Glen Wakeman, the creator of Launchpad

Glen Wakeman is a impressive entrepreneur that has earned a degree in economics and finance from the University of Scranton and at the University of Chicago he earned a MBA. After graduating with his MBA Mr. Wakeman began work with GE Capital. GE Capital is where Glen Wakeman stayed for 20 years or more, quickly Rising through the ranks and eventually became CEO of GE Money Latin America. As CEO of GE Money Latin America Glen Wakeman yielded assets of 12 billion dollars.

Over the years he has worked in six different countries in Asia and Europe as well as South America and holds the responsibility of leading operations in regions around the world. With all this experience and success Glen Wakeman is an expert in Business Development, Regional management, operations, General management and Technology.

But what Glen Wakeman is most known for is Launchpad Holdings in 2015. LaunchPad is a software company that supplies a tool kit for start-up businesses. This tool kit is a five-step method that helps new companies solve some of the most difficult problems they may face. These five steps include information on risk management, human capital, leadership development, implantation and governance.

Mr. Wakeman’s software tool is most useful during the earliest phase of Business Development. Using his wide range of personal and professional experiences Mr. Wakeman designed this software with the expectations to meet the needs of business owners and to turn their Vision into and success. But Glen Wakeman didn’t stop with just the software. He also spends a lot of time mentoring other entrepreneurs and writing in one of his blogs.

Mr. Wakeman also has shown interest in using machines to help solve problems businesses may encounter. He has stated that he thinks machine learning can help in decision-making and increasing quality. But has concerns about privacy and hopes that politics and philosophy can keep up and preserve humanity in the process.

Glen Wakeman’s advice to up-and-coming entrepreneurs is to stay in touch with everyone you meet. He suggests to use social media to bridge the gap of distance. Your contacts may make the difference between failure and success.

Check out Glen Wakeman’s (Twitter) page for more  details.


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