Academy of Art Alumni, Daniel Arriaga, helps achieve an Oscar Victory for Disney.

Director, Daniel Arriaga, is a graduate of the Academy of Art University. Making this film was special to him because he was not only able to help correct a misconception about Mexican culture but he was also able to share his love of animation and all he learned while attending the Academy of Art University.

Academy of Art University was started in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens and his wife Ms. Clara Stephans. Over the years the University has expanded greatly and now offers an array of degrees to help you achieve your dreams.

Coco educates children and adults on what El Día de los Muertos is truly about. When most Americans refer to El Día de los Muertos, they refer to it as the Mexican Halloween. That however is not what it truly is. El Día de los Muertos is a Mexican holiday that celebrates the loved ones who have passed away.

The Academy of Art University is the largest Private Design and Art University’s in the United States. They have alumni that have worked on other big films such as Dead Pool, Avatar and the Avengers. These alumni come back to talk and share their experiences with current students.

Academy of Art University students are able to utilize the newest equipment and technology so they are getting the best education possible. The wonderful education they receive shows in all the well-known animated films that have had alumni partake in the making of those films.

A lot of research into Mexican culture went into making this film. Coco is full of beautiful colors as well as authentic Mexican music and impressive animation, such as the skulls. Arriaga was able to bring together all of his wonderful schooling, from Academy of Art University, in animation and artistic direction, to create an amazing movie that beat out four other animated films for the Best Animated Film Oscar.