Jeunesse Global Does It Again

The legendary direct sales company Jeunesse Global has outdone themselves once again by being awarded as a top place to work in the direct sales industry. What does this mean exactly? Well, it is yet another sign that they treat their employees well and that anyone can feel comfortable dealing with them directly. It means that customers can rest a little easier knowing that the Jeunesse Global that they do business with is also taking care of their customers the right way. 

The award came from a publication known as Direct Selling News. That is an industry magazine that runs the survey in order to try to determine which companies in direct sales are doing right by their customers. The biggest benefit of getting this information out there is that people may then know where to head to if they are looking for work in the industry. 

It is difficult enough to win the award once as you must have at least a certain number of employees agree to submit surveys back to Direct Selling News in the first place. After that, you have to receive high marks from the employees that outdo the remarks that are received by other companies. It is not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination, but somehow Jeunesse Global has been able to do this an astounding three times in just a handful of years that it has been around. 

Employees from Jeunesse Global were asked what made their employer so great. The variation of responses were vast, but there were definitely some common themes that seemed to come up time and time again. One of the things that the employees very obviously liked was the fact that the company offers them unlimited PTO time. If you feel that you need to take some time away from work you don’t have to budget it out like you do at so many other companies. Jeunesse wants you to take care of what needs to get taken care of. That along with a family-friendly atmosphere have really helped to rocket Jeunesse Global to the top of the charts with employees. They are excited to once again win this award.

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