The Talkspace Experience

Talkspace is an online therapy solution where you can text or chat with a therapist 5 days a week. It was co-founded by Oren Frank and his wife Roni in 2012. He realized the health care system was fractured and used his marketing experience to build up the company. They have built up a team of doctors for every aspect of mental health. Some of these include addictions, anxiety, career, eating, grief, parenting, relationships, sleeping and more. The company was reported to have over 300,000 patients right now. The chat room used for computers is basic, but the feature patients like is the mobile aspect.

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When signing up to Talkspace, they make it as easy as possible. You are already stressed about finding someone to talk to and the technology only adds to that. What they do is have you put an email, password and nickname in. Then, you are taken to a chat to talk to a therapist about your issues or online therapy. Once they have some info about you and you set up your payment, you will be paired with your counselor. The prices are $49 a week, $59 a week and $79 a week. You are billed monthly.

Talkspace is a perfect solution for someone with a hectic life. It truly is a lifesaver for patients on the go. Being able to talk to a personalized counselor 5 days a week has helped many people. It may seem like it is not as good as in-person but it is. Whether text responses or voice messages twice a day, personalized attention helps put people in the right mind. That you can get personal growth but on your schedule is a big plus. As a patient, the easiest way to describe the whole experience is, Talkspace is as good as the counselor you get. Learn More:

Oren Frank Informs People about the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

Mental health is a problem for many reasons. The biggest factor surrounding this health crises has to do with the stigma that surrounds this issue. Certain factors surrounding mental health has improved significantly since the past. With the current knowledge that people have about mental health they are less likely to criticize or shun people who have developed this condition.

Still, the overlying stigma remains about people who are thought to be mentally unfit. Oren Frank wants to be open about the mental health crises in America. He wants people to know that there are a lot of individuals suffering from mental problems. Depression is common and anxiety happens in people more often than any of us would believe.

More people on our jobs and at our schools have a verifiable mental health problem. Did you know that mental health rates have increased among teens and young kids? Many communities and schools around the country are experiencing increased mental health problems. Oren Frank is the CEO and co-founder of Talkspace. 

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Oren and his wife Roni came up with Talkspace after they used therapy to help save their marriage. When the couple was creating Talkspace, Oren Frank became more aware of the stigma associated with this problem. He realized that one of the main reasons why people don’t get mental health services has to do with the name calling, the disgrace and the shame that people inflict on one another. Oren realizes that this must change if people are going to get better.

Talkspace helps its clients to overcome this problem through the use of anonymity. Oren and Roni designed the mobile therapy app to be this way. The client will have to reveal they are using this therapy app if they want other people to know what is happening with their mental health. Ultimately, Oren Frank wants to improve the modern mental health field and Talkspace is just one way to resolve this issue.


Roseann Bennett Is High On Telemedicine

Roseann Bennett is the marvelous mind behind the revolutionary mental health agency, Center for Treatment and Assessment. The organization is a nonprofit based in New jersey. Few in her field are as dedicated to helping those in need. Read more about Bennett’s philanthropic activities on Hackettstown Couple Offering Scholarships Local Students.


Roseann received her formal education in marriage and family therapy from Seton Hall University. He graduated with both a MA and Ed.S. She worked hard to attain her license as a marriage and family therapist.


Of all of Roseann’s achievements none bring her more joy than the Center for Treatment and Assessment. What started out as a passion project for the marriage and family therapist has turned into a very successful organization. It has exceeded all expectations with its impact in the field. Her husband Todd is also a doctor and her biggest supporter. The couple make a great when it comes to helping families and individuals who suffer from mental health issues.


Roseann Bennet is a professional who highly values innovation. She wants to transform the way mental health therapy is viewed. In many instances people in need of help don’t received it because of their income. She aims to make treatment as accessible as possible to any and everyone.


as an innovator Roseann is very high on telemedicine. Telemedicine is the remote diagnosis and treatment of clinical health issues by means of telecommunication and information technology. While telemedicine is a very new trend it has already kicked up dust in the mental health community. Roseann thinks it may be the future of clinical health care. It may be the first signs of a future world absent of face-to-face care? See This Page for related information.


The way telemedicine can be used is as varied as the patients who may use it. It can be used to send an image of a particular illness and problem or a way to talk to a physician about a nagging injury. It can vastly increase the amount of communication between a doctor and patient.