ClassDojo: Stay Connected to Your Students

The school year could be different if teachers have the ClassDojo app included in the learning experience. The platform for school communication is being used inside and outside the classroom to help with socialization and learning. ClassDojo offers a variety of options for students including animated videos and collaborative activities.

ClassDojo Background

In 2011 the creation of ClassDojo gave teachers a way to engage children and their families during the education process. The idea was to make the classroom more fun and increase learning with encouragement of new ideas and giving the classroom a different energy.

App Advantages

The values and skills that students and teachers want to work on can be picked using the ClassDojo app. The app itself allows communication between parents and teachers. Teachers can give feedback and share student progress directly with parents. Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary created the app to help improve the learning of children around the world.

Messenger Advantage

ClassDojo has a messenger that can be used in over 30 languages. This makes it easier for parents and teachers to communicate. The app allows for setting times when teachers are not available and lets parents know when these times are so teachers can work on other things. The messenger feature in ClassDojo allows communication to be done without the need to reveal personal information which increases safety.

Parents Stop Missing Out

ClassDojo make it possible fore parents to keep up with everything their child does in school. Everyone can share pictures and stories keeping families connected with the school. Parents always know what is going on at school even when they can’t be there in person.

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