James Dondero: Giving In a Big Way

James Dondero is co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management. The values of his company overwhelmingly mirror his own and are highly philanthropic. HCM boasts of a heavy investment in surrounding communities through volunteerism, donations and advisory board involvement. The company’s donations surpass $10 million through contributions to organizations such as the American Heart Association, the Perot Museum and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Learn more about James Dondero at Patch.com.

James Dondero relocated his company to Dallas from Los Angeles in 1994. His love for this community is so big, you’d think he was born and raised here. His goal is simply to build up the Dallas community. Read more about James Dondero at Bloomberg.

James Dondero’s philanthropy seems to stem from a corporate level. The benefits of his giving trickles all the way down to the children of Dallas. He has given $1 million to rebuild the hippo habitat at the Dallas Zoo, the same to the The Family Place for its counseling center and $2 million to a scholar program at SMU. James Dondero is building a philanthropic legacy in Dallas.

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Wes Edens Returns Two Sports Teams To Greatness

Wes Edens was already widely known in the world of sports. He bought the Milwaukee Bucks along with a business partner. Under his leadership, this team got its act together and went from a perennial loser to one that nearly made it to the 2019 NBA Finals. They have a great group of players that are led by All-Star Giannis Antetokounmpo. They are also playing in a new arena, something that Wes Edens also made happen.

He is now known on the international level of sports. Along with a different business partner, he bought the Aston Villa Football Club. The club had been one of the founding teams of England’s Premier League. After not playing well for several seasons they tumbled out of the Premier League and have been trying to get back in ever since.

The Premier League works very differently than how professional sports work in the United States. There are only 20 teams and the lower-ranked ones are kicked out to make room for a better team. This means every team has to maintain a culture of excellence if they want to play in the Premier League, widely regarded as the best league in all of sports. It would be similar to the Boston Red Sox being eliminated from MLB play if they became terrible again for a few years.

The year after Wes Edens bought this team, he worked his magic once again. Aston Villa is once again back in the Premier League for the 2019 season. They had been playing in the English Football League which was established in 1888. This league has a rich history but it’s not nearly on the same level as the Premier League. People respect this league but it’s really just not the same thing.

Fans believe that Wes Edens and his business partner saved this team. The team was losing millions of dollars a year and might have either had to shut down or move to another city. People would have lost a team they had been rooting for their entire lives. He respects the fans and wants to build a team they feel great about.

Visit his LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/wesley-edens-a6b19b3a

Raffaele Riva

A Britisher, Raffaele Riva graduated from the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford with various degrees all across London. Dedication, restless evenings and a little luck demonstrated Riva’s remarkable talent for passionate investments, and ten years later Raffaele Riva built a reputation for himself in the increasing angel scene in New York. An interview from him gives advice to new startups as well as he describes how he followed through his dream investments.

From the time he began to pursue investments in new companies, we’ve had the opportunity to help others create their dream come true, and that’s what drives him every day. He recalls his first startup and it was crucial the mistakes made by new investors. In addition, he has enjoyed operating partnering fresh teams and hopefully yielding a return, win-win at the conclusion of a venture. With a strong collection, angels can actually get a powerful economic return while receiving so many other advantages, such as assisting to launch smart businesses in their groups; meeting businessmen who are driving fresh thoughts; and collaborating with friends who make me a stronger shareholder pushing for profitable possibilities. In the angel society we understand both the moment: do best, understand, have great times, and create cash, not especially in that order. It will always be a life lesson if you are looking for early members and investment opportunities that talk to you and your principles.

For businessmen, it’s critical to find out what kind of investment suits their vision for their business – this is my first matter when tried to approach for financing. An angel shareholder’s income equity is only accurate for some businesses and some ideas. We usually look for businesses that intend to measure really fast and want their shareholders to engage fingers-on, and these kick-up proposals should aim to grow and escape at a great value to guarantee a high yield for all participating. I promote pioneers to really get to understand the equity process, look for internet funds, speak to other begin-ups and come up with a five-year marketing plan. We sometimes turn down thoughts that we think are not ideologically compatible with these principles.

Find out more about Raffaele: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/raffaele-riva

Vijay Eswaran And Dilution

The fact of the matter is that Vijay Eswaran, when investing in some other companies may not think that SAFE or convertible notes are fully in the interest of the founders of a particular company.

Why is that?

Well, let’s find out why Vijay Eswaran may not be a fan of these types of notes or securities. The first reason is that they kick some important aspects off to the side. Importantly, they kick the aspect of valuation off into a distant juncture at much later point.

This matters because the founder may not know the actual ownership within the company. The lack of knowledge is certain to place a dent in the morale of the company. Valuation or dilution is something that is quite important for individuals to realize and understand each step of the way.

This knowledge will not only drive them but it will also give them an understanding of where they stand. The founder of a company may end up getting surprised and not realize that they were only going to receive a small amount of the company.

The lack of clarity is a big, very big deal. Notes can create a sense of illusion for the founders and not take them to where they want to be in the end destination. The more the notes one will pile on top of a company, the more issues that will be faced with in the end. Factors such as priced rounds and other aspects may cause large issues.

For this reason, prominent investors who are interested in the long-term success of founders will not opt to go for this model unless founders really want to go forward with this option. Make sure to do well and stay well and stay on the right path as a founder to reach your end goal.

Nitin Khanna Brilliant Approach to Management

Nitin Khanna is synonymous with his consistency in business. Whether he is working with the federal government or with a private entity — he is keen on giving the best and sustainable solution. For example, the USA election management has made some brave changes in the past two decades. Nitin Khanna was one of the people that made digital voting and election management a reality. Through his brother’s company, Khanna was among the first few people that brought transparency to elections — especially after the 2000 election debate on who won. Although he is no longer part of Saber software, he continues to serve people around the world by providing solutions to different problems.

Nitin Khanna proficiency in business dates back to his early life. He points out that his family background in business was an ideal background for him as a future businessperson and more importantly — as a solution provider. However, his interaction with different professionals in the world of business has also reshaped his view on business. Nitin Khanna points out that most of his lessons are through his peers in business and from mentors. In addition, he is fortunate to have one of the best educational backgrounds. Khanna describes his educational journey as a path that taught him to view the world from a perspective of providing solutions.

Apart from his educational background, lessons from mentors and his early socialization to business, Nitin Khanna has one of the best approaches to work. For example, he understands that productivity is critical for any business. In his niche, productivity requires a lot of research and more importantly — training employees. Over the last five years, Nitin Khanna has invested a huge amount of his profits to training employees and ensuring that they have a better understanding of his target market. He also trains his employees in an attempt to socialize them with his company’s philosophy, aspirations, and blueprint. Thanks to his determination, MergerTech is one of the most productive companies in the world.

Although Nitin Khanna believes in idea-based concepts in the corporate world, he firmly believes in superior execution. For example, he points out his company is more concerned about the implementation of ideas, rather than looking ideas.

Read Khanna’s success story here https://yourstory.com/mystory/48e163e5d2-nitin-khanna-an-nri-who-made-it-big-in-portland-oregon

Paul Herdsman- Advice To Entrepreneurs

Paul Herdsman is a business solutions provider in Jamaica. He is among the people who have made it possible for the business industry to thrive by providing entrepreneurs with up to date information on how to manage a business. He is the co-founder of an organization known as NICE Global. This is a business solution provider of essential services in the business industry.


Led by Paul Herdsman; NICE Global is interested in helping the clients to get right on the most basic aspects of a business. There is customer retention, reducing overhead costs and increasing the profits. Any business in the world today is working towards perfecting these three aspects.


Paul Herdsman provides entrepreneurs with advice on running their businesses. He has experience helping numerous businesses deal with challenges. He also provides general advice to entrepreneurs out there on what it takes to be successful. One of the things he teaches entrepreneurs is to ensure they appreciate their employees. The first thing should be however being hiring the right people. The role of the employees in the success of a business is vital. So, when hiring, there should be special focus on productive employees. After getting the right employees, a business should go ahead and invest in them. Employees training is vital in getting things done in the right way. Throughout a successful career Paul Herdsman has developed aa plethora of corporate wisdom that he expresses in the article “12 Successful Tips for Entrepreneurs”.


Paul Herdsman treats his employees with dignity. He also ensures that any time he makes new hiring, the workers are first trained on the job they will be performing. The training process is, however, not a one-time affair; it is a continuous process which facilitates performance in the work environment. Another thing that should happen according to Paul Herdsman is proper remuneration of the employees. See This Page for related information.


Competitive remuneration means that the workers will be motivated to carry out their tasks. The last thing from Herdsman is for entrepreneurs to know every aspect of their business. They should not rely on the employees to do everything right, they should have a clear picture of what needs to be achieved better than the workers.


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