Gareth Henry: The Secret to Being a Great Business Manager

Gareth Henry believes that to be able to create opportunity – you must always be working on activities that are concentrated on the productivity of your company. Gareth is the current Global Head of Investor Relations for a variety of high-profile United States-based Alternative Investment Companies. He is a person who is a veteran in a multitude of disciplines and a beholder of a wide range of notable experiences. His degree in Actuarial Mathematics from one of the top universities in his region, University of Edinburgh, Gareth Henry has propelled himself upward and onward to the world of finance, hedge funds and private equity.

From his experience as a Director of Strategic Solutions for Schroders, up until he has gained experience and trust from companies like International Investor Relations, Fortress Investment Group — he has declared and defined his persona as a math-geek that has carved his name into the finance industry.

Even before, Gareth has already proclaimed his interest on mathematics and finance, and how these two worlds collide. He has developed a deep knowledge towards economics and risk management – and he has been addicted ever since. What sets Gareth Henry apart is his public relations skills – he was always so interested with interacting with different individuals – from work, clients and notable people – he says not all people had a knack for this, and so this helped him build his company and he naturally carved a path for himself that was onwards to investor relations, and raising capital.

He believes that mentorship is always important in one’s growth – find a weakness and then find a trainer who will help you overcome your weak spots. Gareth Henry has personally hired about twenty mentors only for the sole reason to train him. Even if he was a veteran in his field, he knew that experts from other fields would be of valuable help to him in his journey of excellence. Henry believes that it takes a huge amount of humility to ask help from an outsider – and accept their knowledge and make it a part of your own persona. This has been one of his ways to keep improving every single day – and this has critically helped his company. Visit

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