Jeremy Goldstein: A Lawyer and Philanthropist

Jeremy Goldstein as a person is a wonderful man to meet. Like many caring high-profile professionals, he finds time to give back to those in need. His primary philanthropic focus is Fountain House, an organization that helps those who have mental illness and other problems. He also sits on the board of the Make-AWish Foundation based in the Metro area of New York.

Aside from his philanthropic endeavors, Jeremy Goldstein is the hardest lawyer in New York. Even though he has an entire office of qualified partners and paralegals, he’s worked on every major case his firm’s handled since he established it.

Before starting his firm, Jeremy Goldstein worked at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz. He was a partner at that firm for a long time but left to start his own firm. There, he learned a lot about executive compensation and corporate governance. Now, his firm handles most of those cases and some more sensitive situations.

If he’s not working on a big case or donating his time to a local charity, he’s working with law journals. Mr. Goldstein loves what he does and enjoys sharing his passion with other passionate attorneys. Working with legal journals, he’s able to learn while at the same time, sharing his knowledge.

At these private dinners, only high-profile guests are invited to raise funds. Early this year, the two dinners raised over $56,000. These events are also about raising public awareness. People don’t understand how devastating mental illnesses can be for most people suffering. Mental illness is a global health epidemic, and there need to be more places for people who have mental illness to open up.

The other side of recovery is after getting to a healthy place. Fountain House also helps former sufferers find employment.

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