Is Handy The Uber Of The Cleaning World?

Every year, hundreds of small startups try to make it big by offering high-quality services. After the creation of Uber, many of these companies are trying for a “on-demand” service, such as Homejoy. This company, which recently folded, tried to offer on-demand home cleaning services, but failed to entice the public.

However, one of their primary competitors, Handy, has succeed where Homejoy failed. Since their debut two years ago, they have already raised $64 million and have been praised by a wide portion of the market. In their first year alone, they made $3 million and look posed to make $52 million by the end of this year.

Could Handy become the Uber of the cleaning world?

Perhaps, but it remains to be seen if their business model is consistently sustainable. Although they’ve expanded to over 28 cities (including a London, England office), they are still so new that there’s a chance that some slowdown will occur.

That said, Handy is doing a lot of things right. For example, they are hiring well-researched and skilled cleaning experts, rather than just anybody that’s willing to work. They are also paying them fair wages, creating a happier environment that avoids the rather negative one surrounding Homejoy. After that company was sued by its own employees for poor treatment, it was easy to see the writing on the wall.

While they do offer repair services, these only make up 15 percent of their total sales. They are looking to expand that market and to become the nation’s leading “on-demand” repair site.

Beyond this, they are also opening up a whole new division, one that will focus on shipping and building furniture at low prices. According to, they will bring the furniture to your home the day after you order it and build it for you. While this new service is promising, it is still in the early stages of implementation and is available only in NYC.

Clearly, Handy is an ambitious and successful company, one that has a lot of room to grow. In their own way, they offer the kinds of services that has made Uber so popular. Whether they’ll reach that level of success remains to be seen in the future, but it’s fair to say that success is close at hand.

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