Isabel dos Santos – Innovator and Advocate for Economic Development Opportunities for All Africans

Isabel dos Santos is Africa’s most successful businesswoman. In 2015, the BBC listed her as as one of the top 100 influential women worldwide.

Isabel dos Santos is the oldest daughter of Angola’s former president. She attended an all girls boarding school in England, going on to study electrical engineering at London’s King College. Over the last 20 years, she has amassed an incredible portfolio of business ventures and investments. Her experience includes management positions with several companies, before setting up a trucking business. She developed communication technology to improve the business. She then went on to start her own company, a night club/beach restaurant on the Luanda Island. Continuing to explore opportunities at home and in other countries, Isabel dos Santos expanded her investments into the areas of telecommunications, finance, media, energy, and retail.

Though well-known for her extensive business leadership in the development of infrastructures and the implementation of cutting edge technology, Isabel dos Santos is perhaps becoming more recognized for her extensive efforts in helping to develop opportunities for economic development in the areas of Africa that had been struggling to overcome poverty. She devotes her time and provides financial support to multiple projects to promote entrepreneurship and the building of a digital infrastructure in Africa. Her vision of African citizens participating in the worldwide international economy through the use of technology is what keeps her on the path of motivation.

Isabel dos Santos has helped to create over 50,000 employment positions. She is known for her speaking engagements, promoting economic development for areas struggling with poverty, pushing for equality and opportunities for women and encouraging young people. Isabel dos Santos spoke at the European Parliament in Brussels as an advocate for developing Africa’s digital infrastructure in order to open the doorway for Africa’s citizens to join in global economic opportunities.

She has been named by Forbes as the richest woman in Africa, having acquired a net worth of over $2 billion. Her biggest claim to fame, however, may be the difference she is making in the lives and futures of her fellow citizens.

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