Chris Burch Makes Luxury Resort On Sumba Island A Vacationer’s Paradise

Tropical Beach Paradise Awaits

The breathtaking natural beauty surrounding the Nihiwatu Resort, currently known as Nihi Sumba Resort, is as unique as it is traditional. On a small island off of Indonesia’s mainland, the resort has captured the essence of the peaceful paradise. The Spirit of the Native people is apparent in the style of the hotel, with indigenous antiquities gracing the resort in areas throughout the property. The ocean as clear as a cloudless blue sky, the natural aquamarine color of the water is like a bath designed for angels.


The Man Behind The Magic

Chris Burch saw the extraordinary potential of this benevolent nirvana, and purchased the already-standing hostel that sat adjacent to the beach. He knew he could make this a vacationer’s paradise. Partnering with James McBride, the two began their mission in renovating the hostel. Investing an additional 30 million dollars encapsulated his vision for this 5 star resort. Chris Burch spared no expense in making this property unlike other resorts. With the accommodations, amenities, art, antiques, and services the resort caters to each guest, making their mission to ensure an incredible stay at Nihi Sumba Resort.


Businessman Before Graduation

Christopher Burch received his education at Ithaca College. While still an undergraduate, he became a successful entrepreneur and businessman that is uniquely talented at his investment ventures, and has been incredibly prosperous since his first investment in 1976. With $2000 he and his brother embarked on a journey into an apparel line that eventually sold for millions. With the natural gift of the diamond touch, Chris Burch continued capitalizing with business investments.

His vastly diverse investment portfolio includes apparel at one end of the spectrum, to prefabricated luxury homes at the opposing end. The range of experience in many business ventures has increased his already extensive knowledge base.


Creating Heaven On Earth On Sumba Island

The acquisition of Nihiwatu Resort is one of his most gratifying adventures to date. The ability to envision a vacation paradise of sorts, and realize that vision has a gratifying result. Chris Church’s Nihiwatu Resort is a statement of elegance, with individual spa treatments that can be arranged either in the spa facility or the guests room if they so request, is the definition of relaxation, see ( Waterfalls tumbling down rocks finding the way to the crystal clear pool at the bottom make a beautiful backdrop for photographs, as well as just enjoying the day. Surfing is available on the tropical beach, with limited access to keep the activity focused on the guest’s leisure. Overcrowding is not safe or allowed at the resort’s coastline property.