How Greyhound Diaries Project Came To Existence



Since 2005, Dough has been traveling around the country via a bus. In fact, Doug had traveled over 100,000 miles by 2015. He travels making songs which he shares with people he meets in his destinations and also with his fellow travelers. Depression inspires Doug music and by traveling has made him feel much better. The project is known as the Greyhound Diaries; it comprises of pictures, stories, and an album.


Why he used a bus for the project


Doug chose to travel by bus for his project because it gave him a chance to meet and interact with lots of people from different backgrounds. A bus was also better because it gave him the opportunity to travel to almost 2200 destinations across the United States compared to an airplane which only had 80 destinations. He considered traveling by bus as a form of therapy for his depression and also as provided a room to connect with people deeply.


Most of the music that Dough has recorded during the period of the travel have been inspired by his day to day encounters. He has been able to interact with people with lots of stories about life experiences. He has also been taking photos of people and landscapes and write stories of his experiences.


Personal Life


Doug Levitt was born in the year 1972. He schooled in Washington DC before he is joining Cornell University. Later, Doug got a scholarship to study International Relations at London School of Economics. At the Age of 16, his father Carol Schwartz committed suicide. Doug says the act had a great impact on his life and it what made him switch career from foreign correspondent to a singer and a songwriter. He had quit his job before becoming a singer and songwriter. Doug later moved to Nashville where he met Americana producer David Henry. They have worked together since then.




Doug Levitt’s Greyhound Diaries project has been quite successful. He has managed to capture over 20,000 images in between 2005 and 2015, made performance in hundreds of locations even for the homeless. He also managed to write stories from different walks of life.


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