Brazil’s JHSF Real Estate Development Group Is Booming While Being Headed By Its CEO Zeco Auriemo

Progression for Zeco Auriemo has been quite steady with regards to his career with JHSF and his ability to effectively manage luxury developments in the field of Brazil’s beloved real estate. JHSF has, since his taking over, managed to climb towards the status of one of that country’s key players with regards to firms that actively develop real estate, and this is especially true where luxury properties are involved. Within Brazil, both Zeco and this JHSF firm take Sao Paulo as their primary city of headquartering their real estate operations. FAAP University alumni Auriemo has done a lot for his development organization.

One of the things that came readily after Zeco Auriemo embarked on his current level of leadership at the firm was that this CEO managed to bring to JHSF some of the most impressive international expansion that possibly any Brazilian real estate related company has ever witnessed. Not only did Auriemo bring his property expertise to Uruguay, but he also found American soil, specifically New York land, to be primed for greatly luxurious properties like the residence that he and JHSF chose to erect in that city. While the most famous Auriemo development in Brazil is naturally the Parque Cidade Jardim.

Although Cidade Jardim might be the Zeco Auriemo property that has acquired the most notoriety, there is also much to be impressed by with regards to the private airport that JHSF created in Sao Paulo, it is exclusively for executive travelers, and there isn’t another like it in Auriemo’s country. Whether it’s the executive travelers of that aviation property or the Brazilian shopping population, there seems to be an array of offerings that Mr. Auriemo has prepared for anyone, and he keeps those demographics in his professional mind when he is planning these unique properties of luxury.

Todd Levine Has A Talent For Making Complicated Things Appear Simple

One of attorney Todd Levine’s talents is being able to take a complex matter and make it sound much simpler than it had. He is able to present information to judges in this way, and he learned about his talent early on his career when he was put on a complicated case. And, Todd Levine says that this is where the idea for his company came from, as he has been interested in taking on complex cases and making sense of them since the beginning of his career as an attorney.

Todd Levine says that every day is different in the line of work that he is in, but that one thing remains the same no matter where he is or what kind of case he is working on, and that is that he is always planning ahead. He prioritizes his work to make time for everything that he needs to do. He says that as a litigation attorney, no two cases are ever the same, but that he prepares himself for all of the work that he does by becoming as smart as he can be about the law. And then he takes on a case and breaks it down until it is easy to understand.

Todd Levine believes in preparing himself for everything that he does, and he says that it is important for every entrepreneur to be prepared for what they will face. And he also believes that it is important to allow his work to speak for itself. And he says that it is important to be a quick thinker, and he has learned that through the years of being an attorney. Todd Levine is a creative man who enjoys music, science, and art when he is not busy with all of the work he does as an attorney.

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Hussain Sajwani, a Billionaire, a Leader, and a Philanthropist

Whenever there is mention of the UAE, the name Hussain Sajwani never fails to pop up. Hussain who happens to be the founder and also the owner of Damac Properties, he has come quite a long way to achieving the billionaire status he has today. His journey to becoming one of the most influential and also richest Arabs began at a humble home, where he helped his father run his shop after school.

After completion of his high school studies, Sajwani was fortunate enough to be among the first batch of students who received scholarships from the UAE to study in the US. He secured a place at the University of Washington, where he pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics & Engineering. While at school, Hussain Sajwani would spend his free time to sell timeshare apartments and use his savings to get him through the semester.

After completing his studies, he began working in Abu Dhabi’s gas industries finance department, where he used his time to set the foundation for his business, and used every chance to learn on how to operate a business. After two years, Hussain left Abu Dhabi and established a catering business. Thanks to his previous skills, Hussain Sajwani had a lot of experience and skills to bring to the catering table, and soon his company was on its way to the top, handling over 200 projects, and serving over 150,000 meals in a day.

Despite his success in the hospitality sector, when Dubai allowed foreigners to set and own businesses in its jurisdiction, Hussain Sajwani took the opportunity and shifted his focus to real estate. He began by developing small hotels and through this; he set the foundation for DAMAC properties. Soon his work became noticeable, and he was invited to become part of much bigger projects. Since then, Hussain has never looked back, and he is considered a pioneer of UAE’s real estate arenas. Today, under his belt, DAMAC properties prides itself on a development portfolio of over 40,000 units and delivering over 20,000 homes. Even though he is successful, Hussain is a man with a big heart and has donated to myriads of charitable organizations and causes through DAMAC Properties.