James River Capital Has Launched Helped Clients Launch Businesses

James River Captial is the first investment company in the Richmond area. Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt have worked on introducing this company to the world since 1986. The company started off smaller, but it continued to grow into a bigger name. The company first started off as KP Futures Management Corporation. After 1986, the company’s name changed to James River Captial.

Recently, the businessmen have decided to take on business coaching as a way to reach businesses that need more support. Without their marketing strategies, businesses wouldn’t know about business opportunities. The best investments are in smaller companies that are in healthcare, technology, and real estate.

Paul Saunders has a degree from the University of Virginia and the University of Chicago. He has used his knowledge to keep international business and marketing for his company. He has been fortunate to have a business partner that knows the same field. Of course, they have worked hard to improve the target goals for their own company. Their clients choose to start searching for funding through venture capitalists.

Mostly, the capitalists were former clients at James River Captial. The businessmen love to give their clients the best inspiration by being an example to them. Crowdfunding is always an option for them to pursue too. Of course, Paul and Kevin explain about how the system works. Some companies have had enough funding to pay their own staff after listening to them.

The training helps clients with applying for bank loans and business credit. Most importantly, the business market is starting to pick up because of the two businessmen. Angel Capital Investors may invest more than $7k to startup companies. Paul and Kevin can introduce their clients to investors and companies. Most capitalists want a huge return after investing their money. The firm wants to continue to expand internationally by meeting clients.

Some clients decide to keep the marketing and counseling going by adding companies to their corporation. Management skills seem to be the priority at this company. Paul Saunders was able to start a charity to help clients called the Saunders Family Foundation. If the client pitches their project, they may get their funds the same day.

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