Drew Madden is the former President of Nordic Consulting Partners. He has launched the Evergreen Healthcare Partners which is a company that combines both health and IT to get the best results. Drew worked for Nordic for about 5 years that is after joining them in the year 2010. Due to his passion for building a trusted client partnership, he was made President in his second year. Nordic Consulting Partners is the biggest Epic consulting company and it has been known to win numerous awards under Drew Madden’s leadership. Even before working for Nordic, Drew used to work for a firm known as Ingenix, which is a branch of OptumInsight. Here, he worked as a Consultant.

Mr. Drew who is a graduate with a B.S.E in Industrial Engineering started his first job at Cerner Corporation. His main area of study was in the Medical systems from the Engineering College in Iowa. More to that, Drew Madden has been able to build teams because of his experience in managing projects and also his good EMR knowledge. His knowledge of the EMR took him over fourteen years when he was managing and giving advice on EMR projects. The CEO of the Evergreen Healthcare Partners, who is also Mr. Drew Madden, has been improving his company by the addition of tools that will manage talents. This helps his clients by focusing on their future. It is also seen that Madden is not the only one who founded this company as other co-founders are still part of the team that manage the Evergreen Healthcare firm.

The main goal of Drew Madden’s company has been seen to be assisting the healthcare institutions use their IT sufficiently so as to make the results better and also make their clients happy. According to Evergreen Healthcare Partners, the lives of people matter regardless of who they are. This is a great initiative as most companies would normally concentrate more on the profits while caring less about the people. Drew Madden has shown that he cares about people hence his great contributions to the health sector. Finally, Drew Madden has empowered so many people to improve on their careers even while being partners with different health institutions.

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