of money rolling in without effort quickly face the hard truth of reality. No one gives up their money easily. However, Seymour Segnit raised $250,000 within 15 minutes of first launching his mag fest campaign.

The numbers get even better when you look at what the first 24 hours delivered. The company raised $600,000 by close of business on day one.

Amazingly, Seymour Segnit makes it look like crowdfunding comes effortlessly. While there are infomercial style gurus who would like you to think there’s an easy path, they don’t always paint a real picture. There’s no easy way to launch a startup or raise money with crowdfunding. Refer to This Article for more information.

Never forget that even a great idea has limitations in the market when advertising is weak. Efforts must go into an active promotional campaign. Crowdfunding and subsequent sales figures won’t be impressive without the right marketing push. Get Additional Information Here.

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GPB Global Resources Explores Oil In Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the most vibrant nations in Africa. This is an area with a long history and a highly educated population. Those who can find opportunities in this area are likely to find a workforce happy to reach for profits with them. One company that understands this process is GPB Global Resources. GPB Global Resources is a unit of a much larger state owned enterprise. As such, GPB Global Resources has behind it the know how of Russia, a nation with an equally long history and an equally educated population ready and able to meet the challenges of the coming decade. Right now, those who watch this industry are not surprised to learn this is one team that is about to invest millions in this part of the world. GPB Global Resources is bringing in about sixty million dollars to Ethiopia in order to search for petroleum resources. The company has a specific focus on the northeastern part of the country. They expect to find a great many potential places to drill in this area. See the company’s profile on Linkedin.

Approval From the Government

Officials at this company have found approval from the Ethiopian government. The approval is in part for an agreement that allows them to explore the area for a period of seven years. In addition, they have also signed an agreement that allows them to spend twenty-five years in producing any oil they might find in this part of the world. They plan to put in a series of test wells that are designed to see if there’s oil in an area that’s about forty-two thousand square kilometers. The area they intend to explore is known as the Afar region. This is a historical region that forms part of a region known as the East Africa Rift Valley. The East Africa Rift Valley has been inhabited by humans for many thousands of years. This is part of an overall plan with the Ethiopian government that seeks to help vastly increase revenues for the country. Doing so will help all involved create value for the company and Ethiopian citizens.


Maarten de Jeu Evolves the Inner-Business Structure

Today’s business industry is more ruthless, yet more open to potential than ever before. Most have a hierarchy of employee tiers with how duties are handed out for workers to complete. There are the everyday people who act as the face of the company, while the managers above them run the show and report to the CEO even higher up. However, there is a new role steaming out from the CEO known as a corporate developer. These are individuals who run the calculations and determine where the company can improve its standing or cut off potential loses. The website Ask Reporter recently sat down with Maarten de Jeu as he expanded on his role in growing the industry.

Maarten de Jeu can be seen as the individual who popularized the role of corporate development. He entered the scene with a strong sense of what makes a good success internationally. He brought a wealth of skills, in addition to an educated background from the University of Oxford. The first jobs he obtained were simple advising tasks on behalf of various clients. It was not until the founding of SVM Business Advisory that he took the future of business upon himself. Having his operations based out of Chicago, Illinois was the perfect location for being in contact with fortune 500 companies. His natural instincts and knowledge have turned into a business industry staple.

The role of corporate developer takes a three-pronged approach to aiding a business. This individual is first in charge of partner discussions and determining where a joint venture might have potential. Secondly, they are the most important person in ensuring a merger or acquisition deal comes to fruition. A corporate developer is essentially the spokesperson for the CEO above them. Lastly, they handle the allocation and potential regarding company assets. As a business grows and grows they may find certain properties become a burden for growth. It is the responsibility of the corporate developer to find and remove these pieces. Learn more:

In order to determine if an individual can become a corporate developer, they should first do an interpersonal reflection to see where their skills stand. Innovation is possibly the most important trait for surviving the current globalized economy. Consumers are always searching for something new, and they will gravitate towards a company that is fulfilling those desires. Similarly, learning effective communication skills can be a valuable asset for developing partnerships and making your client’s presence more clearer. The last aspect is finding someone who is current on economic trends and consumer desire. A business has to evolve or the competition will leave them behind.

The role of a corporate developer is not as clear cut as it might seem, but the flexibility of the position allows for companies to create their unique identity. Maarten de Jeu has seen the ups and downs of the economy while using his experience to better guide businesses to a profitable tomorrow. The power of business is creating a new future is limitless.

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Mark Holyoake on Exercising Respect for Your Employees

People like Mark Holyoake are rare to come by. There is a certain gift in leading a business that some individuals appear to simply be born with, and he is a perfect example of one of these people.

For as long as he can remember, he has been a natural leader, always finding new ways to increase productivity among groups and expand efforts to encompass a wide array of responsibilities. He believes that the allocation of resources is a serious art, and many are simply not capable of appreciating this art in such a way that they can truly impact the world of business at large.

Mark Holyoake, on the other hand, tries to always expand upon present state of knowledge, and this drive is most of the reason he has been able to make it so far in such a short period of time.

In his opinion, you simply cannot have a successful businessperson without a certain level of innate passion for your craft. Whatever space you happen to inhabit in the world of business, you have to be truly dedicated to developing and supporting it with your own strength as a human being.

He has gone through many trying times in his life, and he knows that for every circumstance he overpowers, he comes out just a little bit stronger and more knowledgeable on how to properly expand his business ventures. Mark Holyoake knows, however, that there is more to being a business leader than simply chasing after expansion, and this can be seen in the way he treats his employees.

He sees everyone who works under Icelandic Seafood International as his responsibility, as he is fully-aware of how dependent upon him they are for making a daily living. Out of respect and care for his employees, he knows he must constantly push himself to the next level.

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The Talkspace Experience

Talkspace is an online therapy solution where you can text or chat with a therapist 5 days a week. It was co-founded by Oren Frank and his wife Roni in 2012. He realized the health care system was fractured and used his marketing experience to build up the company. They have built up a team of doctors for every aspect of mental health. Some of these include addictions, anxiety, career, eating, grief, parenting, relationships, sleeping and more. The company was reported to have over 300,000 patients right now. The chat room used for computers is basic, but the feature patients like is the mobile aspect.

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When signing up to Talkspace, they make it as easy as possible. You are already stressed about finding someone to talk to and the technology only adds to that. What they do is have you put an email, password and nickname in. Then, you are taken to a chat to talk to a therapist about your issues or online therapy. Once they have some info about you and you set up your payment, you will be paired with your counselor. The prices are $49 a week, $59 a week and $79 a week. You are billed monthly.

Talkspace is a perfect solution for someone with a hectic life. It truly is a lifesaver for patients on the go. Being able to talk to a personalized counselor 5 days a week has helped many people. It may seem like it is not as good as in-person but it is. Whether text responses or voice messages twice a day, personalized attention helps put people in the right mind. That you can get personal growth but on your schedule is a big plus. As a patient, the easiest way to describe the whole experience is, Talkspace is as good as the counselor you get. Learn More: