ClassDojo Brings a Solution to Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the many epidemics rising in today’s world as life gets busier and worse, it is even affecting children. To solve this issue, a new class from the app “ClassDojo” called “Mindfulness Moment” was released on the 10th of May 2019. 

“Mindfulness Moment” is a practice of 10 to 15 minutes of breathing exercises and focusing on silence and clarity. As shown in an article from, only 5.4 percent of children in America were diagnosed with anxiety by 2003. The number, however, went up to 8.4 by 2011 and has not slowed down. By today the number has gone higher than 10 percent in children under 18 treated for anxiety. 

However, the results of the “Mindful Moment” have proved to be promising. From an article on, there was a screening of 3000 parents and 2,500 teachers. 92 percent of teachers say their students have experienced anxiety, and with two-thirds of parents and teachers practicing with their kids, 96 percent found the lessons beneficial. 63 percent handled their emotions, 42 percent were calmer36 percent were happier, 31 percent had greater focus, and 28 percent with increased empathy.

With the combined efforts of ClassDojo, the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, and Beyond Shame Beyond Stigma, these results show a brighter future for everyone with a “Mindful Moment.”

Educational App Classdojo

In a society obsessed with electronics and cell phones would it be beneficial to use an app for education? Classdojo is an app that focuses on better education for children. The app allows teachers to share updates of what is happening in their classes. They are able to chart what each kid is doing and their behavior whether its positive or negative. They can take videos and message parents whenever they need to. This service is provided in over 180 countries. After positive results in surveys, the company decided to take a new adventure and start what’s called a “mindfulness lesson.” 

Starting on May the 10th, all teachers were required to start their class with a mindfulness lesson, which a guided meditation. The mindfulness lesson lasts about 15 minutes and teaching children the power of being still. In his own words, “The vision of the company is, in the end, to give every child on earth an education they love,” says cofounder and CEO Sam Chaudhary. Their lessons include; ClassDojo’s lesson titles are largely self-explanatory. There’s Mindful Moment, Mindful Breathing, Focused Feet, Mindful Listening, Body Scan, and Mindful Countdown. It’s been very beneficial to students, parents, and teacher. 

Lessons In Education From Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is now ten years old. The first Rocketship school was opened a decade ago in a California church. They learnt a lot during these ten years, and following are some of the lessons that they learned.

The first is that personalized education starts from home. Rocketship Education is known for using technology and other methods to provide personalized education to every student. They also make a visit to the student’s home once a year. This way, they can understand the family dynamics and provide an education that is truly personalized.

The second is that to change the system, they need to create demand. That is why Rocketship Education is still only until the fifth grade and not beyond that. If they would expand it until the twelfth grade, there would not be enough demand that would help them get the support and resources they need.

Another is that they need to honor the power of the parents. Rocketship Education has a parent leadership program, which is designed to help parents have a voice and lobby for the needs of their kids. Therefore, even though Rocketship Education schools continue only until middle school, the parents have been able to band together and lobby for a better system in the schools where their kids go after that.

Another is that they value teacher diversity. They believe in student diversity, of course, but they realize that teacher diversity, having teachers of many different backgrounds, is a great aspect of the success of students.

Another is that actions speak louder than words. The people who launched Rocketship Education didn’t have children when they started it, but now that they have children, they send them to a Rocketship school. This shows that they believe in what they created and in the models of education that they use for other students.

Rocketship Education is a unique school network that empowers parents and students. Parents take part in the interviews of potential teachers, which is certainly an innovative idea. In addition, they are known to use technology to provide a unique and personalized education to all of their students.