Madison Street Capital to be Recognized On 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards.

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking that has its principal activities being providing its clients with corporate financial advisory services, valuation services, mergers and acquisitions, opinions on financial solutions in Asia, Africa, and North America. Professionals at Madison Street Capital have specialized expertise in facilitating partnerships with middle-market firms in niche markets to achieve an optimal outcome.


Madison Street Capital have gained a lot based on the companies it has managed to promote mergers or acquisitions in various industries. For instance, a total of 42 hedge fund deals were closed or were in the process of being closed in 2015. The number was exceeding what the company achieved the previous year only handling about 32 transactions. The data is available in the 4th edition of Madison Capital’s hedge fund industry M&A overview. Madison Street Capital’s 2015 transaction volume were 27 percent higher when measured by AUM than the figure recorded in 2014.Other factors also influenced the increase in the transactions in the fourth quarter of 2015.


The company is now promising that 2016 could be a record year regarding M&A transactions. Part of the reason the company is so confident is that hedge fund industry assets are at an all-time high despite the slow-down in the performance of most of the hedge fund strategies in 2015. The institutional investors are looking for alternative management sector to ensure they achieve higher returns and match rising liabilities. Smaller companies have a hard time finding capital and the only option left to go for M&As.


2015 was a year where the deal environment was stable, and the company is already marking incredible performance in the start of 2016. In light of this, M&A Advisor has recognized Madison Street Capital as one of the companies to be awarded at the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards.


The company appeared as the finalist of Industrials Deal of the Year of companies under $100 million for facilitating the acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. by Dowco. Also, Madison Street was the running finalist on Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year. The deal was viewed by many as complicated deal with many moving parts but still the dealmakers at Madison Street worked tirelessly to ensure milestones were met. According to the Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital, it felt good to be recognized for the achievement.


The winners of the M&A Advisor Awards will be announced on November 9, 2016. Madison Street Capital is a capital that desires to succeed in the global marketplace. When Madison undertakes every new project, the goal and objectives of the client become part of their mission.


ClassDojo: A New Way Forward to School the Kids and Parents



Education has been struggling ever since Dewey and those of similar ideology infiltrated the United States educational system. The substitution of the curriculum filled with a collective education for the previous individual exceptionalism, guided by Divine Providence has done nothing to improve the state of the young and their need for learning and advancement.

Many thought that making the entire nation fit into the same shoe size would work as was propounded by Dewey and others of the Fabian Socialist mind set. Getting the kids all together, with no emphasis on individual pace or capacity, in a ‘Common Core,’ setting is the latest attempt to fix things in the minds of the youthfully educated. Perhaps ClassDojo will come to the rescue as teachers now have eliminated the ‘homework’ assignment and sent the kids home with an invitation to their parents to join in the effort to solve this ever increasingly devastating problem of poorly educated youth in comparison to, for example, ‘The Greatest Generation,’ who not only created the biggest economic boom after winning World War II but also are credited with having all the babies of the baby boom generation.

Class Dojo allows children and parents to interact throughout out the day on their smart devices so that parents can “learn too.” What will they be learning when classes are given that do not involve homework? How will a student perfect the lessons learned each day in Algebra or Physics without doing problem sets after school? Will they simply leave out those more challenging, homework driven courses as they have done in history by leaving out important topics such as the American Revolution? Will they leave out the historical facts that surrounded saving millions of lives in Japan by dropping the Atoms bomb instead of engaging in more fire bombing that was devastating many cities and killing millions more people of all cultures including American?

The ability ‘to connect‘ is becoming the most important pastime these days in all aspects of life, including the class room, as has been the influence of social media, which can now be credited with starting and organizing the Arab Spring or where ISIS recruits its young new members right from the United States. Hopefully, parents becoming a minute by minute participant in the child’s education will replace some of these negative events from bearing fruit on social media where so many have been ‘connecting’ for dire consequences.

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Lawsuit Filed – Who Will Prevail

The Atlanta Hawks are an elite basketball team part of the NBA. Their ownership group is known as the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment, LLC, or AHBE. One of their previous owners was Bruce Levenson. He purchased and was involved with the team, and other ventures, for a number of years. During his time there, Levenson (see, hired a man named Danny Ferry to come on board as a general manager and president of basketball operations. In 2014, Leveson announced his decision to leave the ownership group and sold off his shares.
According to ESPN, about a year after Levenson sold off his shares, Danny Ferry also left the ownership group. His leaving sparked a court dispute with the company that holds their insurance policy, the New Hampshire Insurance Company, also known as AIG. AHBE is suing AIG for breach of contract and insurance bad faith.

AHBE believed they had insurance coverage for wrongful termination and other employment-related items. ABHE then tried to claim benefits due to Danny Ferry leaving and AIG has yet to follow through on their end. The lawsuit states that AIG will not even acknowledge that any claim was ever made and states nothing further is to be done on their end.

As of now, it is unclear who will end up winning this court dispute. For more info on Mr. Levenson, refer to his Wikipedia page.


Brian Bonar Now Making Startup Restaurants A Big Investment On His Part

Some notable restaurants have taken over the picturesque Escondido town, just north of the main hub of San Diego, and one of those restaurants is Bellamy’s, a grand cuisine featuring some exquisite dishes prepared by Master Chef Patrick Ponsaty.

The founder of this restaurant is Brian Bonar, a San Diego based businessman who has undertaken aproject to build fine restaurants in the Escondido and San Marcos area, including the signature Ranch at Bandy Canyon tourist area.

Brian Bonar formerly did scouting for HR experts in the companies he’s founded over the years, and now he’s become a talent seeker in the culinary arts world. He certainly did no wrong in hiring Ponsaty, who has won the prestigious Master Chef of France honor, and has been named to the “Chef’s Hall of Fame” in San Diego’s Home & Dalrada magazine.

Prior to taking over Bellamy’s and other restaurants of San Diego County, Bonar founded companies that focused on Human Resource management and new technologies for accounting and payroll management.

He got his education completed at the universities of Strathclyde and Staffordshire in the UK, and has even earned the honor of Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, a Welsh noble honor granted to him for his work.

Brian Bonar has served on and managed so many companies, some of which include Rastek Corp., QMS Management, Bezier Systems, and IBM U.K. Ltd. For over 20 years, Bonar has been with the Dalrada Financial Group in San Diego, and during that time he’s founded several professional employer organizations (PEOs).

Bonar’s PEO companies have helped small to mid-sized businesses save money on operations by outsourcing tasks to them. Basically, businesses go hire a PEO to manage human resources, accounting, payroll services, taxes, employee benefits, hiring and recruiting.

Businesses still control the day-to-day tasks and can terminate the partnership at any time for any reason. But the PEO can take care of all the regulatory and compliance issues without the parent company having to hire extra accountants or auditors.

Bonar has also changed some tech manufacturing companies into full IT service businesses.

In addition, Imaging Technologies partnered up with PEO SourceOne Group to streamline business infrastructure into an all-in-one employer and IT group. In addition to his business activities, he’s also on the board of The Boys and Girls Club of San Diego.

Beauty Blogger Finds Magic in Bottle of WEN by Chaz No Lather Shampoo

Emily McClure is a beauty writer with er, bad hair. It’s fine, thin and lackluster and a product of genetics. She wants the kind of Hollywood hair she has seen on those famous TV infomercials from Wen hair by Chaz. So, she went searching for the A-list miracle and took home a bottle of the brand’s cleansing conditioners.
Emily used WEN by Chaz for seven days and posted her finding to

Regular store shampoos and conditioners contain sulfates and other nasty detergents that actually dull and weaken hair. WEN by Chaz is a totally different and enjoyable experience for hair of any type. The system was developed by star stylist Chaz Dean ( to give women and men an alternative for their hair care.

WEN by Chaz features effective and nourishing cleansing conditioners that have botanical ingredients. These natural formulas add body, strength and shine to hair in any condition. The line-up offers amazing formulas like Mandarin Italian Fig and Sweet Almond Mint. Available on both Sephora cosmetics and eBay online store.

Emily decided to wash with WEN by Chaz in the shower every morning. She made one major error by skimping on the formula amount.

She posted hair selfies so readers could see her results, and she looked stunning. Even her close friends remarked about her new, shiny, soft mane. Emily was enjoying the compliments and her magical experience.

Emily got a bit lax after a few days on WEN, and she admits that lazy and WEN by Chaz do not go well together. For the best results, Emily suggests washing every morning to boost volume and always following with a blow-dry and use of styling tools.

Making an effort creates beautiful WEN results.

The Lovaganza Announcement That Is Promising An Out-Of-This-World Entertainment Experience

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

Lovaganza is warming up for a special event planned to happen in 2020. The company has for a long time staged shows and performances meant to promote cultural diversity and acceptance among communities. This has been possible through the tours they have made across the world to different destinations in their bid to promote different cultures. Their recent announcement of the 2020 celebrations came as a great relief as many people were waiting for the event, whose official date has been made public.

Lovaganza’s celebrations will offer a platform where communities from across the world can showcase and celebrate their cultures. Also referred to a bohemian adventure, the Lovaganza 2020 celebrations will bring the world together since the events will happen simultaneously and will offer groundbreaking entertainment from immersive attractions, live events and motion pictures.

Scheduling and changes
Originally, the program was scheduled for 2015. The date was later pushed to 2020 after several meetings and reviews that helped to reveal the dynamics that would affect how the event would run. Some of the points presented were in favor of the extension because the time allotted would not be sufficient to allow them to prepare adequately. The technology on LinkedIn proposed was not also unique, so with the rescheduling to have it in 2020 the management of the project plans to include emerging technology and cutting-edge concepts that can raise the quality level.

Preceding events
Preceding the 2020 celebrations of Lovaganza is the Traveling Show, which will begin in 2017. The show will be a campaign to market the celebrations and will tour many places across the world to share details about the program to as many people as possible. During the show, a trilogy will be presented to show the main events that people should expect come 2020 during the celebrations. Preparations for shooting the trilogy and other motion pictures that will make the marketing possible are underway in various nations.

About Lovaganza
Lovaganza is a huge corporation that is made up of two bodies, the Lovaganza Foundation tasked with offering support to projects that are aimed at enhancing the quality of life, and the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise, which will bring to the audiences several wonders of the world and cultures that make up communities across different parts of earth.

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Clay Siegall Makes Seattle Genetics Into A Great Drug Manufacturer

Seattle Genetics is one of the best drug manufacturers in America, and they are a great company to work with because they have signed partnerships with many different companies. They are there to distribute from some of the best drug brands in the world, and they are also selling nearly $100 million in just their two cancer drugs. Their cancer drugs were developed by Clay Siegall and his team because of the new antibody based techniques that he came up with.

Mirna Therapeutics Inc. Appoints Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D., to Its Board of Directors

The research at Seattle Genetics has been helpful for doctors who are taking their patients through trials, and the trials are showing good success for the people who are in them. Higher sales mean that people are getting better, and that is very helpful for those who need to get a better option for their care. Everyone who needs care is going to have to request it today, and their doctor might be the next person to purchase from Seattle Genetics.

Clay Siegall has long been working on the technology that would be used to help people get better from cancer, and their two drugs alone are doing a very good job for people who need it. There are more things that can be done when someone wants to be able to have a better chance to get well, and increased revenue at Seattle Genetics could go a long way to helping people who are the most in need. These people have to take something if they want to recover, and many of their doctors will trust in Seattle Genetics.

The Seattle Genetics team is reporting record earnings because of how amazing they have been doing. It is incredible for people to get the results that they need, and it can be their newest lease on life. Taking the right drugs from Seattle Genetics can be the right step forward.

The Midas Legacy Wants To Help You Financially Today

The Midas Legacy is a company that is available to help everyone concerning their finances. This company is not like a bank where they just give you a learn to quick-fix a problem. They get to know all of their customers. They get to know their goals, what they want out of life in the next ten years, and why they have found themselves in their present financial situation. This information helps The Midas Legacy build a plan for their customer.

One of the main things The Midas Legacy offers is investment opportunities. They have professionals that watch every aspect of the financial market. These individuals know instantly how to best invest money. They have always been right, and their customers have always been successful as a result of it.

The Midas Legacy also has an entire department on dedicated to helping retired people with their investments. The one thing The Midas Legacy hates is watching retired people go back to work. They do all they can to insure that every investment made by a retiree grows more and more every single year. This company tries to give the retired individuals first priority when it comes to investments, particularly due to the age of the average retiree.

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The Midas Legacy is also available to help corporate and private businesses, too. Their speciality is helping with tough financial decisions. These decisions can include things like taking out a loan, getting a smaller facility, buying cheaper products, and creating a healthy budget. What employers find amazing is that after hiring The Midas Legacy, there business is in a 100% better financial state, and they even have enough money to hire more employees.

Clients of The Midas Legacy also love the fact that representatives are always available to talk on the phone or in person. The Midas Legacy is not all about helping clients make money. If a client is having a bad day, The Midas Legacy encourages the client to speak with a representative. These representatives are trained individuals that know how to listen and give wonderful advice in return.

Now they are known around the entire world. Business owners and others are looking for a positive change in their lives. They feel The Midas Legacy is providing the road for this great change.

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Sanjah Shah and Autism Rocks Reached More Than 600,000 Euros in Donations

Millions of children are diagnosed with autism each year, internationally. Autism is a disorder that affects mental development, communication and expression. Global researchers at institutions and organizations have spent years researching the cause, cure and treatment of the developmental disorder. Dubai set the month of April as its Autism Awareness Month, the perfect setting for Sanjah Shah Denmark and his loving family to host an Autism Rocks Concert. The event was held on the beginning of the month to raise awareness and funds for families and their children to join in on the festivities.


According to Gulf News (August 8th, 2016), each patron was charged 50 AED, which is approximately 13.62 in U.S. dollars to attend the event. Usha, wife of Sanjah Shah told News Xpress Autism Rocks was created to “make a difference in the lives of families with autistic children based personal experiences.” The Shah’s son was diagnosed with the developmental disorder, which is the inspiration behind them establishing Autism Rocks. Usha continued, stating that they wanted to bring more awareness of autism and encourage further research to determine the cause and develop a cure. Sanjah and Usha are passionate about Autism Rocks mission, realizing that the art of music is used for various treatments over the world.


Mr. Shah started his own brokerage company in 2009, after earning an accounting degree. Two years later, he found Solo Capital Partners LLP, which included the partnership of three directors. Mr. Shah was the first director of the firm and founded affiliates, Solo Group Holdings and Solo Capital LLC. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he worked for banking institutions, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch.


Sanjay Shah is the CEO and Founder of Solo Capital, a hedge fund management firm with locations in Dubai and London. He is retired and devoting much of his time overseeing Autism Rocks and the Autism Research Trust. Although, Mr. Shah is less active at Solo Capital, the firm net worth was $280 million in January 2016.


The latest event hosted by Sanjay Shah brings the total donations to over 600,000 Euros. The festival held in April included live performances from American rappers, Tyga and Flo Rider. Children enjoyed the day participating in activities for horseback riding, laser tagging, crazy golfing, face painting, and much more.

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Why Coworking Spaces are so Popular

Recently, the Harvard Business Review ran an article on co-working spaces and why they have become so popular. Coworking spaces are workspaces where various professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs and others can become members and work together. In these spaces, you will find people who are working at shared tables and others who are working in more quiet spaces.

The Harvard Business Review highlighted a few reasons why these spaces tend to work so well for people. The first is that coworkers find more meaning in their work when they are a part of these spaces. It is really more of a movement of community and collaboration than just simply a place to work. Also, workers find opportunities to use their skill set to help other workers in the space.

The second reason is about job control which means that people can choose when to show up and how long to stay. Coworking spaces are often open 24/7 which gives members the ability to choose their schedule. People like the autonomy of being able to come in and get work done at times that are convenient for them and their needs while also offering the structure and motivation that comes from being around others workers.

Finally, the third reason is that people feel that they are a part of a community. The owners and staff behind these spaces often work hard to set a tone of friendliness and comradery. For instance, Workville in New York fosters this sense of community by hosting special events and talks throughout the week such as their Young Professionals Workshop. This helps workers with similar interests gather together and learn from one another.

If you’re looking for New York offices for rent, Workville is a luxury coworking space in New York located next to Times Square that strives to create a friendly and inspiring place for its members. They offer private offices, shared offices, and open tables and desks. They also have a café and three outdoor terraces that overlook the city. Like most coworking spaces they offer printers, 24-hour access, Wi-Fi, and more.

Coworking allows people to thrive by creating an environment where they can be themselves and work in ways that suit them best.