Different ViSalus Energy Drinks

Join the ViSalus Prime plan and you become eligible for free shipping on all the monthly delivery orders. Take a look at the wide range of products offered by this company. You will find meal replacement kits, energy drinks, bars and shakes. Which one is right for you?

First determine your weight loss and fitness goals. Are you trying to lose weight or do you want to just maintain your current fitness level? Every person has a different health goal. The Vi range of food and drink products will help you achieve all such goals without any problem. Go To This Page to learn more.

ViSalus products are listed under the categories of meals, drinks, snacks and supplements. The meal category includes the “Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix”. It is similar to a cake mix. The next in line is the Superfood Shake which is perfect for a meal in the glass. When your main goal is to achieve the best body shape, use the Shape-Up Health Flavor. Just mix it with your favorite drink and it is ready for consumption.

What about the drinks? There are lots of them. You will find Neon Energy Drink that gives you the quick power boost without having any harmful effects. If you prefer an organic variety of energy drink, go for the NEON Organic. It is one of the best organic energy drinks in the market. It not only delivers the energy boost but tastes delicious as well. The ViSalus NEURO Smart Energy drink offers some added benefits. View Additional Info Here.

Its effects last long and you will continue to feel energized throughout the day after drinking it. Use ViSalus Go to give your body instant energy when you are on the move or at home. The Pro Fuel offers sustained energy release throughout the day. Visalus even makes an interesting energy drink Vi-Defy for people who want to defy the aging signs.

With its offices in Los Angeles, CA, Italy and other locations around the world, this company is now well known not only for its healthy products but also for its charitable works.

Visit its website on https://visalus.com/  to order its products or learn more.


TigerSwan – Elite Special Ops and Chevrolet

Getting a first-hand experience of how a special ops team works is an awe-inspiring event for anyone. Wearing the gear and participating in actual simulations gives a whole new meaning and deeper appreciation for these elite team members. Needing a dependable vehicle for some of those missions is an understatement when mission objectives can range from a sniper shoot to hostage rescue and anything in between. During one event, TigerSwan highlighted just how important a Chevy Tahoe or Suburban can be to some of these elite teams. TigerSwan performs international security services for many different organizations and is led by its CEO James Reese.

Using these particular vehicles in simulated missions allows team members to demonstrate high-speed night driving and other scenarios where the Chevy Tahoe and Suburban excel. All of these TigerSwan teams require a vehicle that can withstand some serious use and abuse in the field while still protecting its occupants. And the off-road options with which either vehicle can be outfitted seriously augment the capabilities and popularity of these vehicles with many kinds of teams, from normal law enforcement to elite special ops personnel.

TigerSwan likens these two Chevy vehicles to tanks that have the faster maneuverability that they need and yet remains operational after some physical damage. And TigerSwan teams have high praise for the capability and dependability of both vehicles, including real-world special ops missions detailing the life-saving reliability of the Chevy Tahoe in particular.

TigerSwan is headed by James Reese, who founded the company in 2008. James Reese was a member of Delta Force, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel just prior to founding TigerSwan and has over thirty years of experience. As a highly-regarded leader, Reese has taken TigerSwan from an idea to a company with elite operations in well over four dozen countries worldwide.

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ViSalus Is Keeping People Healthy On A Global Scale

Founded in 2005, ViSalus has developed a global track record as one of the most recognizable health-inspired brands in existence. The company’s commitment to supporting both physical wellness and entrepreneurship has helped millions of people achieve a high level of success.

The international Body by Vi 90-day Challenge is a marketing platform designed to help people reach their physical goals 90 days at a time. Each year, thousands of people accept the challenge to transform their body and health.

The two-prong approach of physical wellness and entrepreneurship proved to be a powerful incentive for ViSalus. A number of people opted to achieve both financial freedom and physical wellness at the same time.

It is the mission of ViSalus to create optimum health, wellness, and prosperity on a global level. Since the inception of the Body by Vi Challenge, ViSalus has seen over 3 million transformations and generated over 2 billion in worldwide sales.

ViSalus has always operated with a high level of transparency, integrity, and core-driven values. Being knowledgeable, clear, friendly, and empowering are principles that the company stands by strongly and consistently.

ViSalus offers a full line of fitness products that consists of great-tasting meals, drinks, and snacks. A number of vitamin supplements, metabolic boosters, and fat burners are also available. See Related Link to learn more.

The kits are designed to help people of all fitness levels. Custom packs for children are also available. People have the opportunity to purchase the ready-made balance kit, transformation kit, shape kit, or they can customize their own. Get Related Information Here.

The entrepreneurial side of the program is designed to help participants earn lucrative income on a fulltime or part-time basis. There are a number of compensation packages available to help entrepreneurs get started on the road to success.

ViSalus is headquartered in Troy, MI but has offices in Los Angeles, CA and Europe.

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