Clay Hutson’s Experience Makes Him A Successful Leader

Clay Hutson has been working in the entertainment industry for many years. He had been associated with a well-established company for a long time before he made up his mind to go his own way. Hutson has always been an organized person who approached his work day in a regimented fashion. He plans events thoroughly and is very attentive to the small details. This process gives him the confidence to present his crew with the procedure to have a successful day. He is very dedicated to his process and believes that the productive habits have a positive influence on the team as a whole.

Clay Hutson is an educated technician who earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theater Design and Technical Production from Central Michigan University. Hutson added a master’s degree from the Stephen M Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan

Hutson went on to gain valuable experience as his career took shape. He was the stage manager for rapper Kanye West. Hutson worked as a production manager for other artists such as Jennifer Nettles and Prince. He was apart of Billy Graham’s traveling production. However, Hudson would settle in to the Rock and Roll niche. Hutson’s Rock-and-Roll credentials include work with Guns and Roses, Kid Rock and Pink.

Clay Hutson is very in tune with the nature of his business. He pays close attention to the technological advances that affect any aspect of the service that he is responsible for providing. Clay can see that the entertainment industry is evolving and there are revolutionary concepts exploding in every aspect of the business. He knows better than to get set in his ways. Many others who did were left behind by an industry that is forever changing and extremely unforgiving.

Clay Hutson is very aggressive about establishing his agenda. He likes to work out in front of the events that he has planned. Clay organizes every single activity no matter how insignificant it may seem. This includes time with family. Hutson make sure that he is providing ample attention to the people who anchor his support system.

Clay Hutson knows the importance of talent. He surrounds himself with the best people in order to bring out his exceptional skills. Hutson places more value on a person’s ability to be a positive force on his team as opposed to getting along with them on a personal level. Hutson is alarmed by someone who spends more energy trying to analyze his personal affairs as opposed to doing the work they were hired to do.

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