Gino Pozzo Continues Ti Climb The Rankings To Become A Top Owner In European Soccer

Each season, the Talk Sport radio brand has been building its own list of the top owners of soccer clubs in Europe. The Europe-wide list saw a stunning rise for Gino Pozzo, the owner of Watford FC who was once vilified as lacking a long-term vision. In fact, the plan created by Pozzo in 2012 when he took control of the historic Vicarage Road Stadium club has been shown to have been positive and kept Watford in the Premier League for the last four seasons.

When Gino Pozzo took over Watford in 2012, the club was struggling financially and on the field with a return to the Premier League seemingly a long way off in the future. After a return to the Premier League was secured in 2016, Gino Pozzo is now classed as the fourth-best owner in European soccer by TalkSport. The question is how has the view of the Pozzo family changed so drastically over less than a decade in charge? The answer is that he has moved his family to London and taken as hands-on an approach to the club as can be expected without coaching the team himself.

Andrea Carnevale, the former Italian striker who acts as head of scouting for Gino Pozzo describes the owner as one of the best owners in the world. Carnevale is in control of providing the names and profiles of players who Pozzo should look to buy as part of Watford, Udinese, and formerly for the F.C. Granada team sold by Pozzo soon after his purchase of the Hornets. Carnevale recommends players and gives a detailed breakdown of each young player he feels can add to the team almost immediately and in the future before Pozzo himself makes the final decision on how best to move forward with the possible purchase of each player.

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