Isabel dos Santos – Innovator and Advocate for Economic Development Opportunities for All Africans

Isabel dos Santos is Africa’s most successful businesswoman. In 2015, the BBC listed her as as one of the top 100 influential women worldwide.

Isabel dos Santos is the oldest daughter of Angola’s former president. She attended an all girls boarding school in England, going on to study electrical engineering at London’s King College. Over the last 20 years, she has amassed an incredible portfolio of business ventures and investments. Her experience includes management positions with several companies, before setting up a trucking business. She developed communication technology to improve the business. She then went on to start her own company, a night club/beach restaurant on the Luanda Island. Continuing to explore opportunities at home and in other countries, Isabel dos Santos expanded her investments into the areas of telecommunications, finance, media, energy, and retail.

Though well-known for her extensive business leadership in the development of infrastructures and the implementation of cutting edge technology, Isabel dos Santos is perhaps becoming more recognized for her extensive efforts in helping to develop opportunities for economic development in the areas of Africa that had been struggling to overcome poverty. She devotes her time and provides financial support to multiple projects to promote entrepreneurship and the building of a digital infrastructure in Africa. Her vision of African citizens participating in the worldwide international economy through the use of technology is what keeps her on the path of motivation.

Isabel dos Santos has helped to create over 50,000 employment positions. She is known for her speaking engagements, promoting economic development for areas struggling with poverty, pushing for equality and opportunities for women and encouraging young people. Isabel dos Santos spoke at the European Parliament in Brussels as an advocate for developing Africa’s digital infrastructure in order to open the doorway for Africa’s citizens to join in global economic opportunities.

She has been named by Forbes as the richest woman in Africa, having acquired a net worth of over $2 billion. Her biggest claim to fame, however, may be the difference she is making in the lives and futures of her fellow citizens.

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George Soros Contributions To The Cause Of Championing For Democracy

Many people who now Mr. Soros are aware of the fact that his philanthropy efforts are rooted in his past. Having lived in the Nazi-occupied region of Hungary as a boy, Soros emigrated to London then later the United States, in which he became successful on wall street. What brought Soros mainstream attention is an incident that happened in 1992. In that year, Soros made a bet against Britain’s currency, the British pound. His stake amounted to $1 billion. His move to bet against the pound led to the devaluing of the money by the government as Soros was aggressively selling the British pound. The events that took place later earned Soros the nickname of the man who broke the bank of England and what George Soros knows.

With time Soros fortune significantly grew, with this wealth, he decided to fund various rights causes while at the same time promoting democracy. In 1984 Soros was able to establish the first open society foundation based in Hungary. By doing so, Soros emulated the principle of philosopher Karl Popper’s book ‘the open society and its enemies’ in which popper championed for the right of democratic governance, the freedom of expression not forgetting the respect for people’s rights and George Soros lacrosse camp.

In today’s America, Soros is regarded as one of the country’s biggest donor for the Democrats. In 2016 alone, he made significant donations to the then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. During this electioneering period, Soros donated millions to various political action committees while at the same time opposing Donald trump. He also supported numerous Democrat candidates and their agendas. Other than that, during the Americas 2016 presidential election, Soros made a massive bet that Donald Trump would lose the election and learn more about George Soros.

For the past several decades, Soros has been making substantial donations to the open society foundations on a yearly basis. He has been donation an average of $800 to $900 million to this organization every year. All this changed a few years back when he started increasing the contributions to this foundation as part of his estate planning. This has brought the value of the donation to the open society foundation this year to $18 billion. The first media outlet that released this figure to the public was the wall street journal. More information on this can be found on the New York Times.

In the coming years, Soros is expected to make donations equivalent or slightly more than $2 billion to the open society foundation. It is a known fact that no foundation in the world, not even the ford foundation, has had a substantial impact on the world as we know it today. The open society foundation has been able to achieve a lot over the past twenty years, a sentiment shared by Darren Walker, the current president of the Ford Foundation. The evidence that supports this notion comes from the fact that there is no region in the world the open society foundation hasn’t gone to and helped improve human rights and championing for democracy. Soros is committed and will continue to be while overseeing the work his foundation. Soros wishes that the foundation impacts the world positively bringing the much-needed change and Follow him