Bob Honey Just Do Stuff and the Latest Direction of Sean Penn

Hollywood actor Sean Penn has been spinning his career into a vast number of avenues such as directing, screenwriting, producing, interviewing working as a war correspondent, and leading his J/P Haitian Relief Organization for almost a decade. His latest direction has been book writing as Sean Penn recently released his book titles “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.”

The book was met by highly varied opinion from either side of the spectrum and everything in between. The audience seemingly either hates or loves the book for the most part and only a few people are neutral in their opinions. The “Bob Honey Just Do Stuff” has been described as chaotic, funny, and riddle-like, as well as being jibberish, confusing, and unpolished. For the majority, critics did not receive the novel weel and directed advice along the lines of Sean Penn keeping his day job, though which one was not specified.

According to Sean Penn, the feeling of having a book under his belt differs from completing a screenplay in the sense that it is entirely his own and the creative freedom was limited only by his own imagination and willingness to work on it. Another aspect of writing the “Bob Honey Just Do Stuff” is that there were no expectations from other people. The product was finished, and editors who wanted to get involved with it had the product up-front. Sean Penn also added that he has a second book in the works.

The “Bob Honey Just Do Stuff” was written by dictation. Sean Penn started using transcription as a writing technique while he was working n various screenplays. He felt like the creative process had a way more continues and smooth flow that way, and so he used the same technique in the creation of his novel. Sean Penn did not use that technique exclusively, however, but instead combined it with writing to take his writing process further faster as his brain would move faster than his fingers, as he has stated several times.

“Bob Honey Just Do Stuff” seems to strongly emphasize on various movements and draws inspiration from the relevant topics of today. Sean Penn stated that the #MeToo movement is only one of the aspects that touch base in the novel. In his book, the actor-gone-writer also encourages all movements that bring equality in society no only between genders but also various groups.

Overall, the debut novel that Sean Penn released presents a dystopian world as a dark reflection of today’s mainstream society such as the one in the United States. In the “Bob Honey Just Do Stuff” movements for equality and a better future become a branding and the brand has taken the place of moral values.

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