Heather Parry Is A Great President For Live Nation Productions

Heather Parry is determined to never let a good opportunity get away, and that is one of the things that makes her a great leader of Live Nation Productions. She took over the company a few years ago and got right to work. She wanted to get it involved in more films, and she was eager when someone started talking about making a film about the Eagles Of Death Metal going back to Paris after the attack that had happened at their concert. She knows what will catch on, and she wants to give the audience what they want to see.

Heather Parry also didn’t want to let the opportunity slip away when she heard about A Star Is Born and the fact that it was going to feature Bradley Cooper. She knew him, and she wanted to get involved. She called his agent and talked him into letting her company help out because they have many assets, like the buildings where they hold shows. She was smart to get involved with the film because it has become one of the most popular films that came out recently.

Heather Parry says that she is always willing to work on the films that artists want to make, even if they go beyond music videos and the typical concert videos. If an artist has a passion for a movie that they want to film, then she will consider it and figure out how to make it happen. She spent many years working for several other places, including MTV, and she is doing great work as the president of her current company because of her experience and the passion and ambition that she has when it comes to getting things done.

José Borghi Makes Mullen Lowe Beautifully Big

Mullen Lowe is a famous advertising agency that used to be Borghi Lowe. Now, José Henrique Borghi, who is currently the president, leads Mullen Lowe. Borghi is an acclaimed and very prominent business executive in the advertising area. He is admired by the Brazilian advertising sector. José Henrique Borghi bears great accountability at the head of Mullen Lowe Brazil since it is the third largest Brazilian ad agency. José Henrique Borghi holds the responsibility at Mullen Lowe Brazil for coming up with exceptional campaign jingles for commercials for clients such as ones that were memorable: Sazón – that featured a part of a Brazilian country music song and Parmalat – that featured children wearing animal costumes and drinking milk. Almost every Brazilian adult still remembers these commercials due to their success and distinction.

José Henrique Borghi’s career began in the advertising sector almost by accident when his sister invited him to attend a Castro Neves Theater video presentation with her. Borghi took interests in the presentation that covered many awarded Cannes Festival TV commercial tapes. The commercials in the Cannes Festival presentation impacted him so much that he made up his mind to work with commercials in advertising business. Once, Borghi said that when he decided to pursue his career in the advertising business, that he could not have dreamed that he too would one day be awarded at the Cannes Festival with a Lion Award.

José Henrique Borghi greatly appreciates sports is dedicated to running marathons. When he runs a marathon, he notes that he is given the opportunity to better comprehend his personal capabilities and more importantly, to find the source to continue pursuing his goals and anything he defines as a target. Borghi knows that his own efforts are only up to him and that no one can do what he needs to do in order to move forward in running or in other areas of life.

Mr. Borghi has been in the leadership of several significant advertising campaigns for Industrial companies such as Asia Motors, Fiat, Delta Airlines, and Electrolux; conglomerates including Alpargatas, Bunge, Procter, and Unilever; media companies such as America On Line, EditoraGlobo, and Folha; financial institutions including American Express, Bank Boston, and Itaú; as well as other Brazilian companies like Arcor, Antarctica and Tintas Coral, as well as several campaigns for other companies. Borghi is a proud awardee of 14 Cannes Festival Lions, 11 New York Festival awards, 10 Clio Awards, 10 The One Show Awards 7 London Festival prizes, as well as 15 EditoraAbril advertising awards in Brazil. José Henrique Borghi is a huge asset to the Brazilian advertising business and the world to learn more: http://cannes.meioemensagem.com.br/colaboradores/jose-henrique-borghi/ click here.