Marc Beer Has Shown A Consistent Ability Over His Professional Life To Make Big Things Happen:

In 1987, Marc Beer completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Business at Miami University. From there, he launched into a career that has spanned three decades and has been filled with consistent success in various medical industry-oriented businesses such as biotechnology and the pharmaceutical sector. The first big work experience that Marc Beer found upon graduating from college was with pharmaceutical company Genzyme. It was in this job posting that he was able to show the value of the education that he had obtained as well as his natural skills as a businessman. Marc Beer took full advantage of this opportunity and quickly rose through the ranks until he was promoted to Genzyme’s Global Marketing Vice President.

Once he ascended to his VP position with Genzyme, Marc Beer made great use of the opportunity. His tenure in this role saw the company attain a higher profile in its industry than it had ever enjoyed before. The promotional work that Marc did with the Genzyme product line was instrumental in ensuring that countless medical patients were able to access medical treatment that they were in great need of. After becoming so successful in this endeavor, Marc Beer decided that he wanted to continue to help people and this led him to found a company known as ViaCell in 2000. 

ViaCell was Marc Beer’s opportunity to really make his own mark in the world of business. The company did some innovative work in the area of stem cell collection that was harvested from umbilical cord blood. Marc Beer and his ViaCell team looked into many treatment uses that these stem cells could be applied to. The growth of the company was rapid and impressive and five years after launching ViaCell, Marc Beer was able to land the company on the publically traded list. In 2007, he sold the firm for $300 million to the Perkin Elmer company.

After he completed his ViaCell sale, Marc Beer suffered a tragedy in his family and decided to step away from professional life for a while and regroup. He enjoyed this time with his children and found it to be a rejuvenating experience but he also had the desire to return to the world of business. It was at the urging of his daughter that he would reemerge on the scene with a new company and a new mission to help medical patients. This new venture that Marc Beer is involved with now is called Renovia. The company is working toward finding solutions for pelvic floor disorders. This is a condition that affects countless women and the stigma behind it has been one that has caused a great deal of damage. Marc and his team are working to break that stigma and find better treatments for this condition that so many women suffer from.  Learn more:

Things have been going great for Marc Beer and his team that he has assembled at Renovia. The firm gained the approval of its debut product form the FDA and he was also able to raise a substantial amount of funding through a Series B round. It is clear that Marc Beer is once again out there and making a difference.

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Maarten de Jeu Evolves the Inner-Business Structure

Today’s business industry is more ruthless, yet more open to potential than ever before. Most have a hierarchy of employee tiers with how duties are handed out for workers to complete. There are the everyday people who act as the face of the company, while the managers above them run the show and report to the CEO even higher up. However, there is a new role steaming out from the CEO known as a corporate developer. These are individuals who run the calculations and determine where the company can improve its standing or cut off potential loses. The website Ask Reporter recently sat down with Maarten de Jeu as he expanded on his role in growing the industry.

Maarten de Jeu can be seen as the individual who popularized the role of corporate development. He entered the scene with a strong sense of what makes a good success internationally. He brought a wealth of skills, in addition to an educated background from the University of Oxford. The first jobs he obtained were simple advising tasks on behalf of various clients. It was not until the founding of SVM Business Advisory that he took the future of business upon himself. Having his operations based out of Chicago, Illinois was the perfect location for being in contact with fortune 500 companies. His natural instincts and knowledge have turned into a business industry staple.

The role of corporate developer takes a three-pronged approach to aiding a business. This individual is first in charge of partner discussions and determining where a joint venture might have potential. Secondly, they are the most important person in ensuring a merger or acquisition deal comes to fruition. A corporate developer is essentially the spokesperson for the CEO above them. Lastly, they handle the allocation and potential regarding company assets. As a business grows and grows they may find certain properties become a burden for growth. It is the responsibility of the corporate developer to find and remove these pieces. Learn more:

In order to determine if an individual can become a corporate developer, they should first do an interpersonal reflection to see where their skills stand. Innovation is possibly the most important trait for surviving the current globalized economy. Consumers are always searching for something new, and they will gravitate towards a company that is fulfilling those desires. Similarly, learning effective communication skills can be a valuable asset for developing partnerships and making your client’s presence more clearer. The last aspect is finding someone who is current on economic trends and consumer desire. A business has to evolve or the competition will leave them behind.

The role of a corporate developer is not as clear cut as it might seem, but the flexibility of the position allows for companies to create their unique identity. Maarten de Jeu has seen the ups and downs of the economy while using his experience to better guide businesses to a profitable tomorrow. The power of business is creating a new future is limitless.

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Tigerswan Is Making The World A Safer Place

The terrorist attacks on America on September 11, 2001, forever changed how companies think about security. It’s necessary to have multiple layers of security for the protection of buildings, employees, and computer networks. James Reese, the CEO and founder of Tigerswan, understands the changes required for protecting assets and people in the 21st-century world. James Reese, a 25 year veteran in the United States Army, has the training and experience necessary to develop solid security practices for his clients.

tigerswan, james reese

James Reese is a highly acclaimed retired Delta Force service member. He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel after receiving commendations and medals throughout his long military career. After such a long career many people would enjoy retirement by spending time playing golf or travelling, but James Reese opted to start a new business instead. He founded Tigerswan in 2007 after realizing that there was a need for proactive, professional security to protect citizens around the globe.

Tigerswan benefits from the special ops training that James Reese employed during his time overseas in enemy territory. He understands how criminals think and how his highly skilled personnel can outwit them. Speaking of his staff, Tigerswan is a service-disabled, VA certified and approved small business. Another reason that James Reese started Tigerswan was to help veterans who were disabled while serving their country to find employment.

Service-disabled veterans don’t have it easy when they come back home. Depending on what their disability is, they may not be able to return to their jobs, whether they want to or not. Tigerswan works with disabled vets to retrain them and allow them to earn a paycheck. James Reese is dedicated to helping his people to regain their self-confidence by helping them to learn new skills at Tigerswan.

The combination of James Reese’ military and leadership background and his employees’ willingness to excel make Tigerswan a strong, dedicated company. Tigerswan is headquartered in North Carolina and has offices in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, India, and North and West Africa.

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TigerSwan – Elite Special Ops and Chevrolet

Getting a first-hand experience of how a special ops team works is an awe-inspiring event for anyone. Wearing the gear and participating in actual simulations gives a whole new meaning and deeper appreciation for these elite team members. Needing a dependable vehicle for some of those missions is an understatement when mission objectives can range from a sniper shoot to hostage rescue and anything in between. During one event, TigerSwan highlighted just how important a Chevy Tahoe or Suburban can be to some of these elite teams. TigerSwan performs international security services for many different organizations and is led by its CEO James Reese.

Using these particular vehicles in simulated missions allows team members to demonstrate high-speed night driving and other scenarios where the Chevy Tahoe and Suburban excel. All of these TigerSwan teams require a vehicle that can withstand some serious use and abuse in the field while still protecting its occupants. And the off-road options with which either vehicle can be outfitted seriously augment the capabilities and popularity of these vehicles with many kinds of teams, from normal law enforcement to elite special ops personnel.

TigerSwan likens these two Chevy vehicles to tanks that have the faster maneuverability that they need and yet remains operational after some physical damage. And TigerSwan teams have high praise for the capability and dependability of both vehicles, including real-world special ops missions detailing the life-saving reliability of the Chevy Tahoe in particular.

TigerSwan is headed by James Reese, who founded the company in 2008. James Reese was a member of Delta Force, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel just prior to founding TigerSwan and has over thirty years of experience. As a highly-regarded leader, Reese has taken TigerSwan from an idea to a company with elite operations in well over four dozen countries worldwide.

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Marc Beer Focused on Improving the Lives of Women Suffering from Pelvic Floor Disorders

Marc Beer is a legendary serial entrepreneur who has a proven track record of starting numerous successful startups. Beer latest venture in the world of startups is Renovia Inc a Boston based medical technology company that he serves at the helm as co-founder, CEO, and Chairman. The idea of starting Renovia was from Dr. Ray Iglesias a long time gynecologist with over 35 years worth of experience. Ray Iglesias had spent most of his career time performing pelvic floor surgeries to women and experienced firsthand the kind of pain women went through during the surgical procedure. He then decided to find an alternative method that could help women get treatment without going for surgery. Iglesias spent nearly a decade to come up with the method, and it is after discovering the method that he called Beer and sold him the idea. Together with Yolanda Lorie, the three in 2016 launched the company and Beer being an experienced serial entrepreneur was appointed to head the company and help in marketing as well as look for capital.

Renovia Inc in less than three years has become a leading provider of affordable alternative healthcare for pelvic floor disorders. Pelvic floor disorder is a condition that affects the pelvic muscles rendering it difficult to control bowel movement. The condition includes pelvic organ prolapsed, fecal incontinence, and the most common is urinary incontinence. The condition in the US alone has affected close to25 percent of women, thus needs to be taken seriously. The industry, according to Beer, is a multimillion-dollar industry with ambulatory physicians cost between 2005 and 2006 standing at 298 million dollars.

Renovia Inc under Marc Beer leadership has been able to secure both series A and Series B financing. The most recent Series B funding saw the firm receive capital injection worth 32 million dollars and an additional 10 million dollars venture funding. The funding would not have been a success was it not the involvement of three healthcare investment firms. The firms were the New York-based Perceptive Advisors, Longwood Fund who also participated in Series A funding and the Missouri based Ascension Ventures. Beer while making a statement concerning the Series B funding was excited and full of praise for the three companies and said that the partnership would go a long way in helping to diagnose better, treat and improve the lives of millions of women suffering from the condition. Learn more:

Renovia in 2018 had its first line of products approved by the FDA and is focusing on eliminating the stigma associated with pelvic floor disorders. Many women, just because of the stigma, do not seek treatment for the condition, and this is one of the things Renovia is focused on reversing. Pelvic floor disorder has many causes, and the most common causes are uterine fibroids, endometriosis, chronic pelvic inflammation, and interstitial cystitis, among others.

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Smita Shah is giving women hope in business

For a man, becoming a success is the only option in life. There are millions of opportunities just because someone is not female. Men have all the support needed when they are in school, and the same thing happens when they venture into business. Women have to put all the effort by themselves. The society does not give the two genders equal considerations. Employers will be comfortable when giving their top positions to male candidates without thinking twice. The women have to prove their skills the hard way. Without this, the fight for gender equality will never end in society. Smita Shah was lucky enough to lead a successful life in business even when no one supported her when she was pursuing her career. Shah ignored the practices that worked against her career life, and this is why she stands tall in corporate society. Girls tend to like makeup activities and many other things that make them look beautiful. When Shah was in the critical age in her life, she mingled with the boys in whatever they chose to do. Even when she was this young, she knew that she needed to learn the behaviors of men so that she could change her story. Women leaders are getting their positions in the market by keeping up with these rules:

Separate your roles in business and your private life 

Smita Shah supports women to become whatever they want in their career lives. However, she urges women to put a clear line between their private and business roles. Women have to sacrifice their time and work extra hours before they can get a chance to smile. The same people have to risk everything before they can enjoy success. However, you have to ensure that your practice the rules of delegation. You should not kill yourself and deprive yourself rest because of high positions in the business. When you have people around you to assist you, then delegate some of the duties. Do not overstress your body by carrying all your work at home when you have other hands to help. Your home should not become a new office for business activities. Learn more:

Time management

Both men and women have to make use of the time they have well. For women leaders, time is the greatest tool that you have to use well. Entrepreneurs have crazy schedules to deal with all the time. Your time and energy will determine how far you will go. With many responsibilities under your care, you are prone to get burnouts. Shah is already enjoying life as a boss. However, she knows time is of great essence so that everything goes in the right direction.

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Maarten De Jeu Offers Wise Counsel on Global Business Expansions

Maarten De Jeu is an influential, internationally recognized businessman and strategist. De Jeu has
a rich academic background in business. He holds an MBA from a world-class university the
University Oxford. De Jeu was an exemplary student at the University of Oxford and graduated top
of his class. De Jeu is quite experienced in the international business scene and has a global
business network in countries such as Europe, Asia, and North America, where he has previously
worked. The diverse business network has helped De Jeu gain valuable technical skills and
understanding of institutions and cultural settings around the world.
Maarten De Jeu, after serving for decades in the global formal sector, retired and ventured into the
world of entrepreneurship. De Jeu founded SVM Business Advisory firm in 2012, where he uses his
experience and skills to help businesses develop strategies for global expansions. De Jeu over the
years as created a name for himself in the international business front and is one of the most
sought after business strategist in the US. De Jeu firm SVM attracts a wide array of client and
among them are the fortune 100 executives and ultra-high net worth individuals, among others.
Maarten De Jeu, as an expert in the international marketplace, holds an authoritative position in
advising businesses on how they can strategize to enter the unfamiliar international business
territories. Many US-based successful companies are seeking to expand to the global stage. The
global market place presents its unique sets of challenges says De Jeu and company that seek to
expand must first develop suitable strategies that will help ensure that they succeed. De Jeu,
before anything else, recommends that organizations seeking to expand first to consider the
cultural differences and setting of the area they intend to establish their business. De Jeu says that
understanding the locals cultural practices is a fundamental factor that determines the success and
failure of a business. De Jeu cautions that getting to know the culture of a place is not a one or a
two-day thing, but it is something that requires a significant investment of time and energy. Before
expanding, De Jeu advises businesses to consider a couple of factors that may affect the decision
of businesses pursuing global expansion.

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One factor that business must consider before expanding globally according to Maarten De Jeu is a
commitment to quality. De Jeu going by the words of Will Rodgers and Oscar Wild says that first
impressions create lasting memories that cannot be easily forgotten. De Jeu says organizations
that want to have a lasting effect must commit to providing customers with quality products or
services. De Jeu warns that in the international stage, the knowledge of the American market may
not be applicable and what can help determine success is the standardizing of high-quality
products. De Jeu adds that a firm reputation depends on the quality of its product. Firms that want
to succeed in the international markets must ensure that the manufacturing process presents high-
quality goods consistently.

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Tracing Igor Cornelsen’s Fulfilling Career Path

Igor Cornelsen was born in Curitiba, Brazil in 1947. Cornelsen has had an exemplary career working as an investment expert. He has mentored investors through direct assistance and public statements. For long, Cornelsen has focused on empowering individuals with advice and information to enable them to make valid investment decisions, especially on matters to do with wealth creation.


Cornelsen is an educated fellow. At the age of 18, Igor Cornelsen joined the Federal University of Parana to pursue engineering after a grueling admissions protocol. Two years down the line, he quit engineering for economics in the same institution excelling to become the top student in his class. In fact, Cornelsen had unmatched skills for calculating rates.

Career Background

Igor Cornelsen’s career is interesting. His investment journey began after getting a job placement at Multibanco Investment Bank in Rio. At Multibanco, he started as a member of the board of directors and rose fast to become the CEO of the company. It was after the acquisition of Multibanco by the Bank of America that saw Cornelsen moving to Unibanco, a top investment firm in Brazil.

Cornelsen has always been an ambitious fellow all along. He has always been driven by the desire to grow further as an exceptional professional, something that made him move to Libra Bank PLC to become an investment banker there.

While working for hundreds of reputable firms and gaining meaningful experience, Igor Cornelsen felt that it was time to establish his company and in 1995, he established the Bainbridge Investment Inc., a place where he works to date in the position of an investment manager.

Being a well-respected investment guru, Cornelsen asserts that his success is through focus and commitment in addition to embracing continuous learning. To him, networking and research are essential ingredients towards growth and success.

Maarten de Jeu shares 8 different factors business owners must accept when taking their business globally

Maarten de Jeu is a graduate of Oxford and started his own company named SVM Business Advisory. The individual brings a lot to the table with his skill set as he has worked in the real estate industry, finance industry, and in international business. Some of the other hobbies that he enjoys are playing tennis and spending time with his family. The advisor has had the pleasure to work with some of the top names in the finance and insurance industries. In an article from Premier Gazette, Maarten de Jeu lists 8 different factors that have to be thought about when considering to take a business globally. The first is being consistent with the quality of products as the first impression can be a hit or miss with consumers. An owner will have to make sure to have a trustworthy manufacturer to make sure products are as good as advertised. Businesses can get ahead and attract customers in different areas by getting to know the language. Hiring employees abroad can help owners understand what is going on and show dedication to others. Next, Maarten de Jeu advises that entrepreneurs do their research about where to exactly market their services or products. According to the advisor, examining the location and other competitors can be essential. Consumers will not want to purchase another product or service in the area if they already have a cheaper option that they have been using for a while. Maarten de Jeu shares that entrepreneurs must follow guidelines for the different countries and create a reasonable business plan to succeed. Although some can stroll by in the U.S. without a plan, he shares that this will not hold water internationally. Owners will have to research the market. In comparison, entrepreneurs will have to follow guidelines and regulations as each country could have different rules and boundaries. Maarten de Jeu recommends that they have a local counsel who can help them with these rules. The 7th piece of advice is making sure that they have the money to expand to other states or countries. Expanding a brand globally will obviously cost a lot of money and take up a lot of time. Entrepreneurs can help fund the cost to go globally by acquiring funds from investors or shareholders. The last piece of advice is for business owners to never be fully satisfied, but to continue to expand to other areas. Maarten de Jeu notes that businesses will have to be willing to adapt and be flexible in order to grow. Learn more:

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8 pieces of advice to expanding a company globally from Premier Gazette

Who is Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum?

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a resident in the United States where he practices his medical career. He graduated from Albert Einstein College with a degree in medicine before moving to Brown University for further studies. After being accredited in Philadelphia, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum joining the medical practitioners at Bronxcare Health System. Before joining this company, he had his health center providing individual services on joint replacement.

Each year Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum operated on 500 people in his clinic. Many people recognized Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum services and experience; hence, he was appointed to serve several leadership roles at various companies. He aimed at providing affordable and reliable services to all patients.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum specializes in joint replacements including hip, knee and shoulder replacements. He has gained popularity as his operations are successful, making the lives of his patients better. In Bronxcare Dr. Ira is serving the role of a Director of Surgeries, and he is also the chairman of the board of directors. He plays a significant role in ensuring all patients’ needs are addressed at the individual level. Dr. Ira has to work closely with the other surgeons providing that they follow all the set health standards strictly.

In addition to helping the patients and leadership skills, Dr. Ira has started sharing his skills and experience to others through lectures and advice on information technology.

Dr. Ira contributions in the health sector also include him being a founder of the Medscape Website as well as being the Community health editor. In addition to his role, Dr. Ira serves as the Sprocket Health managing partner and chief Medical officer at DTC Company.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has made significant discoveries, which people should adopt to live a happy and healthy life. Dr. Ira has discovered the importance of a healthy balanced diet and adopting a healthy lifestyle, including exercises. It’s essential to emulate Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum advice.

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