Boraie Development: Scaling New Heights In New Brunswick

Last Summer the Free Summer Movies Series was reintroduced. The main sponsors of the event were The Provident Bank Foundation and Boraie Development. Community members watched top six movies for free between July 12 and August 9 at the State theater New Jersey monument.


The 1850-seater theater offers unmatched experience. The HD digital projection system and 46-inch film, a digital sound system and projector make the movie going experience excellent. Audiences can choose to sit on the balcony or downstairs. The New Jersey Stage documented the return of this event.


Boraire Development is an upscale real estate developer and property management. The company also offers sales and marketing services. With a dedicated team of specialized developers, the company creates unrivalled properties and offers great client services.


The latest Omar Boraie project in New Brunswick, the Aspire, comprises of exquisite high-end residential. The development is part of Omar Boraie’s teen aspirations. Forty years back, he pictured a more developed and high-rise New Brunswick neighborhood.


Omar, 73 years old, is the president of Boraie Development. Even as he dreams for New Brunswick shape up, he cannot help but remember the struggle in the initial years. As a visiting scholar from Egypt he was impressed with the developments in Europe. He began his enterprise in 1972 when New Brunswick was a dull street and activities ended by 4 p.m.


Omar Boraie earmarked 21 one vacant buildings that urgently needed renovation. He then bought the buildings one by one. After the purchase, Omar laid out a plan for the new space. Omar Boraie idea did not make any economic sense at that moment. Forty-five years later, the Albany Building and other developments light up New Brunswick. The Albany Street Plaza Tower-One is the pioneer development that exclusively offers office spaces. In 2003, Boraie opened Tower-Two.


To further the town’s development, Boraie Development focused on developing classy residential units that mimic New York living. The One Spring Street, currently the tallest building in the city has residential units, retail and parking spaces and office spaces. The creation attracted criticism as many assumed the New York style model would not be viable for New Brunswick. Right after completion in 2007, the building sold out within two months. now focuses on creating more residential properties in down turn New Brunswick. They intend to cater for the growing demand for employee housing and Millennials who flock the area. Boraie integrates domestic and commercial properties to improve the living conditions of employees within the area. So rather than sitting traffic for long, they can choose to live closer. View the company profile on


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