Gino Pozzo Football from Udine, to Barcelona, and London

Pozzo Legacy

When people in the European Sports league hear the name Gino Pozzo they immediately relate it to the legacy the Pozzo family has carried down to the third generation as not only sports enthusiasts but also as a family of dedicated football club owners and managers. The Pozzo legacy began with GianPaolo, who is Gino Pozzo’s Father. When Gianpaolo was in Udine, Italy he acquired the Udinese Football Club in 1986. It was the Udinese Club that gave Gino his first introduction and enthusiasm of the game of football.

Early Years in Italy

Gino Pozzo spent his early formative years learning and playing football, but at the age of 18, he traveled to the United States to pursue an education and earned a masters from the acclaimed Harvard University. After completing his degree Gino then returned to his native country of Italy. It was back home in Italy where he married and started a family and moved to Barcelona, Spain with his wife. Gino Pozzo spent the next 20 years in Barcelona, until 2013 when Gino, his wife, and three children, moved from Barcelona to London in order to manage the Vicarage Road Football Club. Following in the footsteps of Gianpaolo Pozzo, Gino has built his now reputation as a very progressive football club owner and manager and his reputation has extended throughout Europe. Gino has sought to carry his family’s football legacy to every place he goes and his European reputation has received his Family’s Legacy with passion and celebrated response.

Football Mastermind

Gino is looked upon as a football mastermind in European Football circles, mainly because of the amount of scouting the legacy of his family carries forward today in their football management. It is a specific model for ownership which Gino looks upon as a way to ensure the correct formation of members as well as giving his teams forward-looking opportunities among competitors. Gino’s style of football club ownership extends to his early acquisitions of football clubs in Barcelona. Gino learned at that time how to handle debt at the same time as managing a winning team that could rise above to new divisions.

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