Greg Blatt: Online Dating Pioneer

For some people, a job that has good pay and good benefits and is predictable is what they look for in life. This, however, is not the case for Greg Blatt. Blatt has been involved and even been the CEO of several different companies. As online dating came to life, he served at  Match and Tinder, companies that needed strong leadership to help them grow in a competitive world. 

Greg Blatt has been just the man to do this. He didn’t start off with the idea of leading online dating companies. He actually went to law school, eventually finding a focus in entertainment media. With all the business leadership experience that he has, many would be surprised to find out that he didn’t study business in college (Chronicleweek). 

Blatt’s foundation in law has proven to be instrumental in his success as a businessman. The work ethic needed to get through law school is immense. Greg Blatt showed and developed his work ethic in his schooling as well as learned about the legal ramifications of business decisions. 

Blatt worked for Martha Stewart and that was actually the whole start. Martha Stewart had actually been one of his clients. One that must have been impressed by his work because he found himself working in business affairs at the Martha Stewart company. The experience he gained working for Martha Stewart became vital as he took a job running an online dating company. Online dating was just starting at this time, but Greg immediately saw the potential.

Online Dating is a very competitive field. There are many sites that offer dating services and new sites are created all the time. So what made Greg Blatt so successful with his companies. Blatt attributes much of his success to experience. Through education and occupations Blatt had, he was able to gain valuable experience. Once he landed in the online dating field he has stayed there and has arguably the most knowledge and experience anyone has in this field. Looking at what Match and Tinder have done is proof of Blatt’s success.

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