Robert Ivy’s Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award Crowns His Architectural Career

Robert Ivy is the current Chief Executive of the American Institute of Architects. His journey to the helm of the chief architect body in the US started in 1996 when he was appointed as the Editor in Chief of the Architectural Record.

Under his leadership, the Architectural Record grew its readership to become the top architectural journal in the US and around the globe. Ivy also became the head of McGraw-Hill Construction Media among a host of other construction-related media and publications. He graduated from Tulane University. He became US Navy Officer.

Ivy’s leadership and prominent role in the publishing industry has tremendously grown over time. To match and recognize his concerted efforts in his field, Robert Ivy has been honored with numerous awards. The most recent of the awards that he has received include the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award late April this year. He was awarded by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters as a way of appreciating his lifetime works that have shown elements of extraordinary nature.

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Receiving the award, Robert Ivy joined the league of other prominent persons who have received the award including Morgan Freeman, Walter Anderson, Eudora Welty. During the awarding ceremony, it was noted and emphasized that Robert Ivy had made numerous architectural works and publications available to the public. Robert Ivy was also appreciated for his exemplary contribution towards the architectural profession and championing creativity.

Ivy has been severally recognized before. In 2017, he was awarded by the University of Arkansas – Fay Jones School of Architecture in appreciation of his architectural publications. He had also been recognized as a Master Architect by the Alpha Rho Chi, a national architecture body in the US, for having been cited as highly vocal towards architectural design.

Ivy’s most recent award, the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, is a testament to his proficiency in his line of profession.

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Aloha Construction Is Earning Plaudits From The BBB For Their Awesome Practices

The Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics is one of the most prestigious honors that a business can be given by the Better Business Bureau. It is given to companies that display a proper level of commitment to their customers and their community. Aloha Construction was recently a recipient of this award and they were proud to take home this incredible honor.

For a company to receive this award, a company needs to showcase the correct combination of leadership and dedication to the community. They must have a unblinking commitment to practicing the necessary ethics. Companies like Aloha Construction place all of these qualities on display and then some.

Being able to qualify for the award is a major honor and taking it home is one of the greatest achievements that a company can obtain. Aloha Construction’s impact on the community is one of the main reasons why they were able to stand alone. This company went to great lengths to create a stronger connection with their community and their efforts deserve recognition.

Whether Aloha Construction is organizing toy shopping sprees for local disadvantaged children or pledging their support to the local Boys and Girls Club, their dedication to the community is always shining through. The amount of time and money that Aloha Construction dedicated to various causes in the region makes them one of the best choices for the award in recent memory.

It is not all about community service, though. While this is a core tenet of any company that receives consideration for this honor, this community outreach is paired with the necessary customer service. All clients receive work that is performed by licensed and bonded contractors who are all ready to stand behind their work.

In addition to providing the sort of craftsmanship that only the most experienced contractors have to offer, extended warranties are offered that allow customers to receive alterations to their work as necessary. As a family owned company, Aloha Construction prizes their relationships with all of the people that they come across. This is what allows them to stand alone in the local community.