Gump’s Will Be Open For Christmas

Gump’s is a luxury home decor and furnishings retailer, which is set to reopen in San Francisco and New York this fall. Originally founded in 1861, the famous name has sold one-of-a-kind pieces of jade jewelry and other precious gemstones along with cultured freshwater pearls to luxurious items from designers such as Hermes and Buccellati.

Through the years millions of customers have gone through the doors at Gumps. Some of these included President Franklin D. Roosevelt. He purchased ship models and smoking jackets. Sarah Bernhardt was another shopper. She purchased a bronze snake for her role in Cleopatra.

Under new ownership, John and Diane Chachas, along with their three children became the new owners holding the majority interest with the company. They are proud to once again launch the Gump’s brand. John Chachas is said to have had a fascination with Gump’s. Get More Information Here.

Now a successful investment banker he was stunned by the 8-foot tall Buddha statue Gump’s had on display during the Christmas seasons in the past. Through a number of different financial transactions, Chachas ended up owning the Buddha. He eventually sold it at an auction in Hong Kong. It was listed as an “important and monumental” piece of religious statuary as well as the largest of its kind. The auction brought him $4 million.

The family ownership carries on the tradition set by brothers Solomon and Gustave Gump, the original founders. The Chachas family is proud to be re-opening the family business which offers sophisticated shoppers unique items that cannot be found in most stores. See This Page for additional information.

Gump’s will have a physical location as well as an e-commerce business. They have stated plans to open digital store in time for the 2019 Christmas season. The new Gumps website, which retains the company’s former logo, also promises a re-opening in the fall of 2019. The web site also offers email signup and links to Instagram and Twitter pages.

The fall opening date, not yet announced, will be at 250 Post Street. The original Gump’s occupied this same space from 1909 to 1994. To learn the official date of the new Gumps store opening, visit their Instagram page on

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