How End Citizens United Plans On Making A Difference

There are plenty of people who look at the work being done by the likes of End Citizens United and can’t seem to understand why so many people are tired of the way politics is going in this country. There has been a serious upset in the dynamics between voters and their representatives due to a recent wave of decisions that deem corporations to be people.

Now that they have been determined to have free speech corporations can have influence on our elections to a degree we have never seen before. It’s something that End Citizens United wants to take down no matter what that might entail. Others want to follow suit and join their ambitious fight to save democracy in America.

End Citizens United is focused on the midterms because there is so much for the taking. The Democrats are in the perfect spot to take over the House and they can even grab the Senate with the right moves. We normally don’t see this level of excitement for a midterm among the voters who typically favor the Democrats, but it’s especially high due to the reactions Trump is stirring in voters who are disillusioned with what he has promised the American people. They want to see the GOP replaced by something that will represent their interests and what they want to see in politics. It isn’t going to be an easy choice to make, but this PAC wants to do everything it can to make it smoother.

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November is going to be a great time for those fighting big money in politics if the recent special elections are any indicator. We’ve seen Alabama and Pennsylvania deliver results most people would never believe are possible. Decade long winning streaks by the GOP have been undone in a matter of a few months. November is going to be an even easier time for Democrats because most of the Republican seats up for grabs are in areas where Trump does very poorly among the voters. They just need to get the word out and eventually everyone will come to a proper understanding. According to big money has hijacked our political climate and used it to generate profits. If they can be defeated in November, the tides can be turned back to our favors for a change. That’s something that everyone can welcome no matter what they may personally believe or what side they prefer.

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