Jana Lightspeed and Taking Innovation Personally

Jana Lightspeed and How the Autonomous Vehicle Craze is Taking Over the Transportation Industry

From MaaS companies to automobile manufacturers, and from professional drivers to those seeking the luxury to not drive their car for one hot moment, everyone is interested in making autonomous vehicles become a reality.

After all, they hold various advantages for each segment that is related with automobiles in the remotest manner.

For MaaS companies, Jana Lightspeed, it is the idea of providing an experience that would set them apart from their competition. By offering something that their competitor does not, they could have more and more users utilize their services and choose them over other available options in the market.

Whereas, for manufacturers, the ability to give something to people that they actively seek in a car is lucrative to say the least. People who look towards having the best in technology would certainly go for a car that draws all the right kinds of attention, after all. The matter of convenience and not having to drive their own car without paying additional staff only adds to that.

And when it comes to the consumers themselves, the very idea of being able to ride in a car that literally drives itself remains exciting to the point of being indescribable. Whether they are choosing to avail the technology for their own automobile or for a rental car, the option simply spells comfort in every sense of the word.

See, Jana Lightspeed keeps things in line in her mind. She must keep this in line because she has to make the right decisions overall.

She is a manager of an investment portfolio in the private markets. She does so that way she can make a point and help to improve the future in a very specific way.

Equities First Holdings Prospers with Stock-based Loans

Equities First Holdings has become the company to watch over the past few years. Founded in 2002, the alternative lender found its niche in stock-based loans. It attracted borrowers with its open payment plans, low rates, and fixed interest. The business opened its doors in London but has since gone global. Most of its success can be attributed to a few key partnerships that allowed to extend services internationally, but it’s true bread-and-butter is the constantly constricting qualifiers for traditional loans.

Banks make it very hard for many borrowers to access financing options. They also have fluctuating interest rates. Luckily, stock-based loans use stock portfolios as collateral. This means they look more at the value of the stocks than a borrower’s credit record. This allows borrowers a better opportunity to qualify and has increased interest. Additionally, EFH has a stellar record for returning assets making it a safer financial choice.

Graham Edwards and his business expertise.

Graham Edwards, the Chief Executive Officer since 2001 of Telereal Trillium, will be joining The Centre for Policy Studies as the chairman of their new Housing Policy Group and as a CPS Research Fellow.

Graham Edwards’ company contributes to one percent of the workforce in Britain. It is built on the most massively owned private property in the United States. On top of his duties in his firm, he will work with house experts to turbo change both house building as well as homeownership.

In The Centre for Policy Studies, he will be working with other big fish like Tom Clougherty who will be head of tax, Alex Morton who will be head of housing at policy exchange, Emma Barr as the head of communication, mentioning just a few. This assures one of quality and value for their money.

Telereal Trillium was founded in the year 1997. The firm owns more than eight thousand properties. Graham Edwards did Economics at the University of Cambridge (Facebook). He worked as a fund manager at Merrill Lynch Investment Management. Graham has several business interests:

  1. Mining
  2. Software development
  3. Real estate

These entrepreneurial aspirations are the backbone of his career and the reason that the business is always on the top charts in its line of work. The business interests have also helped him expand his properties as well as amass great wealth to expand the capital base of the Telereal Trillium.

Graham Edwards serves boards and committees like the Voice of Europe, Portland Trust, and British Friends of the Hebrew University among many others. In such boards he is looked unto, to give sound advice as well as give information from his Economics point of view. By so doing, he has made his name known far and wide as a business consultant.

Graham Edward is a member of the Royal Institute Surveyors and the United Kingdom Society of Investment Professionals. In the year 2000, they made a fifty-fifty venture with William Pears Limited. They are headquartered in Central London England.

The merger was an example of the integration which included the expedited consolidation of the company’s IT and finance department. It also created a position for a new senior management team with members of both Telereal and Trillium.