How MAGFAST Solves The Current Inadequate State Of Charging Devices

Traditional charging cables have multiple problems. They break easily as they’re cheaply made. They tangle when you are charging more than one device in the same vicinity. Devices require different charging cables so you end up carrying at least a couple of them around with you.

Apple is largely at fault for there being too many chargers. For their iPhone and Apple Watch, people have to buy dongles and adapters just to use them. People are looking for something better, as Apple’s Air Pod 2 illustrates. This device has a wireless charging feature that does away with the charging cable confusion.

There’s an even better solution, though, one dreamt up by an entrepreneur in the greater San Francisco area. This solution is offered by MAGFAST LLC. It has a family of chargers, also called MAGFAST, that make life far easier for people. The centerpiece of this family is Wall Charger which gives people a way to charge devices using their wall outlet but without the mess of cables. It features wireless charging but does also have USB-B and USB-C ports for older devices.

The MAGFAST Charger family includes portable charging solutions such as Road Charger. Meant to be kept in the car, it can charge multiple devices at a time and shines in the dark so it can be found wherever it is.

The entrepreneur behind MAGFAST is its President and CEO Seymour Segnit. Like many people, he was fed up with the current state of chargers. As an engineer, he was well-equipped to do something about it. He’s a graduate of Oxford University where he finished their engineering program. With several years of experience in the advertising industry, he built an online marketing campaign for MAGFAST that resulted in $300,000 being raised during its crowdsourcing campaign.

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