Organo Black Ganoderma Is A Coffee With Added Advantage

Gold Gourmet Black Ganoderma sold by the Canadian-based direct marketing firm, Organo, has created buzz among within coffee culture crowds as a favorite go-to choice — and not just for its low-acid smoothness and robust flavor. Coffee lovers also like the fact they are getting a positive extra with their daily brew.

Organo Gold Black Ganoderma is fortified with powder from the Ganoderma lucidum mushroom. Also known as the lingzhi mushroom, this fungi has been used in China as a herbal remedy and health supplement for centuries. The first recorded use of the lingzhi dates to the Han Dynasty of 78 A.D. to 139 A.D. The Han Dynasty polymath Zhang Heng called Ganoderma, “the food of immortality.”

It probably won’t make you live forever, but a cup of Gourmet Black Ganoderma will lift your day. Just enjoying the flavor is what its really all about. Many people say this coffee gives that energy boost you expect from coffee but “never the jitters” caffeine produces in some people.

Black Ganodrma is perhaps the premier brand sold by Organo, but the company offers a wide array of coffee flavors and also teas that contain Ganoderma lucidum. This coffee is not sold retail or in most coffee shops, but rather is purchased directly from independent distributor who sell the product as private dealers.

Anyone can sign up with Organo to sell and distribute this company’s coffee brands and other health maintenance products. The company is noted by industry observers for its generous compensation package.