5 Ways Steve Ritchie is Changing the Food Market through Papa John’s

Managing a food company requires more than the market knowledge, and Steve Ritchie knows this truth. In more than two decades, he has been part of the food industry — in managerial level as well as being a franchise owner. Recently, he made into the (business) journals’ headlines after his promotion as Papa John’s overall executive member. He has transformed the company in less than a year thanks to the following approaches.

First, Ritchie knows the value of people in a company — especially in the food market. Therefore, he has spent the last 15 months, creating an ideal space for employees and thus, productivity. Ritchie — through his management team — has established policies that put employees at a better place to climb the career ladder. He appreciates the importance of creating structures where employees understand what it takes to climb a career ladder. This approach has enabled his company to make productivity a reality.

Second, Ritchie has been instrumental in bringing more talents to the company. He understands that a big company needs structures and talented people. Some of the departments Steve Ritchie has brought new skills to include the following. Ritchie has brought some of the best marketers in the food market — with the sole purpose of helping the company’s sales department. Ritchie has also strengthened the company’s customer relations. Thanks to these changes, Papa John’s has one of the best structures in this unique market.

Thirdly, Ritchie appreciates the importance of customer satisfaction. Under his leadership, he has made the following changes. Steve Ritchie has bridged the gap between the company and the consumers. Through this change, customers have more trust with the company. Trust in the food market translate to more sales and therefore, more revenue for the company. Ritchie is also keen on ensuring that customers get value for money for every pizza they buy at the company. He has also created structures where customers can pass suggestions to the management regarding the services and pizzas served at the restaurants.

Fourth, Ritchie understands that the food market is fast-growing, and he has the responsibility of putting Papa John’s on the global map. Through his management team, he has led the company to one of the most significant phases of expansion. Currently, the company is one of the essential food industry players that are expanding wings to other markets. Steve Ritchie, for example, is keen on the European and the Asian market.

Finally, success in the food market also depends on how the company relates to other market stakeholders. Suppliers, for example, are critical, and Steve Ritchie understands the importance of suppliers in the company. The last 15 months have been important for the company as far as creating strong ties with suppliers, and other market players are concerned.

OSI Group Acquires Bahoo Foods

 OSI Group McDonalds has a controlling stake in Bahoo Food. Bahoo Food is a privately owned Dutch Company. They process meat products and other types of food and deliver it to retail and food service industries. This business transaction still needs to go through merger control approval. Bahoo Foods is located in Germany and the Netherlands. There are also company subsidiaries such as Vital Convenience, Gelderland Frischwaren, Henri Vande Bilt, and Q Smartlife. These firms have long histories of about 60 years. They sell deli meats and convenience foods and snacks. They do business in 18 European countries.

OSI Group McDonalds states that adding Bahoo Food to the OSI Europe business allows OSI more business presence in Europe according to David G. McDonald who is the president and CEO of OSI. The company OSI Group McDonalds is located in Aurora, Illinois. He states that this business deal is good for OSI in that it broadens it’s product base and therefore a greater number of customers will be able to be served the particular foods that they like.

The current staff will be kept on including John Balvers the managing director of Bahoo Food. They will begin planing and adapting for the future with OSI Group Mcdonalds. John Balvers states that he is happy about the business deal. Combining the strength of both companies will only lead to better things. Both companies can now reach more achievements than they could by acting separately.

OSI Group is a supplier of sausage, bacon, pork and beef. It also supplies seafood and poultry products, cheese, fruit, vegetables and dough based products are also sold. They are located wold wide including Europe, the Americas and the Asian Pacific area. The company has been in existence since 1909. The company has revenue of over 6 billion dollars. They have 20,000 employees. The comany used to be called Otto and Sons. Eventually the company became OSI Industries in 1975. OSI Food Solutions UK has been given the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. They are one of 18 world wide organizations to be given this award.

OSI Group acquires Baho Food

Ara Chackerian Is A Successful Entrepreneur And Angel Investor.

Ara Chackerian is an angel investor and co-founder of Limonapa Teak SA. Chackerian is a well-respected entrepreneur who is an angel investor. Chackerian is someone who provides investment capital for many different projects in business sectors like healthcare and many others. Chackerian supports many entrepreneurs in local communities. Chackerian hopes to provide many key benefits for his stakeholders and others invested in these business endeavors. Ara Chackerian has quite a list of business ventures that have been successful over many years of being an angel investor.

The current environment of earth and how environmentalists practice their craft are things that are important to Ara Chackerian. The earth’s fragile environment and how the entrepreneur’s work to better the environment is an important mantra for Chackerian. The current climate for environmentalists who practice an important trade is very timely — especially with the mission that Limonapa Teak is on.

Ara Chackerian truly cares about the environment. And he co-founded Linonapa Teak SA for many reasons. For Ara Chackerian to work with others to bring Linonapa Teak SA to fruition was about making a statement. Moreover, he wanted to make that earth in better conditions than he initially found it. Limonapa Teak SA makes a type of sustainable teak that the environmentally-conscious people can consider. Indeed, Chinandega is situated in the South American country of Nicaragua. Limonapa Teak SA has nearly one thousand acres for Ara Chackerian and his co-founders to work with.

This part of Nicaragua that Limonapa Teak SA is responsible for and providing teak wood on, once had cattle that grazed on the property. The cattle on this land ended up devastated it. Unfortunately, Chinandega has had a spate of detrimental practices for long periods, which had proved to be a detriment to the land. However, Chackerian and his firm made sure that Linonapa Teak SA had a positive impact on the local area as well as the people.

Serge Belamant Founding Father Of The Disruptive Blockchain Technology

Serge Christian Pierre Belamant is the brains behind the incredible blockchain technology which has revolutionized the financial markets and formed a basis for the creation of cryptocurrencies. His technique allows banks, governments, and individuals to transfer money with sophisticated security today.

Serge Belamant was born in French but relocated to South Africa where he received his education. In high school, Mr. Belamant excelled both in and out of class. His excellence saw him achieve a top honor and an exemption to join a university. Serge Belamant started as an engineering student at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg but later moved to computer science and applied mathematics in his second year. In his third year of studies, he transferred to the University of South Africa where he enrolled for information systems but dropped out.

At the young age of 22, Serge Belamant secured a job with Matrix, a civil engineering company. He worked in Control Data, specifically Cybernet where he fulfilled his passion for creating a secure, traceable yet unchangeable transaction on interconnected computers. His efforts led to the first creation of blockchain technologies.

During his work experience at CSIR (Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research), he discovered that he could merge non-linear and linear programming to create powerful applications that business can use. He worked with Bancorp as a consultant and created a program which could analyze risk and test the sustainability of a business.

His most significant breakthrough was during his time with SASWITCH. At the time, the Republic of South Africa (RSA) banking institutions received sanctions after their ATM infrastructure was no longer available for upgrade. Belamant developed a new ATM switch, which became the second largest ATM switch in the world and allowed RSA banking institutions to stay in business.

In 1989, Serge Belamant founded his own company, Net1 Technologies. The company ran on his Fund Transfer System (FTS) which he had patented. He later went on to invent the Universal Electronic Payment System (UEPS). In 1995, Visa hired Belamant and his company to develop a security feature for their cards. The result was the integration of Belamant’s technologies into Visa cards to prevent the misuse of credit, fraud, and allow the verification of a person. Belamant is also responsible for creating the Europay, Mastercard, Visa (EMV) technology through morphing, which leads to the first block chain applications used today.

Greg Blatt: Online Dating Pioneer

For some people, a job that has good pay and good benefits and is predictable is what they look for in life. This, however, is not the case for Greg Blatt. Blatt has been involved and even been the CEO of several different companies. As online dating came to life, he served at  Match and Tinder, companies that needed strong leadership to help them grow in a competitive world. 

Greg Blatt has been just the man to do this. He didn’t start off with the idea of leading online dating companies. He actually went to law school, eventually finding a focus in entertainment media. With all the business leadership experience that he has, many would be surprised to find out that he didn’t study business in college (Chronicleweek). 

Blatt’s foundation in law has proven to be instrumental in his success as a businessman. The work ethic needed to get through law school is immense. Greg Blatt showed and developed his work ethic in his schooling as well as learned about the legal ramifications of business decisions. 

Blatt worked for Martha Stewart and that was actually the whole start. Martha Stewart had actually been one of his clients. One that must have been impressed by his work because he found himself working in business affairs at the Martha Stewart company. The experience he gained working for Martha Stewart became vital as he took a job running an online dating company. Online dating was just starting at this time, but Greg immediately saw the potential.

Online Dating is a very competitive field. There are many sites that offer dating services and new sites are created all the time. So what made Greg Blatt so successful with his companies. Blatt attributes much of his success to experience. Through education and occupations Blatt had, he was able to gain valuable experience. Once he landed in the online dating field he has stayed there and has arguably the most knowledge and experience anyone has in this field. Looking at what Match and Tinder have done is proof of Blatt’s success.

Find out more on Blatt´s successful career at https://gazetteday.com/2019/06/greg-blatt/

Eric Lefkofsky and Platform Companies

The premise of Eric Lefkofsky and his talk is that the healthcare industry is changing. Why? Because it must change to meet the needs of the people. Furthermore, the industry will change even further in the long run because of the fact that technology will come into the sector and play a significant role in influencing how companies will operate within the sector.

New technologies and platform companies will bring about more benefits for healthcare, Eric Lefkofsky and other experts think. The idea is that there is a larger use of technology in other areas such as transportation and food delivery but not in healthcare, a very important part of our lives. Healthcare is still archaic to a certain extent.

Eric Lefkofsky is interested in bring about better solutions with his companies into the healthcare field and he does that by using his knowledge that he gets by reading.

Warren Buffet’s 5 Hour Rule – What Is It and Why You Need to Learn About It?

As one of the most financially successful people in the world, Warren Buffet’s name doesn’t need any introduction. The investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist has been at the top of his game since the past few decades, and the rate he is going alludes towards him holding that stature for the next few years as well.

Buffet’s success is unmatched in terms of his prowess, reputation and wealth. He has garnered such a stature for himself that his name is now synonymous with accomplishment. That is not an easy feat to achieve.

That is why, when any entrepreneur is trying to make their name in the business industry, it is sort of essential for them to heed to Buffet’s advice.

And what other advice could be more popular than the investor’s uncanny rule to learn, learn, and then learn some more?

Nitin Khanna Brilliant Approach to Management

Nitin Khanna is synonymous with his consistency in business. Whether he is working with the federal government or with a private entity — he is keen on giving the best and sustainable solution. For example, the USA election management has made some brave changes in the past two decades. Nitin Khanna was one of the people that made digital voting and election management a reality. Through his brother’s company, Khanna was among the first few people that brought transparency to elections — especially after the 2000 election debate on who won. Although he is no longer part of Saber software, he continues to serve people around the world by providing solutions to different problems.

Nitin Khanna proficiency in business dates back to his early life. He points out that his family background in business was an ideal background for him as a future businessperson and more importantly — as a solution provider. However, his interaction with different professionals in the world of business has also reshaped his view on business. Nitin Khanna points out that most of his lessons are through his peers in business and from mentors. In addition, he is fortunate to have one of the best educational backgrounds. Khanna describes his educational journey as a path that taught him to view the world from a perspective of providing solutions.

Apart from his educational background, lessons from mentors and his early socialization to business, Nitin Khanna has one of the best approaches to work. For example, he understands that productivity is critical for any business. In his niche, productivity requires a lot of research and more importantly — training employees. Over the last five years, Nitin Khanna has invested a huge amount of his profits to training employees and ensuring that they have a better understanding of his target market. He also trains his employees in an attempt to socialize them with his company’s philosophy, aspirations, and blueprint. Thanks to his determination, MergerTech is one of the most productive companies in the world.

Although Nitin Khanna believes in idea-based concepts in the corporate world, he firmly believes in superior execution. For example, he points out his company is more concerned about the implementation of ideas, rather than looking ideas.

Read Khanna’s success story here https://yourstory.com/mystory/48e163e5d2-nitin-khanna-an-nri-who-made-it-big-in-portland-oregon

Vijay Eswaran- An entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author

Vijay Eswaran is an acclaimed businessman in the world. He is also a popular philanthropist and author. The success he has achieved throughout his career life can be attributed to the philosophy he has in business. He is a distinguished motivational speaker who is featured by leading media outlets. He is particularly interested in helping people to develop the right attitude towards life. He believes that fear should not be seen as something that should lead to negative implication. Fear can be embraced and used to evoke determination in life. He also believes that leaders have the role of leading others and not serving their selfish interests.

In his book “Two Minutes From The Abyss,” Vijay Eswaran is advising the people not to take life for granted and embrace change. The best way to approach life is to maximize each day. You do not know ho tomorrow shall be like and therefore the best thing to do is live today like it’s your last. Vijay encourages people to realize that life is not permanent and they should not live like they will have a thousand years to accomplish their goals. There is a need for people to embrace urgency in pursuit of their goals. This urgency is what makes one accomplish goals faster. He is encouraging people to sacrifice for today since they have no idea how tomorrow will look like.

Viajy Eswaran believes that people need to embrace change. In the line of making these changes, they should always be guided by independent thinking. If you do not take up change, you are likely to become redundant and eventually not fit in today’s world. However, he notes that it is very important for people to come to terms with losing the habits they have had for a long time. Vijay Eswaran, however, supports it and believes that change can bring efficiency in everyone life.

Find out more about him: https://www.theladders.com/career-advice/author/vijay-eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is the founder of IQ Group, a business that has seen him become a notable leader in the business sector. It is the lessons he has learned over the years that make him a reliable business advisor.

The Work of Jason Hope in Protecting Human Beings from Adverse Effects of Aging

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and philanthropist from Scottsdale, Arizona. He is passionate about technological innovations that have the capacity to change the lives of human beings. For the past one decade, Jason Hope has been involved in the operations of a non-profit organization known as SENS Research Foundation that is looking for a drug that can stop or reverse the aging process in human beings. This organization thinks this would be a great innovation since it would eliminate old age diseases from the world. Human beings worldwide believe that the aging process is unavoidable. As people reach the retirement age, they know that their bodies will become weak and will be unable to perform some of the activities that they used to do when younger.

To make it worse, the body is attacked by all manner of old age and diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia, and others. As a result of these old age diseases, human beings in the advanced ages tend to live miserable lives since they keep moving from one medical center to the other in search of the medication. Old age diseases are attributed to the aging process. What this means is that if the aging process can be stopped or reversed, human beings would not go through tortuous experiences they face in their old age. This research has received support from well-wishers such as Jason Hope who is determined to support the SENS Research Foundation until such a time that it will be able to create a drug that will address these issue once and for all.

Jason is optimistic that the measures that this nonprofit organization is taking will finally lead to the development of a drug that will eliminate one of the worst experiences that human beings deal with. To support the activities of this organization, Jason Hope has already donated half a million dollars that were used to create a laboratory for research as well as starting a program known as Age Breaker. Jason Hope is optimistic that rejuvenation biotechnology research will bear fruits and human beings will live long and healthy lives. The sole purpose of Jason is to see human beings live better lives in old age than they are currently doing.

Stream Energy Formalizes Its Philanthropy Efforts with Launch of Stream Cares

Stream Energy was recently featured in an article published by patch for launching Stream Cares, a philanthropy foundation that has changed how Stream carries out its philanthropic activities. Stream has been on the headlines for being the first company to come out to help survivors of disasters such as Hurricane Harvey. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey which affected the Houston neighborhoods, Stream came out to aid residents affected by the floods to get back to their lives.

Philanthropy is part of the company’s value system and it uses the money earned from energy sales to foster recovery of the victims of disasters. It launched Stream Cares to formalize its philanthropic activities across the country. Philanthropy is an essential part of its brand and it has been showing itself as an example of how corporates should leverage charity as well as philanthropy to give back to the community.

Stream Energy recognizes that philanthropy fosters a company’s ability to get back to its feet after a downfall. It also helps to earn reputation as well as loyalty of the public and potential clients. The corporate America has been to be very generous. Companies are contributing greatly to charities.

Stream Energy built long-term relationships with the Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, employees as well as corporate leadership to foster local and grassroots giving. The company counts on its associates and employees to also contribute to philanthropic activities as independent entities. The associates and Stream’s employees have done a commendable job in trying to settle the issue of homelessness in Dallas.

Hope Supply Co. partnered with Stream to give over 1000 homeless children funds to cater for entrance costs to the annual Splash for Hope. The event brings together people from all walks of life to come and give homeless children an experience of a lifetime. Hope Supply Co. has been supplying homeless children with school supplies, clothing and more. Stream has been working together with Hope Supply for over four years.

Stream’s philanthropic efforts have had far-reaching impacts. In 2016, the tornado victims in Texas has to tell with Stream being part of it. Stream Energy mobilized funding for the victims. Stream has gone out of its way to offer more than money to veterans, homeless people, victims of disasters, and minorities.