Advice from Preston Smith for Educators – Rocketship Education Taught Preston Smith Lots of Important Values

Rocketship Education was created in 2007, in Redwood City, California. The first run-through of Rocketship Education’s academic calendar took place in a San Jose church, whose owners were nice enough to allow Preston Smith and John Danner, the system of public charter schools’ founders, to teach kids in their pilot program. Rocketship Education has since been a hit, helping families in low-income, impoverished, disadvantaged areas obtain quality educational courses for their children, rather than sending them to nearby schools that often aren’t top-notch – in actuality, quite the opposite.

It’s important for teachers, administrators, parents, and students themselves to be proud of attending public schools. While it’s no question that a majority of public schools in impoverished, beat down areas often provide poor education to their enrollees, Rocketship Education provides high-quality learning experiences to each and every student that attends one of their 18 locations. As such, everybody associated with Rocketship Education, especially the parents who benefit from not having to pay tens of thousands of dollars to enroll their kids in generally better private schools, should be proud of attending Rocketship’s schools.

Teachers are forced – in a good way, not dragged into students’ homes against their will – to visit where their students live once per year. Personalized lessons are made easier with this requirement.

Teachers also should be of diverse makeup, specifically matching that of their students. For example, RSED brings together groups of students with similar backgrounds months prior to the start of school year. Next, teachers whose backgrounds match their students’ are hired on a case-by-case basis for each classroom.

RSED, the initialism for Rocketship Education, is widely known for being the first primary school to integrate technological devices into everyday learning activities. Although students spend most of their time in general classroom settings, in which teachers involve each and every student in traditional lectures, at least one hour per day is spent on these devices, facilitating the instruction of personalized plans, without requiring tutors for every single student needing help. Comparatively high standardized testing rankings are high, year after year, for Rocketship Education’s eighteen locations, ranging from the nation’s capital, Washington DC, all the way to Milwaukee, and back to Nashville, Tennessee.