Major McDonalds Supplier OSI Group Dives Into Plant-Based Burger Industry

For months, Impossible Foods has not been able to keep up with the demand for their Impossible Burger. It was already sold in 10,000 restaurants and this number jumped dramatically when Burger King rolled out their Impossible Whopper nationwide. While having too much demand for your product sounds like a good problem to have, it isn’t. A company can lose market share and consumer goodwill if companies and consumers want to buy a product and can’t because of shortages.

Enter OSI Group. One of McDonalds main suppliers since that restaurant’s start, this company is a massive meat-producing firm that has facilities around the globe. This company and Impossible Foods have now partnered to produce Impossible Burger in two OSI Group facilities, and within the next few years possibly all 70 of them. See more on Wikipedia.

While at first blush a company producing a plant-based product doesn’t seem like they should partner with a meat product company, that impression is wrong. OSI Group has been dedicated to being an environmentally friendly and sustainable firm for more than 40 years. They have multiple technologies in their facilities to limit the amount of resources they use and the waste that is produced. At OSI, everything is viewed through the lens of sustainability.

OSI is providing Impossible Foods with the capacity they need to ramp up production to meet demand. Through the first half of 2019, Impossible Foods did what they could to increase production at their sole food production facility, but it just wasn’t enough. This was especially the case as major restaurant chains like White Castle, Qdoba, and Cheesecake Factory needed more and more of their meatless patties to meet demand from their customers, never mind independent restaurants.

Given OSI’s close connections to McDonalds, some people are wondering whether this is a sign that restaurant chain is planning to introduce plant-based burgers. They already do in Germany, albeit not the Impossible Burger. In the United States, some analysts say it’s inevitable that McDonalds will introduce them before long. But this restaurant chain hasn’t made any commitment to doing so.


Paul Herdsman- Advice To Entrepreneurs

Paul Herdsman is a business solutions provider in Jamaica. He is among the people who have made it possible for the business industry to thrive by providing entrepreneurs with up to date information on how to manage a business. He is the co-founder of an organization known as NICE Global. This is a business solution provider of essential services in the business industry.


Led by Paul Herdsman; NICE Global is interested in helping the clients to get right on the most basic aspects of a business. There is customer retention, reducing overhead costs and increasing the profits. Any business in the world today is working towards perfecting these three aspects.


Paul Herdsman provides entrepreneurs with advice on running their businesses. He has experience helping numerous businesses deal with challenges. He also provides general advice to entrepreneurs out there on what it takes to be successful. One of the things he teaches entrepreneurs is to ensure they appreciate their employees. The first thing should be however being hiring the right people. The role of the employees in the success of a business is vital. So, when hiring, there should be special focus on productive employees. After getting the right employees, a business should go ahead and invest in them. Employees training is vital in getting things done in the right way. Throughout a successful career Paul Herdsman has developed aa plethora of corporate wisdom that he expresses in the article “12 Successful Tips for Entrepreneurs”.


Paul Herdsman treats his employees with dignity. He also ensures that any time he makes new hiring, the workers are first trained on the job they will be performing. The training process is, however, not a one-time affair; it is a continuous process which facilitates performance in the work environment. Another thing that should happen according to Paul Herdsman is proper remuneration of the employees. See This Page for related information.


Competitive remuneration means that the workers will be motivated to carry out their tasks. The last thing from Herdsman is for entrepreneurs to know every aspect of their business. They should not rely on the employees to do everything right, they should have a clear picture of what needs to be achieved better than the workers.


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