James Reese and His Company Tigerswan Host Event With Chevrolet

Recently, the security and consulting firm known as TigerSwan hosted an event along with Chevrolet. The security consulting firm looked to demonstrate the nature of special operations missions to local residents. Many people have often wondered what it would be like to participate in a mission where they needed to complete a very important task with time running out. While this can be very thrilling, it is also very difficult and stressful as certain tasks must be completed very quickly in order to save a life. With the event held by Tigerswan, many people will now realize that special operations missions are not quite like what they have been accustomed to seeing in action and war movies.

Chevrolet along with Tigerswan organized a local event at the Range Complex in North Carolina. The purpose of the event was to demonstrate how special operation soldiers complete hostage rescue missions. It also looked to allow attendees to get acquainted with firing a rifle from long range. People who attended the event were able to fire live bullets at targets. After attending the event, many people began to realize just how tough it can be to complete a special operations mission. Many operatives have to endure harsh weather conditions and then be required to shoot a moving target in less than one second. This type of event has convinced attendees that there is more to being a special operations soldier than just firing a rifle from long range.

James Reese Tigerswan
James Reese Tigerswan

The guests who attended the local event held by Tigerswan and Cheverolet were able to find out just how much skill and discipline the special operations soldiers need in order to complete their missions. At the event, they realized that special operations personnel must have very high levels of discipline in order to complete very difficult tasks at precise times. While the event showcased the discipline and skill required to complete special operations missions, it also demonstrated how certain vehicles help special operatives complete their missions. Chevrolet’s vehicles the Suburban and the Tahoe have proven to be among the most popular vehicles among members of the United States military.

When the event was held and the Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe were showcased, attendees got to see how these two vehicles benefit the military. The two vehicles have been regarded as a couple of the most popular and used vehicles by military service members. Both the Tahoe and the Suburban have the latest technology which includes GPS navigation and a backup camera. These features help military personnel navigate their surroundings more easily. Both of the vehicles also have lots of durability, power and speed which allow military service members to drive through rough terrain more easily.

James Reese is a retired Delta Force operative who founded Tigerswan. After he started up a small consulting company in Colorado, James Reese expanded Tigerswan into an enterprise that serves clients all over the world. With Tigerswan, James Reese has been able to provide dependable security and protection services for a number of individuals and organizations. Today, his company protects a number of executives and government officials.

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Academy of Art University Gives Artists The Opportunity To Network And More

The Academy of Art University offers its students the chance to show off their skills at its annual Spring Show. People who attended the university in the past, and people who are just interested in art, as well as professionals in the art industry, come to see what the students have to show for themselves. The event is an opportunity for those who are graduating to get a head start in their careers by showing off their photography, technology, and whatever kind of art they want to display. Networking is important for artists, and the university provides graduates with the perfect opportunity to start networking at the Spring Show.


The Academy of Art University was founded in 1929 and has a long history of helping artists become the best they can be. It is located in San Francisco, California, and its founder was Richard S. Stephens. The Academy of Art University is known to be the largest art and design school in the country, and it has nearly 300 full-time teachers employed. It also has 11,000 students enrolled at a time, and it is privately own and run for profit. Its current president is Elisa Stephens.

The academy runs the Automobile Museum, which features 200 beautiful vintage cars, and the school has a sports team in the NCAA Division II, called the Urban Knights. The school also participates in New York Fashion Week.

The Academy of Art University offers a variety of degrees, from bachelor’s degrees to master’s degrees. It offers classes for students interested in over two dozen subjects, and it also offers some of its classes online. A little over fifty percent of the students are female. The school is a member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. And, many people have gone on to have success after attending it, such as actress Lauren Conrad and actress and singer Raven-Symone.