GPB Global Resources: A Priceless Employee

When it comes to the most credible sources for information on the modern-day state of investment, there are hardly any more companies as successful as GPB Global Resources has been. Because they have always been focused on distributing the truth to the people they work with, they have a great track record of the information they have provided the industry with. Experience can be a great tool for learning, but those at GPB Global Resources believe that guidance is extremely useful for people who are just starting off in the field, and because of this, they try to provide it whenever possible. They have all gone through the process of learning on their own, and many of them could see great benefit if they had a mentor somewhere along the way. When it comes to them, they are always thinking of new ways to revolutionize the industry at large. Visit their facebook page to learn more.

This is the type of company they are, and they are thankful to be in a position where people are appreciative of this kind of approach. Oftentimes, individuals get frustrated when someone tries to teach them too much, and this is why GPB Global Resources believes in a step-by-step learning process. This way, you can tackle the issues that come your way at a steady, manageable pace. Those at GPB Global Resources find that making sure you control what you learn is extremely important to ensuring long-term success. In that field, there can be a lot of instability, so there is often an issue of initiating long-term deals with individuals.

However, when you are trained properly, managing relations with other corporations simply becomes an exercise of habit. The people GPB Global Resources is most interested in are the ones who show that they are capable of adding on to their already existing bank of information on the modern-day state of investment. Those who already have a high view of themselves tend to be less useful. Individuals who are humble, on the other hand, are always learning new ways to develop, and it is these people who are invaluable to the company’s success.


About The Richest Woman in Africa, Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos is an entrepreneur, businesswoman and the richest woman in Africa with a net worth estimate of $2.2 billion as of April 2019. She was born by a Russian mother and the former president of Angola, Jose Eduardo dos Santos. Isabel dos Santos attended an all-girls boarding school in Kent and later joined King’s College in London pursuing an electrical engineering course. She is married to Sindika Dokolo, a Congolese art collector, and together they have three children (Youtube).

Entrepreneurial Career

Isabel began her career at Urbana 2000 serving as a project manager, and within a few years, she established trucking business. She then ventured into the telecommunication industry while utilizing the walkie-talkie technology. In 1997, the businesswoman founded the Miami Beach Club in the Luanda Islands. Over the next two decades, Isabel dos Santos created different holdings in Angola while serving in various leadership positions in recognized companies. Besides, she also involved with holdings outside Angola including Trans Africa Investment Services in Gibraltar, Esperaza Holdings B.V. and Unitel International Holdings both in Amsterdam, Germany, and invested in different sectors in Portugal. 

Contribution in Telecommunication

The businesswoman has played a significant role in the telecommunication industry, especially after the creation of Unitel through a joint partnership with Portugal Telecom. Through the Unitel International Holdings, Portugal Telecom founded a similar company in Cape Verde. Later Isabel dos Santos acquired a license and established Unitel at San Tome and Principe while expanding it to further helping in the education sector. As of 2015, she bought majority shares at ZAP, a satellite T.V. with rights to distribute Forbes to Portugal, Mozambique, and Angola.

Philanthropy Work

Dos Santos is a devoted businesswoman dedicated to supporting the community in Angola and Africa in general. In Angola, Isabel donates to educate the unfortunate children as well as in raising money for building schools. Besides, the businesswoman has been on the forefront to empower women both in Angola and Africa in achieving their dream in a male-dominated community while creating jobs for them. In Africa, she is among the individuals pioneering the digitalization of the continent as well as mentoring young entrepreneurs to succeed in the future. 

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Kamil Idris: A Global Expert in Arbitrations

Professor Kamil Idris is a national of Sudan. He worked as a Director General of Worlds Intellectual Property Organization. The organization is recognized for the celebration of World Intellectual Property Day which is celebrated on April 26th each year. Professor Kamil Idris issued a statement regarding the event in which he outlined the importance of the event and the impact of intellectual property around the world.


Creativity in society is an area which Professor Kamil Idris identified as an important aspect of the influence of technology. Creativity has led to various enhancements over the course of time which have allowed individuals to capitalize on the advantages that technology has afforded today’s society. It is through innovation that individuals around the globe have been able to capitalize on and enjoy what creativity from individuals has provided society. Intellectual property rights allow artists and inventors who have created something unique to protect their inventions and receive recognition from people for their efforts which are a byproduct of their ideas.


Professor Kamil Idris has an extensive education which he received from completing degrees in countries around the world. Academically, Kamil Idris has primarily focused his pursuits in the field of law. He received degrees from universities located in Egypt, Switzerland, Sudan, and the United States. Additionally, Kamil Idris received a Doctorate degree from the University of Geneva in International Law located in Switzerland.


As a member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, Kamil Idris participates in privately held arbitration sessions. Professor Kamil Idris is a supporter of the goal of the Permanent Court of Arbitration which is to offer options which may led to a resolution of international disputes. Due to his vast experience in arbitration, Kamil Idris frequently receives invitations to preside over arbitration panels for prominent companies and organizations. His role as a presider of arbitrations involve handling issues which are of a sensitive nature.